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How to use the Search button for best results

How to use the Search button for best results

I’ve noticed a lot of people have problems finding exactly what they want when searching, sometimes not finding anything at all. Then someone else comes along and pulls up several threads, all found by, yes, you guessed it, searching.

So I’ve decided to put this thread together, to help everyone get the most out of their search.

The Basic Search
Accessed by simply clicking the “Search” button at the top of any forum page.

This is the kind of search that 95%+ of members use. Its quick, simple, easy, fast….but its also not very good.

The problem with this search is that it searches entire threads for your search term. “But hang on, that’s what we want it to do”, is probably what you’re thinking. True, but its counter-productive.

As an example (I will use this example throughout the thread), lets do a search for “Penimaster” the well-known ADS device. Bear in mind, the search feature returns a maximum of 500 results.

The basic search for “Penimaster” returns……500 results.

On closer inspection, its found the “Pumping 101” thread, which obviously, has nothing to do with Penimaster. There lies the fault in this search, someone only has to mention the word once, in a thread that has nothing to do with your search term and it will add that thread to your results.

Unless you want to check through 500 threads, you need a better search option.

The Thread Title Search

Click on the Search button, and you will see it says “Advanced Search” underneath where you type your search term. Click on it and you will end up on this page.

If you’ve never seen this page before, it can look a little daunting, a little off-putting and maybe a little scary. But its not, so don’t shy away.

On the top left, it says “Search by keyword”, this is where you enter your search term, in our case, “Penimaster”. Underneath the text box, change “Search entire posts” to “Search titles only”.

Searching for “Penimaster” in this way, shortens your results to 123 threads. Quite a big difference from the 500 in the last search, I think you’ll agree. A LOT easier and quicker to find your answer.

The Forum Specific Search

This kind of search probably won’t be used often, but can be VERY useful. On the right-hand side of the “Advanced search” page, there is a “Search in forum(s)” box. You simply click on the name of the forum you want to search, in this example, we’ll use the “Member’s pics” forum. Continuing our use of “Penimaster” as a search term, enter that into the search keywords box.

This search returns 42 results.

Now redoing the search, but combining it with the “Thread title search”, returns 11 threads.

Hopefully you’re starting to see how a combination of advanced threads can really increase the productivity of your searches.

Note - You can search multiple forums using this method, just hold down CTRL whilst clicking the forums you wish to search

The Misspelling Search AKA The Multiple Terminology Search

Part One - Misspellings

Despite the spell check, spelling errors will occur. Which, unfortunately, means you will miss some threads when you do a search.

Take “Penimaster”. Also referred to as “Penismaster” and “Penis master”, along with less obvious errors such as “Penismater”, etc. It IS possible to find these whilst searching, but requires a little more effort and sometimes a little more patience than the other searches.

You will need to become familiar with this * this asterisk is the key that will help you here. It is effectively used as a “wild card”.

Peni* would return all threads that contain words beginning with “peni” (ie - penis [and therefore, master], penimaster, penismaster)

*mast* would return all threads that contain “mast” in them, whether the word begins or ends with “mast”, or even if “mast” is in the middle (ie - penimaster, penismaster, [penis] master, masturbation)

*master would return all threads containing words ending with “master” (ie - penimaster, penismaster, [penis] master]

As you can see, you need to use a little more imagination with the misspelling search, but sometimes it proves well worth the effort.

Part Two - Terminology

Compared to the misspelling search, this is quick and easy.

Say you want to search for information on Clamping. That’s fine, but should you search for Clamp, clamping, clamped, clamps….

If you use the same method as in the misspelling search, using the *, you can search for all of them at once

In the example, we would just search for “Clamp*”. Combining this with a “thread title” search pulls up the best, most relevant results.

Other searches

The other search options available on the advanced search page I rarely use, but are pretty self explanatory, and very straight forward.

You can specify a minimum number of replies, specify a date range, choose to show results as a thread, or as posts, or even choose the order the results appear in.

You can also do a post/thread search by username, just type in the member’s name, choose “post” or “thread” and click search. If you are unsure of the exact name of the member, be sure to uncheck the “exact name” box, otherwise you may not get any results.

Final comments

If all threads were made with relevant titles, then a title search would be even more productive. As it is though, that doesn’t always happen, so of course some threads will be missed if you exclusively do title searches.

I hope some of you find this useful, feel free to add any comments.

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How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

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I thought you had cracked it Slack, so Happy Days, I ran an advanced search for something I know was definitely posted by Sixerman, but I, nor he, have ever been able to find it again (one evening I spent umpteem hours on a manual hunt).

Every Forum I looked just now, it came up as no match was found, try again! Like try what exactly? :rolleyes:

Not blooming likely, I’m far too busy :gulp:

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You the man Slack!!!! Every search I’ve done thus far rewards me with 500 results and zero information because I’ve got to wads through so much shit to find it. I’m off to advance search BTC right now- maybe I’ll finally figure out what it stands for because I didn’t want to ask. Thanks bro’!!!

Good info.

BTC- “between the cheeks” a form of hanging wherein the method of hanging causes the penis to be stretched at an angle *behind* the body i.e. directed *past* the straight down position.

Now I’m off to search all of the other shit that’s gone over my head….

woo hoo!!!

Nice info slack :up:

Great job Slack!

I just learnt it from you today :D Thanks


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Don’t tease the poor fellow.

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

I didn’t know half that stuff.

Slack, stop making me look bad! :cuss:

Originally Posted by huff
Slack’s latest gambit to become a mod.:)

Everybody hit the floor! :chuckle:

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