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Pumping troubles

Pumping troubles

Hello there, I’ve been trying pumping as more of a hobby then an actual PE method, and have noticed a few odd things. I do not have a gage on my pump so I don’t know how much pressure I am using exactly, generally I use just under the limit where I feel discomfort.

Now, I pump with my foreskin up, because if I do not, I find I develop incredibly large and nasty blood blisters on my head which took about 2 weeks to heal, yet at the same pressure with my foreskin up, this does not happen at all. Any ideas?

Also when I pump, I find that the tip of my foreskin becomes very swollen, to an obscene level, looking quite gross in relation to the rest of my penis. The one time I packed the tube my penis was a heck of a lot bigger, but the tip of my foreskin was still a lot larger. Any idea how to stop this or what it is? I personally hate the look of it, and when it is like this I can’t pull my foreskin back over my head at all. I’ve dug around in the past forums for a while, but couldn’t find anything exactly like my situation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Too much vacuum (pressure is an inward flow, vacuum is outward). You can buy the plastic MightyVac online for about US$30. It has a guage. If you don’t want to buy a new pump, you can try pumping with a condom on. It will help keep the donut effect to a minimum and probably help with the blood blisters as well.

quaser, greetings:

You need to avoid those blisters, which very probably are caused by too much vacuum, as Westla says. So make sure to buy a gauge. I can’t understand how you pump with your foreskin covering your glans. When your penis swells and lengthens, doesn’t the foreskin retract? My guess is that with plenty of lube, a gauge, and low pressure to begin with, you could pump safely, without blisters or the huge lymph buildup you are experiencing now.

No, the foreskin doesn’t retract, it just seems to go along with the pumping, my foreskin’s always been like that, needed to pull it back even after I had an erection. Pumps where I am are pretty limited, saw one at a store for about $300 Canadian, this set had everything, but i wasn’t sure if i wanted that just to try out pumping initially. I can never seem to get the pressure right, sometimes I’ll have it so I have an erection, then it will wilt and go away. Personally I’ve found pumping to have desirable results, yet has been a very painful and annoying procedure… hopefully if I get a gage it’ll help fix the problem

It’s been said that entering the tube erect is the best way to avoid fluid buildup in the tissues. Are you doing that? Staying erect is a combination of a good seal, the right vacuum and perhaps a little porn on the side.

If you’re considering buying a hand pump with a gauge, the most inexpensive ones are by Mity-Vac. They’re sold at auto supply stores (check this list) or you can get them online (see this thread and this one).

Hey quaser - Check out your local Canadian Tire in the automotive department. They carry a pump very similar to the Mighty Vac which includes the gauge and some hose. It is designed for the backyard mechanic to bleed brake lines.:) I picked one up for about $60.00.

What are you using for a tube?

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.

I have same problem, still what they say is true…

condom… can be washed

Enter errect at least.

Will also try to get gauge later.

Are you cut?

The area after my scar usually swells.

If you can’t retract the foreskin before entering the tube, you are doomed to have the edema of the foreskin be as you described- huge and ugly.However if you can retract it before inserting, the pressure from the sides of the tube may keep that swelling to a minimum.

And if you can’t retract it at all, you really should consider a circumcision which is relatively painfree and very rewarding in the amount of feeling you receive in actual sex plus it gives an enormous increase in pleasure to your partner. As one girl told me, sex with an uncircumcized guy, was like walking in galoshes.- a lot of stuff sliding around without much feeling.

Apropo of that it would be interesting to hear the opinions of the ladies on the issue :”Is sex better with the uncircumcized guy or the circumcized one?’— or is there no noticeable difference?”.

Interesting topic!

Well my girlfriend has seen a few and those guys before me were not circumcised.
She thinks the circumcised penis feels and looks better for her….

Sounds like to much vaccum and possibly not enough lube. Try using vaseline but also get yourself a gauge.

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