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new pumper / HELP !


new pumper / HELP !

I am planning to start pumping next week when I buy the equipment. Before I do anything I have some questions that are very important to me:

1) My erect size is 7” length (bone press) by 5.5” girth (circumference). Measured with a ruler, my girth is 1.75” diameter. What size of cylinder do you recommend? I was thinking of getting a 2.25” cylinder. Would that be right?
2) What’s the advantage of the electric pumps, more accurate control of the pressure, or just easier to use because I can forget about my hands and let the device take care of it? I am patient and careful, so I was thinking of getting the hand vacuum pump. The electric ones are very expensive and take more space. The prices of the hand vacuum pumps run between $40 to $70. I’ve seen 2 names: Mity Vac and Kal Equip, even Sears’ own pump. Any recommendations and comments?
3) I am looking for both girth and length but it seems that I can get girth easier than length with the pump. I have been doing the PE hand routine, stretch and jelq for awhile but my gains have been very limited, but specially what I want is to make the girth even. I am 5.5” from the middle of the shaft to the head but at the base the girth is like 5”. Will the vacuum system make my girth even?
4) I’ve read the excellent thread by avocet8, but still need to make sure that what I am going to do is right for my purposes. My immediate goal is 8” x 6” bone press with girth even from base to head. Would it be difficult to get? How long would it take?
5) Other PE sites, such as, are strongly opposed to pumps as risky and dangerous. They do recommend enlarging the spaces in the spongy tissues from inside, by jelqing. They talk about injuries by doing it from outside with a vacuum pump, such as nocrosis and loss of sensibility among other problems. Is that correct?
6) I bought a stretcher last week, MaxXtender, and it seems to be working real good. I am thinking of combining the MaxXtender with pumping. The regular hand stretch and jelq doesn’t seem to be good for me. Comments?
7) What kinds of negative effects do you guys got (if any) from pumping? Do you know of other guys with injuries from pumping, what are they and how to avoid it?

I will be grateful if you can help me with these issues.



Hey Mafero,

The favorite pump seems to be the plastic Mity Vac model, the silverline Mity Vac is metal.

This is the link for the electronic vacuum pump.

They provide hands free suction and seem to be the best way to go if you can afford them.

If you go with a wide cylinder, you will get girth. If you go with a thinner cylinder you will get length. You may want to consider one on the thinner side if girth comes easy.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Tom

Thanks, Tom.

You seem to know a lot about this subject. This is the kind of help I need. I just printed the picture and description from the website link you sent me.

I am seriously considering the model you have recommended.



Just a Few Thoughts For You!

Hi Mafero. You’ve asked a bunch of questions, and I wanted to make a few comments on them.

#1. Most of the penis pump sites give a chart for determining cylinder size. What I learned the hard way is that simply measuring EG at mid-shaft, like you would for monitoring PE growth, is not necessarily the right thing to do here. Measure the base girth, mid-shaft, and glans circumferences. Use the largest girth value of these three, and put that number into the chart on the cylinder ordering information page. Otherwise, you may wind up with an uncomfortable fit, as I did. If you want to do hydro pumping, I recommend you go up one cylinder size from the one you would select normally for dry pumping. But, if you go with a larger size, be careful not to get your testicles sucked into the tube.

#2. Like you, I wanted the best pump starting out, and thought the expensive electric pumps must be the way to go. Kept looking at that $600 price tag at Dr. Joel Kaplan’s site, and decided to try a hand pump first. I am so glad I did. It is all you really need. You can buy the pump at an auto parts store and save a good bit of money and time. The electric pump is overkill. It is noisy, cumbersome, and expensive. Once you try a hand pump (and be sure to get one with a vacuum gauge and quick-release valve) you will realize that you do no need an electric pump. I would never buy one now.

#3. Some of the more experienced pumpers here have reported good length and girth gains. I am still early into my program, but I do feel like it is evening out my girth. My base girth and glans are (were) noticeably bigger than my mid-shaft circumference. There is less of a difference now, as my entire shaft is plumper and more even. It seems to be getting better all the time.

#4. We have similar goals, but I have further to go than you do. My initial 12-month goal is 8 x 6 NBP. Some have accomplished that, so I know it is possible. As to the difficulty and the time needed to reach your goal, nobody can say for sure. It is different for each individual. I think using multiple strategies, as you are doing, is a good approach, though. I’m following a “cross-training” type program as well.

#5. Do not worry too much about the scare tactics put forth by the commercial penis enlargement sites that only offer a fundamental jelking and stretching program. It is in their own best interest, financially, to shoot down all other approaches. HOWEVER, having said that, I will add that it is VERY possible to hurt yourself with pumping if you do not follow a conservative approach, as advocated on this forum by Avocet8 and others. Keep the pressures between 4-6” Hg, and start out with short pumping sessions. As your penis acclimates to pumping and you get a feel for what you are doing, you will be able to adjust your program accordingly.

