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Firegoat Roll

Posted by: firegoat, 11-15-2015 at 10:11 PM - 21 comments

Firegoat RollOne of the inevitable side-effects of PE is darkening or discolouration of the penis. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

There are posts scattered around Thunder’s Place on the ‘firegoat roll’ but no definitive thread, so here it is; the best and simplest way to avoid discolouration in the first place, or to slowly reverse it if you already have it. It is of course better not to let it build up in the first place!

How to do a firegoat roll:

Imagine you’ve just washed your hands and are using one of those hot air hand dryers; you rub your hands together with the fingers parallel to each other, at the same sort of speed you would count to 10 at. Try counting to 10 while rubbing your palms together now!

Now place your penis between your palms and do the same. As a starting point for pressure when doing the firegoat roll, imagine rolling a piece of dough or pastry into a cylinder; you don’t want to roll too fast or slow, and you certainly don’t want to squash the dough flat or make no impression on it at all. Use that as a starting point and vary speed and force around it. Different levels of erection will require different speeds and force. You’ll quickly get a feel for the right speed and pressure with a bit of practice.

I find it’s best to do a few jelqs first and then do firegoat rolls at around 50% erection - 40-60% is good. It’s possible to get results at any erection level from flaccid to about 75%. Although you can do them flaccid, they work better with some erection and after some jelqs first. I’m keeping it simple so won’t explain why the jelqs help, but they do.

How far round should you rotate your penis?
You will automatically do it the right amount, trust me. The more you twist the harder it is to twist further. And if it’s fairly flaccid and you are going at a sensible speed, you won’t do any damage anyway. You are not trying to start a fire with it!

How long should you do it for?
Keep going until discolouration disappears. Some guys do it for 30 seconds and it’s enough. Some guys do it for 3-5 minutes. If you prefer you can do 30 seconds, wait a few seconds then do another 30 seconds and repeat as necessary. If you’ve had a heavy session, there may still be a bit of redness that doesn’t completely go. If you get to a point where you are not making further improvement, that’s the time to stop. You can always do a few quick flaccid ones throughout the day when you go for a pee.

If you have existing discolouration you are trying to get rid of, you can do a minute or two of jelqs then some rolls several times a day. It may take a while, but most people get results from them. To get rid of existing discolouration, the jelqs before rolling become much more important.

The reasoning:
Post PE discolouration is primarily a histologic change caused by vasopermeability under pressure in the case of fairly light sustained PE, or in more ‘aggressive’ PE, by focal hemorrhage in the upper dermis (red spots), and (simple version) the firegoat roll works by manually squeezing the congested blood etc. out of the tissues. The sooner the waste is removed the sooner fresh nutrients can be delivered to the tissue to aid in repair, so in fact the firegoat roll does much more than just help with discoloration

Although it bears my name, I make no claim to inventing the firegoat roll – I’m sure lots of guys were doing it long before I popularised it, but no one was talking about it, or specifically the fact that it combats discolouration.
It’s been around a long time now and the name gets used on various other PE sites

Everyone who is concerned about discolouration can quickly and easily benefit from it. Whether you are a newbie or a vet, it can be added to any routine.

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Posted by: firegoat, 08-12-2015 at 11:15 AM - 85 comments

A B CSomeone asked me in a PM what insights and wisdom I could share from years on this forum. It’s not a carefully crafted response, it’s just thrown at the page, but for anyone who might benefit, this was my response:

It would be easy to boil it down to a few simple (if slightly cryptic) statements and as I’m still short of time the first things that come to mind are doubtlessly the most important/oft said:

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead or not at all for others.

You have to be consistent. X number of days a week, no sporadic week on week off, taking long breaks etc., unless you are injured or on holiday. Don’t be afraid of taking time off, but don’t do it out of laziness!

Every routine should include some jelqing for penis health. It stretches the tunica layers in both directions, helps fluid exchange between tissue layers, brings fresh oxygenated blood into the penis etc.

There are only 2 variables in PE: loading/force/resistance/vacuum etc. AND time. You need to use ‘enough’ of the former, but time i.e. length of PE sessions, is more important than the force used. Longer, lighter sessions work; short intense sessions toughen up the tissues to loading and bring gains to a halt, making it harder to gain from anything in the future (don’t forget tissue memory - even after a long lay-off tissues that have been over ‘toughened’ in the past will gain strength, not length quickly again!). Clamping too early in your PE ‘career’ is the worst contributor to this, as is stretching too hard or erect jelqing, especially without heat.

