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Multi-purpose Pe Device


Multi-purpose Pe Device


I’ve been talking with several members about this, but especially with Monkeybar recently about a new project, which I believe might very well revolutionize The Craft. What I have in mind is a MULTI-PURPOSE PE DEVICE that will do everything we are now doing using a lot of other gadgets, but this new idea would make the three aspects of PE safer more comfortable and much more time efficient. I got the idea after seeing the extraordinary head clamp he has designed for the AutoExtender. The first time I saw this bigger clamp that he has just produced, an idea of a better and safer Clamping device occurred to me.


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that clamping is the quickest and most effective path to girth. I even think it beats pumping hands down, and I love pumping, but clamping seems more effective for girth. Other members, including clamping veteran, RedZulu have expressed erect length gains from clamping as well, and although I have not witnessed erect length gains from clamping first hand, I certainly feel that it seems very logical that engorgement by means of constriction will eventually extend in all areas of enlargement, because it increases Total Penile Volume, and this is what makes a big dick folks, bigger girth, heavier flaccid and probably a bigger erection eventually. Although I am convinced and my doctor is convinced that the constriction method will enlarge total penile volume, what concerns us both is, at what cost do these gains come? We have discussed many times in many threads the possibility that long-term constriction may lead to fibrosis, because what we are doing here is a self-induced preapism and we are doing this with a very rugged and non-forgiving device, a device the good doctor simple refers to as the “Ratchet Jawed Demon.” Even against her warnings I have great hopes for safe constriction enlargement. Truthfully, what is any aspect of PE, or bodybuilding for that matter, but “Controlled Damage?” We all know this. The idea is to control the damage as safely and comfortably as possible. What we have to do is soften the bite of the “Ratchet Jawed Demon.” And wrapping is just too much trouble. I think that wrapping is the second biggest inhibitor of regular routines other than time. And wrapping IS time.

I have always felt that a breakthrough is on the horizon with clamping, but I do believe there is a risk. Here is how we can reduce that risk and improve on all three aspects of PE at the same time.

What I originally had in mind was a bigger and better CLAMP that was safe and effective. A Clamp with the soft silicon padding of Monkeybars’s head clamp but with the quick release closure of a CableClamp. A Constriction device that requires NO WRAPPING. A Clamp that goes on quick and easy, and more importantly comes off quick and easy. MB sent me one of the big clamps to experiment on. This clamp, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, is quite remarkable. It is the most comfortable thing I have ever clamped onto my dick. The design is perfect for all three aspects of PE. The grip grabs the lateral sides of the tunica just like the Bib, but grabs it more securely and MUCH more comfortably. The hinge is soft and you can push your dick all the way against it and it does not pinch. I was so impressed with this clamp once I had it on my dick I ordered the AutoExtender/ADS from his sight. I received the package and I am also very delighted with the extender itself, but I will save the review of that device for the other thread. The thing that really impresses me is the possibilities of this head clamp within it’s self. This clamp, with some modification could do it all.

First I rigged it with some nylon cord and clamped over the silicon wrap {Also terrific stuff) and hooked an S hook onto five pounds, then six, then seven. I found the silicon fingers of the clamp grab much more comfortably and more effectively than the Bib for hanging moderate weight, although the rubber band closure does not hold enough force to hang much over seven pounds. Of course I realize that the design was not intended to be used to hang heavy weights, but with a better closure it could serve as a very comfortable hanger.

Then I cut the ends off of a CableClamp and superglued them onto the head clamp. This worked very well using the head clamp to clamp off an engorgement without wrap. It was quick, easy and very comfortable. It worked several times, but then broke. Of course the superglue was not strong enough, or didn’t bond well with the silicon. Next I’m going to try epoxy.

So, what I’m seeing here is a potential clamp that could be used for a Hanger, a Constriction Device and as the head clamp ADS for the AutoExtender or Jez or whatever other extenders are out there.

The problems are twofold:
One: the size. I honestly feel there is a need for a bigger Head Clamp. I can’t not get this clamp all the way around my flaccid girth. Most PE veterans have excessive skin. This gaining of extra skin is inevitable with aggressive PE, especially with pumping and hanging. Anyone with a flaccid girth over six inches or excessive PE skin or a lot of foreskin will not be able to completely enclose their flaccid within the head clamp the way it is now, without wrap, and a wrap-less device is what we all want and need. Most of the complaints that come about the Bib and about Clamping are wrapping problems. We eliminate the wrap we eliminate the problem. I know not too many have flaccid girths over six inches, but the lymphatic fluid buildup we all get from aggressive PE generates a thick flaccid right after hanging, and this is the time we need the clamp to fit snugly, whether it be for hanging, clamping or even just as an ADS. This is why I feel a bigger totally enclosed clamp is needed.

