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Doctor calls PE-ing Ridiculous


Originally Posted by padawan
I heard about it from one of my lecturer, most student as I recall had a hard time to digest it.

He further added some of the treatments were offered mainly for people with money.

What class were you taking?

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Originally Posted by cu_z
Uh, good? I don’t want every man in America to be PEing -> I want to PE, become huge, and be known among women as the ‘big guy’ who is in demand; if everyone is packing an 8x6 the relative value goes down.

Thank you, therefore, Doctor.

Well said!

“Cosa Nuestra” <———-This certainly fits the bill Supersizeit!

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I once read an article

Where the doctor stated that people that PE are under the illusion that they are getting bigger due to temporary swelling caused by the jelq or temporary edema due to use of vacuum pumps. My question to him would be, how does swelling and inflammation give me a 1” length gain? I’ll buy some temporary girth gains from swelling on occasion, but not length. Not to mention that after 1-2 years of no PE and the gains remain, I think I can confidently say that those gains are permanent.

Starting stats NBPEL 6" x EG 4.125" --> Mar 2008 NBPEL 7" x EG 5.25" Current Stats 7" NBPEL x 5.6" EG (Post 1st Round PMMA)

My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine

I call that doctor ridiculous.

The doctor was 100% right, spread the word!!

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I have always compared Peing with bodybuilding. I mean everyone knows that with some hard work and discipline they migh end up looking like Schwarzenegger if they wanted to; so then why are there so many obese people out there?

Simple they lack the discipline and they just wnat some overnight results. Why do you think so many companies tend to sell the miraculous pill or cream that will make you loose thre pouns in a week and all that crap, people in general is lazy.

So I think most people when they endure PE in an “emprical way” I mean without a proper guide or forum like the one we have here might get very frustrated if after 3 months they only see some mm gain or no visible gain at all. They are always expecting to grow an inch overnight; so when they here that someone has in fact gained an inch or whatever they think they were lying in the first place.

Apart that still today the penis is a great taboo in every culture.

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I am one who cured myself of type two diabetes it is called “Getting off your big fat laden ass and exercise”!!

Green tea helps to as well as ginseng, Chromium picolinate, Vanadium Sulfate, Gemnema sylvestre, cinnamon, B6, B12. Magnesium, Arginine, glutamine, Bitter melon, Banaba. All these natural supplements treats type two diabetes just as effective as medications do if not better.

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Doctors used to say anabolic steroids do not increase muscle mass back in the 70 and early 80 but we know that is not true. Doctors also believe that a man doesn’t need more than 120 grams of protein per day no matter how hard he is working out.We all know that this is not true either.

Doctors only know how to help you with a sickness or disease that’s what they are there for and you should only really go to them for that reason.

I do know some docs that work out but they were coming to me for training to get in shape.

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Is it true. It helps us gain big size too.

People, good doctors practice evidence-based medicine.

And sure this has downsides but overall this has more upside then downside.

Not that long ago science did not believe weight lifting could increase your strength. And even now the mechanism is not completely clear, but there is consensus now that it is a fact.

Change happens slowly, and indeed probably one day there Will be consensus about PE.

So please don’t think doctors are all dicks, and they are trying to protect their income when they do something. I’m sure most of them sincerely want to help their patients and would love to have new, proven, treatments.

It’s just that many of the things that seem to work cannot be applied yet. You are free to experiment on yourself, but an MD is usually not the one to ask for any unproven treatments while he is responsible for the outcome.

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