#6. Be careful with the stretcher you are using. I looked at that one, too, and almost bought it. Any “noose” type attachment for stretchers is a bit risky, as far as potential nerve damage goes. Some people have been successful using such devices, but they scare me. After looking at everything out there in the way of stretching apparatuses, I decided to build a stretcher of my own design. I am still playing with different ideas, but am almost there. Meantime, I am only using a Bib Starter for length gains, and it seems to be working well. Just takes a little patience.

#7. I have had no serious injuries from pumping, so far, and don’t expect to. I almost overdid it in the early stages, but now I follow a conservative program. I only go 5-7 minutes in the tube at 4-6” Hg per set (2-4 sets per session) with massage and jelking between sets. I am starting to add a few Horse squeezes, as well, but be very careful with those and do NOT add them until your penis has toughened up from several months of PE conditioning. Don’t pump to the point of feeling any stinging sensation. Go into the tube erect, and keep the penis warm while pumping. Do not over-do it, and you should be fine.

Good luck with your PE program!



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

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Hi there,

It’s great to see how many members decide to try pumping lately, it wasn’t always the case. Maybe now pumping will finally get the better press that it deserves.

bigjack has answered your questions quite thoroughly, so I will mainly just add my voice to his:

#1. I concur with bigjack, however I think you should definitely not go for 2.25” cylinder, I think your choice should be between 1.75” to 2.00”. The choice between those two could be influenced by what you are mainly going for: length or girth.

#2. I totally agree with bigjack. I also considered going for electric at first, but now after using my LA Pump and reading a lot about the electric pumps I realize there is really no reason to buy electric.

#3. I’ve noticed my girth is getting more even. Reading that your base girth is 5 inch and that you want to even it up, I’m thinking you should probably go for the 1.75” cylinder. Think about it.

#4. This is so individual it is very hard to say. You could get there in a year, but there’s no guaranty.

#5. These other sites have financial interests. This forum doesn’t and it is run by us real people that do the real work, so you can figure out the answer yourself.

#6. I can’t comment on that one cause I don’t use stretcher, but combining different PE techniques is good IMO.

#6. I never had any injury, only problems I had were excessive fluid and donuts. Just don’t overdo it.

And do check water pumping.

Good luck!

Good Thoughts!!

Excellent follow-up by Braker!! He gave you stellar counsel on tube size in #’s 1 and 3. Please, listen to his advice.



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Thanks !!!


Your reply to me message is amazing. I thank your for taking all that time. I can’t think of any response more informative an extensive than yours. You did clarify all those issues the best way I can think of. I thank you again.


Thanks again


Your response is also very helpful. I still have one comment for you. My biggest diameter (from the middle of the shaft including the head) is 1.75”, so if I get the !.75” cylinder my dick won’t fit in. I was thinking of 2.25”. What do you think?




I see what you mean. This is a bit strange as I can go up to almost 6 inch girth in my 1.75” cylinder and I still don’t fill up the tube completely.

If you want to make your girth even it makes sense that you’ll need to have at least some of your shaft filling up the tube so the rest can even more quickly.

2.25” cylinder is huge, I never seen it recommended for 5.5” girth, not to mention 5” base girth, and having a too big cylinder can have some negative side effects on the shape of your shaft.

Maybe we should try to get peforeal opinion on this one, or wait for avocet8 to come back (he should be back any day now) and ask him as well, bigjack or anyone else - what do you think?

additional comments


You have received excellent advice from the previous posters. In response to your last question about cylinder size, you should not start off with a 2.25 inch diameter tube. With your current max girth at 5.5 inches in circumference, the largest size you should commence with is 2.00 inch diameter. I have pumped and PE’ed for about 2 years and my current erect unpumped base girth is 6.75 inches in circumference. Even now, I presently use a 2.00 inch diameter cylinder to do my main pumping and pack the tube completely up the shaft. If the luxury of time and privacy permit and I have the desire to get extra big in girth, at least temporarily, I will finish my pumping session in a 2.5 inch diameter cylinder . With this larger size, I also have to get creative in finding ways to pump my cock only and not have my balls sucked into the tube.

Good pumping results are cumulative over time. If you try to jump the gun by beginning with a too large diameter, you are defeating your purpose.

I have never had any significant injuries or problems from pumping. My caution to you is to go slow with time and pressure. Twice in my early pumping career, I was pumping wet for too long with slightly too much pressure and got a water blister on my glans. The blister itself didn’t hurt, but when the water blister broke and it had to heal, it was uncomfortable from the friction between my dick and underwear. Presently, I prefer to pump dry, since I can feel, see and control my my dick’s pumping reactions better.

Go with a manual pump. It will really be all that you need.

