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Fluid, extended times blah blah


Fluid, extended times blah blah

Right I think i’m pretty conditioned for some harder-core pumping now.

I need to make a large amount of fluid buildup, that nasty bloated evil look would be great. I know I should start fully soft for this purpose.


1) Disregarding time, what is more efficient at causing fluid buildup, high or low pressures?
2) When you do the extended session, do you do it in sets like hanging, or do the whole time in one go?
3) What else do you think might be useful for this?
4) Are gains from pumping permanent? (KIDDING!)

Good Luck

Unga bunga!


Maybe you should mention again for the pumpers your theory about fluid build-up and discoloration.

I think some of us are just more inclined to pull more lymphatic fluid than others but once you are conditioned, try long-session pumps - 20 minutes or a half hour each with only very brief breaks between them to get some newly-oxygenated blood flow. Whatever lymphatic fluid you’ve pulled won’t likely drain out during those brief breaks.

You may end up for awhile with the fattest flaccid you’ve ever had but I’m sure you can cope with that. There’s nothing like swinging meat after a good pump.



Not my theory!!!

Just an idea, I thought that the fluid was what removed the discolouration with wrapping, and not the blood, because I got fluid buildup from hanging (wrapping to tight) sometimes and it made the discolouration temporarily lighter. The role of the fluid is to remove waste and stuff. It’s been discussed before, Torso spoke of this idea, and mushroom had some great results with it recently.

I just want to get rid of it, I hate it i’ll try anything.


as a side note, pumping has caused discoloration on the tip of my head in the beginning of the year. I was using such exaggerated level of pressure in my pumping sessions that eventually it provoked and internal tear on my penis.


If you want fluid buildup, just staying under vacuum pressure for an extended period of time will do it. Keep the pressure low, or you’ll probably suffer the consequences of water blisters. My pumping experiences have convinced me that in the long run excessive fluid buildup is counterproductive to permanent gains. A swollen dick can be a novel thing to have temporarily, but not very productive in the long run.


As you have learned, the one most important thing to avoid in pumping is excessive vacuum pressure. If any newbies read this, please pay attention to Nitro’s personal experiences. Thanks for sharing this story as a lesson for all of us who may get overly eager in the quest for immediate gargantuan size.



” the role of the fluid is to remove waste and stuff” I assume we are all talking about the same thing… lymphatic fluid. Lympatic fluid is pumped through our bodies by muscular contraction. There is no circulatory pump that moves lymph. The role of lymphatic fluid is to carry new good rebuilding nutrients to the site of injury and to carry the waste away but this all depends on muscular contraction.

Just another note on lymphatic fluid.

This stuff can become very thick and viscos when it stays in an area for a long time. Lymphatic fluid is sent to an injury site as part of your immune response to heal help the area heal. In cases like repetative strain injuries the body cannot keep up with the removal of excess lymph before the area is strained again. The result is swelling and gelling of the lymph, because there is so much collagen present tissue start to bind together. Tendonitis is a perfect example of the immune response gone bad. Imagine tendonitis of the dick. Ouch!

I said “and stuff”, I didnt say what stuff I meant. Actually, I meant all that you just said. Honest!

I’ll be massaging the fluid to remove it, If that does anything.

Well whatever, others have reported results from it, so i’m doing it anyway!


I just did the extended times. I did my usual 10mins at 5 HCG, then all the rest at 2.5 HCG. I only needed an hour, 3 20 min sets, because there was some good fluid buildup from hanging and ADS. The parts with the fluid already are well pumped! My flaccid hang is 6.5”! Traction wrap time methinks!

Anyway afterwards, something weird happened! I went for a piss, and pissed sideways! Literally at a right angle to where my dick was pointing!!

Just a good job I was at home and not at a urinal!!


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