In a fully erect penis the tunica layers are ‘locked up’ and require a great deal of force to be moved further. In a slightly less erect penis the tunica layers will ‘give’ more easily.

Having one or 2 sessions a week when you have lots of time and can do a fairly intensive session and push your penis to ‘new heights’, followed by gentler recovery sessions the rest of the week that just take your penis to full expansion (e.g. jelqing, edging) without forcing it, are much better than over or under-working your penis every day.

‘Recovery days’ don’t necessarily mean no PE, but you need at least one or 2 days a week of proper rest to avoid injuries creeping up on you.

Every routine should include firegoat rolls, unless you like a darker coloured penis….

Rome wasn’t built in a day. There are no magic methods or perfect routines.

The ideal penis size for a varied sex life (good blowjobs, different positions, grinding, pounding, anal if you like it etc.) is 7.6” BPEL x 5.6” Mid Girth. People who have a wife can adjust it to suit her. People who just jack off to porn can go for any size they want :)

Those are the first things that come to mind. If I had more time I’d have probably worded them better, or added lots of other stuff, but those are the basics.

Hope that helps.

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How to Measure Your Penis

Posted by: memento, 06-08-2015 at 11:01 PM - 20 comments

Measuring the erect penis
When you’ve measured your penis in the past, you’ve probably placed the ruler at the base of your penis and read the figure at you glans. We call that Non-Bone Pressed (NBP). Then maybe you’ve put the ruler at the side of your penis and found the measurement was larger. If you’re in a porn movie you measure underneath, from the balls to maximise the measurement.

This is great but it’s not really useful to us as people wanting to track progress for the purposes of penis enlargement. We need a method that is repeatable and we aren’t interested in size. We are interested in change in size, so we try to measure for consistency. For length, this means we use a Bone Pressed (BP) measurement, where the bottom of the ruler is pressed into the fixed point that is the pubic bone.

There are two ways to measure bone pressed: from the side or from the top.

Though measuring from from the side has the advantage of it being easier to locate the bone as there is just skin and very little fat in the way, rather than skin, fat and ligaments, measuring from the top is preferable. It may measure shorter but it has the advantage that the bone across the top is fairly straight whereas down the side curves back as you go lower.

To measure take a ruler, push hard into the bone above the penis and measure the distance to the glans. It’s best to have a ruler where zero is the end of the ruler. It’s often easier if the ruler is placed with one of the measuring sides along the shaft, rather than flat along the shaft.

The point of the Bone pressed measurement is to create a solid measurement, so you must be at your highest erection level. A small variation from your highest might result in differing measurements and you are attempting measuring gains, not how good an erection you have.

The Perfect Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) Measurement

  • Always use the same ruler.
  • Measure after a minimum two day break.
  • Ensure a good hard erection.
  • Stand up straight or lie down.
  • Don’t push the hips forward.
  • Measure on the top.
  • Push hard against the pubic bone.
  • Don’t dig in under the pubic bone. Rotate the ruler along the axis of the width 45° to avoid this.
  • Angle the penis at 90° to the body.
  • Straighten the penis to the ruler along it’s length.
  • Take multiple measurements over the course of several hours and use the mean.
  • Be consistent in the way you measure.
Measuring the length of the erect penis

Note: Always push the penis to the ruler, the curve of your penis may change over time.

An alternative is to measure bone pressed flaccid stretch length (BPFSL), where you push to the bone again and this time pull your flaccid penis out as far as possible. Some people find this produces a more easily repeatable measurement.

Do the erect measurement again but this time don’t push to the bone simply rest the end of the ruler at the base of the penis. This is the non bone pressed erect length (NBPEL) mentioned at the start. It’s a “for your information” measurement rather than being useful for PE.

Measuring Girth

Tailor's tape

Take a tailors tape and measure the girth of the penis at the mid point. Base and behind the glans measurements are also useful. You could use string, mark it and then measure it with a ruler but a tailor’s tape is a small investment and will increase accuracy.

The Perfect Erect Girth (EG) Measurement

  • Use a tailor’s measuring tape
  • Measure after a minimum two day break.
  • Ensure a maximal erection (less than maximal may inflate the figures).
  • Measure at three points along the shaft: base, mid, behind glans. Measure the glans, if attempting to track this.
  • Take multiple measurements over the course of several hours and use the mean.
  • Be consistent in the way you measure.

Measuring the girth of the erect penis

You need to leave 2 days from your last PE session before measuring or you will be measuring some temporary effects left over from your sessions.

It’s also worth taking pictures. Having written measurements is one thing but having a picture to compare makes a lot of difference too.

This thread uses images from the original French version by Graal.

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