Good luck to you.



Brake and peforeal:

I am glad I posted my questions on Thundersplace. This is definitely the right place for that and you are the right people.

I thank you for your quick answer to my new inquiry.

As you can see, I am totally new to this system (vacuum). although I am a PE veteran with little results so far. This is why I decided to adventure some alternative solutions. A good friend who is also a PE veteran owed his amazing gains to pumping combined with the MaxXtender. I just started doing the latter and decided to do the former as well.

Again, my bigger thickness is 5.5” circumference or 1.75” diameter. So your suggestion is a 2” cylinder, which makes sense after all the explanations you’ve given me. My bone-pressed length is 7”, so I’ve heard that we should get a cylinder 2” longer than our dicks’ size. So the best choice for a cylinder should be 2” x 9”, right?

My determination is solid as a rock. I may call it obsession sometimes. The fact is that I do want to have a bigger dick, I always did along with an girth even from base to head. I won’t stop until I get it. Your help would be an important factor.



Glad to help


Yes, a 2” x 9” or 2” x 10” would be the size you need to order. At 7 inches erect length, 9 inches will be more than enough. Which length you get will depend on which company you order from. Some standardize their lengths using either 9 or 10 inches.

You’re fortunate to have a good friend that you can share your pumping and PE experiences with. I feel fortunate to have forums like these where I can freely share and discuss my PE journey in an honest way.

Obsession? I think we all have it to some degree to be able to continue the time and effort it takes to grow a meatier and longer dick. I used to be concerned myself about my PE “addiction”, but I’ve long since come to terms with all of this. I figure I’m not hurting anyone, I still have a satisfying non-PE family and work life and I’m feeling exceptionally good about myself, especially when it come to having a much bigger dick than before. Obviously, I’ve had to reprioritize the activities of my day in order to accommodate my PE’ing, but I think I have this wired pretty well.

Much success to you, and keep us posted on your progress. Remember that time and patience will ultimately pay off.



Have a look at this thread as well for cylinder diameter for 5.5” girth.

Notice I asked stretchman for his feelings on this.

Me again

Thanks again, peforeal and Braker:

Yes I do have a friend who has been on PE for longer than 2 years, just like me. We discuss every detail of our workout. He is the one who suggested the MaxXtender and the vacuum to me and I followed his advice immediately.

However, I do have a PE buddy who also lives in NY. We get together to discuss all these issues and even make very well designed plans for our PE future. He has never tried pumps but we are going to do it together, at least the first time or a few times. The fact is that I am afraid of doing this alone.

Guys, your support is very important to me. I do need to get the size I always dreamed of. Again, obsession? The label doesn’t matter. I’ll be happy and proud of my gains when I reach it.

Question: A 1.75 cylinder means that its diameter is 1.75”? If so, how can a guy whose dick’s diameter is 1.75” be able to stick his dick in that cylinder? Or 1.75 cylinder doesn’t mean that the cylinder’s diameter is 1.75” but that the cylinder is designed for dicks whose diameter is 1.75”?




A 1.75 inch diameter cylinder does represent the exact measurement of the inside diameter of the cylinder itself. However, because the penis is pliable and not a perfectly rigid circular cylinder, a 1.75 inch diameter penis is really an estimate not an exact measurement for one’s dick. With a little lube, you will easily be able to slide your penis into the tube and pump, as the pliability of the penis will allow this. Actually, measuring circumference (girth) is a more reliable standard for your true size. A guy’s individual diameter size can vary depending on whether he is measuring diameter across the top of the shaft or along the side of the shaft.

Because you have varied girth along the shaft ranging from 5.0 inches at the base to 5.5 inches midshaft, one of your goals is also to try and get an even girth increase up the entire shaft. Obviously, where you are already 5.5 inches you would pack the tube easily, but where you are less than 5.5 inches is the location where the greater pumping and expansion will take place. Also, when you pack the tube this then forces the rest of the pumping efforts to work on stretching the dick up the cylinder for length.

If money were not an issue for you, I would start with a 1.75 inch diameter tube and max out on your gains here first. Then I would progress to the 2.0 inch diameter cylinder, which will serve your purposes for awhile and allow you further room to grow over a period of time.

Personally, I started with a 1.75 inch early in my pumping career. Now I begin and do most of my pumping routines with a 2.0 inch diameter and finish up in a 2.5 inch diameter, if I have time. The huge girth expansion in this bigger size even surprises me. The good news is that I can now pump in the 2.5 inch diameter cylinder and easily pack the tube from the base to more than halfway up the shaft without getting a “donut” and maintaining a normal shape to my dick after I get out of the tube - only substantially thicker and longer. Again, this did not happen overnight, and I had to go through some personal trial and error in order to perfect a routine for myself.

Good luck both to you and your PE buddy.


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