Two: The closure itself. The rubber band closure works fine for the extender, if you use the wrap. Or it will for most guys who have a flaccid girths under 6” But for me, my skin bunches up and pokes out of the gap right where the rubber bands rub. If this Head Clamp was big enough to completely encircle a 6” flaccid girth and lock tight with either a screw closure like the Bib or (my choice) a ratchet CableClamp type closure I think we would have a MULTI-PURPOSE PE DEVICE that could be used for Hanging, (ADS) Extending and Clamping.

I know Monkeybar has shelled out a lot of dough to get his AutoExtender marketed. It may not be economically feasible to cast a special mold for this bigger and better clamp. This is why we need feedback from the community on this idea. What do you guys and gals think?


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Sounds good.

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Go for it, really, I’d be interested when I get to that stage in the future with my P.E.
You are right, for the sake of convenience something that is an all-in-one P.E. Device would be brilliant.

Hope it doesn’t cost mega$$$ though!

That is a really great idea. It would be awesome if one could elminate the wrapping. The thing that kind of might be difficult is making a comfertable ADS that can also be a clamp. Clamps need to be more narrow, and that will make it very difficult to make, but give it a shot.

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It sounds like a good idea it just couldn’t be expensive or to big.

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Alright, cats out of the bag. I’ve been collaborating with BG for combination hanger/extender/clamp. I’ve just got the clamp and intently studying the design - not for clamping, but for fastening design.

If you are experienced with both AutoEXT and clamping, I would love to hear about your thoughts.


I agree with Dino. It can’t be too big (wide) to use for clamping and it should be affordable.

As far as size is concerned, I think the width of the AutoExtender’s large head clamp is the perfect width for clamping only it needs to be bigger around or actually longer from the hinge to the rubber band nubs. To use for clamping the silicon jaws need to completely encircle the shaft and close completely with most or all of the padding still on the sides, as it is now. For hanging the jaws need to close together as close as possible and lock off. The CableClamp ratchet type of closure should arch over the dorsal side leaving the nerve bundle and vein untouched, and it will have to be far enough away so as not to pinch skin as the teeth of the ratchet closure clicks shut. That will be the tricky part. This is what is such a pain with CableClamps and why so much thick wrapping is needed. This type of closure might not even be possible. We may have to rethink the bolt and wing-nut kind of closure like is on the Bib. Only I don’t like the way the bolt sets in the groove on the Bib. This is what pops out and drops the weights on you foot if your wrap is too thick or if your flaccid girth is swollen with lymph, which it usually is. The locking device needs to lock in so it can not release itself, but can be easily and quickly released by the user, hopefully like a CableClamp.

I believe MB is very close with what he has now. Only a few things need to be changed about the current head clamp. The biggest changes would be the longer length from the hinge to the rubber band nubs to completely enclose the shaft, and to make a more secure closure that can be cinched up with more force than the rubber bands. However, I think rubber band nubs should be left on so the same clamp can also be used on the extender where a less forcefull closure is needed. But there should be holes in separate wings for an S-hook cord, like was on the original ADH head clamp that MB designed (and probably still has a shit load of.) The device will still need the slots for the extender rods, but also holes for a hanging cord. Maybe the holes will have to be offset as not to get in the way of the slots. The wings with the holes for the S hook cord could be anywhere around the circumference of the clamp or perhaps the existing wings can be modified to do both functions. Also by making the circumference of the clamp bigger, or longer, as it were, the silicon jaws will probably have to be thicker. Maybe, I’m not sure. They may be fine as they are.

As far as the expense of this product, that should be left up to MB. I’m honestly not looking to make money on this device. I only want a bigger and better all purpose gadget that can be used quickly, easily and safely, without wrapping. I don’t ask for much, do I? (: Mostly I want something to get these women off my butt about using the dreaded CableClamps. But I realize MB has to recover his investments, and hopefully make a buck or two. I don’t think he is looking to get rich off this, but we can’t expect him to give them away either. Once he gets a handle on what it will take to make such a device, I’m sure a fair price will be offered. If we all put our collective head together I’m sure we can help him design this thing utilizing a lot of what he has come up with so far, that is by modifying the existing clamp if possible rather than remolding a new one from scratch. But I’m not an engineer; I’m just a writer who wants a big fat dick free of fibrosis.

