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Q: Wrapping for pumping?

Q: Wrapping for pumping?

For circumsised pumpers, what different techniques are used for wrapping the tender foreskin-scar area to prevent petechia (pumper’s hickey)? I am currently maxed at 3in Hg due to petechia in one spot, but would like to go a little higher.

One person on this site suggested cutting the end off a heavy-duty condom and doubling several layers over the problem area. Any other ideas? Thanks!

If there is already a good thread on this subject, please link to it.

Using the search button (at the top of every page) I entered: ‘condom OR wrapping’ as the search terms and searched only in the Pumper’s Forum. I got 41 hits. Some are off the mark and not of interest, but I found several others that have info/suggestions on how to deal with fluid buildup iincluding:

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Try using similar search terms and you’ll find several other threads of interest.

Westla, you are such a good and generous guy.

As westla points out, all the links don’t focus on your issue. A section of an “extra strength” condom around your circumcision zone will protect from bruising and also from the doughnut syndrome if you are susceptible to that. Peforeal has had good results with a Ace adhesive bandage wrap.




Definitely, some ACE self-adhesive bandage wrap (local pharmacy) will help this problem and prevent the doughnut (fluid buildup) effect in the area below your glans. Use your judgment as to the length (maybe around 8-10” worth) when wrapping around your dick, then do your pumping. Also, leave the wrap on for at least 1/2 hour or more to prevent any post-pumping fluid buildup from occurring. I think you’ll like how this works. I am circumcised, susceptible to the “doughnut” effect, and this has worked well for me.


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