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Doctor calls PE-ing Ridiculous


Doctor calls PE-ing Ridiculous

So over the weekend I was listening to a local modern rock station which has a “live” late night sex advice talk show. They always have on random doctors and so forth. Well about 10 minutes into the show this girl calls in and starts asking the doctor about PE-ing.

She goes into detail that she found out her boyfriend has been doing it for about 3 1/2 months now and that she has noticed some real improvements in there sex life. She then tells the doctor that she really doesn’t understand what it’s all about or how her boyfriend is achieving the gains so far. She goes on to tell him she did her own research and read up about all the exercises including jelqing/kegel/ stretching and so forth. This girl sounds like she knows what she is talking about.

Just then the dj jumps into the conversation and says he has never herd of this and wants to know where he can find out info to maybe try if for himself, the girl tells him to just search the web and find a site that appeals to him. Just then the doctor buts in and said that the latest hype in the world PE- ing and he goes on to explain how he doesn’t understand how so many people got into this craze because there is nothing to do other than surgery to make your penis larger. Said it is all a myth and it is ridiculous, unhealthy and harmful. It got into a pretty heated debate with the caller and this doctor, the caller stating she has proof that her boyfriend has made gains and that there sex life is so much better and her man last so much longer.

The doctor then goes on to tell the caller that it’s all in her head and her boyfriends head and that anyone who wastes time bye dedicating 15-30 minutes a day trying to stretch or force more blood into there penis bye the “jelqing myth” needs to get a live and maybe should spend less time on focusing on his penis and more time on girlfriend. Said if you want to waste the time doing it, that is exactly what you are doing, WASTING TIME!! The phone call eventually ended with the doctor basically cutting the caller off and moving on to the next caller, and states he is here to answer serious medical problems and sex problems and would appreciate that no one else calls and wastes the radio stations air time with that garbage.

Now me being a newbie, I’m just on my 3rd full week, and I’m sticking to the routine religiously so far, have noticed early gains myself as I recently posted. My girlfriend last night has also told me I feel fuller insider her and that she has noticed I can go longer that normal. I have yet to measure anything (I’m holding off til the end of the 1st month), but I have noticed many positive gains in such a short time, and I am very happy with the results so far and must say it is NOT A WASTE of TIME!

My question to you guys is why do you think doctors are so against PE- ing and are giving it such a negative review and negative outlook? For a professional in my eyes to call it ridiculous, untrue and just hype is in itself RIDICULOUS and UNPROFESSIONAL. Whats your guys opinions?

We need more Doc’s like this guy….

Fight Club!!!

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doesn’t doesn’t docent doest dissent descent decent dent dost don’t —manual input—


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PE is rediculous and it is dangerous. The radio show dj and doctors are 100% correct. I do not advise anyone to PE. It will permanently damage you. PE is russian roulette.

Let them say what they will. I prefer to keep it to ourselves, all 90,244 of us.


Because Charlie’s a non believer man. (if you understand that vague reference then you do need to get a life).

You can seriously injure yourself doing PE.

There’s no money to be made by telling people they can get a bigger dick for free!

Liability. Hey I heard this stuff on the radio and now my dick’s still hooked on but it shoots a little quick.

She was a “she”. That’s like me giving advice on making your tits bigger. WTF do I know other than the accepted (and official) ideas of surgery?

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I assume doctors are pissed when people manage to solve their problems by themselves without consulting a doctor.


Don’t go man, they’ll take yer friggin kidney!

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Your post was very hard to read because of the misspelled words, and some of the mods around here can get real anal about that, try to use spell check ;) .

Doctors are going to say it doesn’t work as they are taught that tissues can’t grow once adult size is reached (aka after puberty). We know better. And the caller just reminds me of someone that use to once was and still is a member here. I’m sure Iamaru can figure out whom I speak of.

I assume doctors are pissed when people manage to solve their problems by themselves without consulting a doctor.

You better believe it, I have several letters in my medical charts where docs are pissed because I figured something out before they did. And sought appropriate treatment instead of doing their run around the barn and hope for the best treatment.

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There are a lot of doctors who have the feeling that having earned the initials MD, that they have now become omnipotent. They tend to believe that if something is not in a book, then it does not exist.

Couple that with arrogance, and you get that type of a response.

Docs would rather push statins and beta-blockers down your throat before suggesting a lifestyle change for heart ‘problems’, yet they know appropriate diet and exercise can have better effects in a majority of cases. Why should they be any different with PE?

Trials that would satisfy the medical community have not been done, so even if they know absolutely that it works, based on empirical evidence, they cannot support it in case they get sued.

Long may it remain so (at least as far as PE is concerned).

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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To add to this thread, I once saw an episode of ‘Penn and Tellers BullShit’ which also inferred that PE doesn’t work.

If you don’t believe in it, then don’t do it. Go spend your money on surgery and take the risks associated with that while we take the risks associated with PE.

Be logical for a minute, who has more to gain a doctor charging you thousands of dollars for surgery or a free website?

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PE is like a dragon.. If you don’t believe in it.. You won’t see it.

If it were true, there would be some Intraweb based dick yanking cult filled with weirdos with fucked up issues…. hypothetically speaking of course.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I’m glad there are ignorant people like this out there; it just helps us gain some size on the average.

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