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Bg I think you are right about the opening and closing of the device, and this device seems like a good idea, but:

All of this is going to based on the clamp. The clamp can only be worn for short durations, unlike ADS and the hangers that last somtimes 30 min.

Maybe if MB could get some kind of click on thing for the hanger to make it more comfy, and click off to clamp?

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Releasable plastic cable ties work well for holding things closed. And they allow for even more precise adjustments than cable clamps. Just a thought.

Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

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Game: With the idea I have in mind one can still just close the clamp with it’s rubber band closure to wear as a headclamp on the extender, or for when it is used as an ADS to keep pe weights on or even for hanging lower weights under 6 pounds. The weights would hang from an S-hook attached by a cord from (holed wings) on the clamp off-set from the rod slots.

Then if one wants to hang HEAVIER weights , say 7 to 20 pounds all you have to do is instead of using rubber bands simply cinch the ratchet CableClamp jaws shut with the appropriate pressure to hang your preferred weight.

For Clamping: all you wound have to do is obtain a semi erection, clamp the device onto the lower shaft and cinch it up a couple of clicks while kegeling in blood, press the clamp deep into the fat pad and click another notch or two and jelq in an engorgement and clamp it down tight enough to hold the engorgement for ten minutes. The clamp could be popped loose one click at a time or completely released fast in an emergency. This is what we need.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Basically all MB needs to do is make the clamp longer(from hinge to nubs, put two small wings with holes offset from the wings with slots and somehow attach the ratchet jawed closure, or some reasonable facsimile. Easy for me to say :rolleyes:

MB are you getting this. We want it by yesterday ;)

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I like the idea, and would be very interested in purchasing one - if and when one may come available.

I’ve just made a discovery with the large head clamp. This has probably been brought up in MB’s original AutoExtender thread, but the thread is too long to wade through so pardon if this is repetitive, but there is a second hole drilled through the clamp where the hinge is. By taking the clamp apart and putting the little bolt through the other hole this makes the clamp much wider, making it much more comfortable for guys with a fat flaccid. I still think our hanger/clamp needs to be broader and longer, but making this adjustment really helps with girths over six inches.

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No offense Biggie: I will never clamp no matter how good you make it. Clamping is taking it too far in my mind. If I want to constrict blood, I can use a silicone cock-ring. They’re $4 and they can easily hide in the pocket. My dick gets purple from them but I only use them for sex. I think the pursuit of PE is noble, but trying to do it quickly no matter which path you take will always be damaging. Putting a steel ratcheted death claw on your dick is just plain S&M. But those are my limits, to each his own.

Advanced PE Device


You are absolutely right. You shouldn’t even be thinking about advanced methods such as constriction or hanging at this stage of the game. If this device becomes a reality it will be for advanced PEers only. Stick with the newbie routine.

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How wide should we go?

Taking in consideration all the feed back that is pouring into aristocane’s popular thread:

Gone from average to monster (7 inch girth)!!

on advanced clamping, I’ve been rethinking the idea of making this clamp wider. I’ve discussed this with MB and we are in agreement that for use as a hanger the clamp should be as wide as we can get by with, yet still staying within the width needed for clamping. The jaws of the Bib starter are just a little wider than the AutoExtender head clamp. At first I thought this width might compromise the effectiveness of using the device for constriction. But the more I think about this new theory that sparkyx, xenolith and others are discussing on aristocane’s thread, I’m beginning to believe the jaws should be as wide as three, possibly four Cableclamps, which would make it about the width or a little wider than the clamping part of the Bib Starter. This would give more grab onto the shaft as a hanger and at the same time give us the same effect as using multiple clamps, which supports aristocane’s new advanced clamping technique or the technique that is developing on his thread. Because the head clamp has a much more efficient grab capability than the Bib, we won’t need it to be as big and bulky at the base to support the two bolts and wing nuts. So the entire device would be considerably smaller than the Bib, but the surface area that actually grabs the shaft would be about the same size.

Thoughts, anyone?

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