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Acclimating to Pumping?


Acclimating to Pumping?

I recently began a 3 day a week (MWF) routine of alternating pumping with jelqs, squeezes and bending. My pecker has always been quick to build up fluid. Manual exercises alone give me the beginnings of a donut. Adding pumping makes this worse, and I’m getting more fluid build-up than I’d like.

I’m doing 3 sets of pumping for 5 minutes each. When using water I don’t go over 5 inches Hg, and I stick to about 3-4 inches when I pump dry. I go into the tube hard.

5-10 min. soak in warm bath or apply moist heat
5 min. jelq
5 min. pump
5 min. combination of jelqs/squeezes and bending
5 min. pump
5 min. squeezes and bending
5 min. pump
5 min. light jelqing, massage and maybe heat

A lot of the puffiness comes on within 20 or 30 minutes after I’m finished with the workout. Finishing with heat seems to make it worse, yet I’ve been hesitant to try a cold pack because I don’t want to cool off the underlying tissue. Jelqing and massage don’t seem to help either; I can’t “jelq away the fluid” as some have described. Almost all the swelling is gone by the next day.

Does the tendency to build up fluid reduce over time as the penis adapts to pumping? I’m getting good internal expansion from these workouts, but unfortunately they also give me a moderate donut (about an inch in circumference more than my normal girth). How much swelling, if any, are others getting with a similar routine?

Try this


As you said, your body seems to be inclined to build up fluid and form the donut. Since you have just begun pumping, some of the rapid fluid build-up that you’re experiencing should diminish over time and repeated pumping episodes.

If you do build up fluid, especially in a ring right below the glans, you can try this to help eliminate or alleviate the problem:

1. Get erect
2. Put a little lube or cream around the “donut” area below the glans
3. Make an “ok” grip with your thumb and forefinger around the “donut” area
4. Gently squeeze and then unsqueeze the “donut” area (keep on repeating this) while gradually sliding your lubed ok grip down the shaft away from the glans.

This will help to keep the “donut” effect from building up and help to spread back out and redistribute the water fluid that has built up. Eventually, you can use this technique to undo the “donut” effect with just a little bit of effort. I hope this helps and works for you.



I have the same problem of a fluid buildup tendency. I hate it, but unfortunately still haven’t found a way to completely eliminate this problem.

The only thing that helps a little is what you already do - go into the tube as hard as I can and not staying too much inside.

The donut for me comes and goes. I had a period of a couple of weeks I had a problem with it, I cut down a little on time in the tube, it went away, and a month or two later I had the same problem again for a couple of weeks until it went away again.

I also tried jelqing or massaging the fluid away, didn’t really work for me either.

If you accept the idea that fluid is an indication of over pumping, then maybe it just means you have to cut down the time even more, though in your case you really do short sessions.

When I started pumping I used to do 15 min. sessions. There was a huge amount of fluid. When I cut down to 7 min. sessions the fluid almost disappeared.

Now, after a few months of pumping 7 min. sessions, I’m beginning to see similar expansion as the 15 min. sessions used to give me (which is great), but the fluid and donut is becoming more of a problem again.

Maybe it means I have to cut down the time again, but I didn’t try yet - guess I feel reluctant to give up on the great expansion I’m getting :( but I’ll have to try it soon.

Braker and Hobby,

What size diameter cylinders are you using, i.e 1.75 in, 2.00 inch…? Sometimes if there is too much of a difference between your regular erect dick circumference and the circumference of the cylinder that you are using, this may contribute to an increase in fluid buildup.



I’m using a 1.75 inch cylinder, and my girth is somewher between 5 inch to 5.2 inch, depending on the day I measure.

This is how Im avoiding the donut lately. I try to enter in the cylinder as hard as I can. I let the porn rolling on the TV and I masturbate almost until I reach the orgasm. Then when I feel Im about to cum I enter in the cylinder. I make my pumping sessions very short and I masturbate a lot bewteen the sessions. Hasta la vista donuts


Well, the 1.75 inch diameter cylinder that you are using is the right size for your girth. Maybe you can try this:
1. Get hard
2. Pump for 5 minutes and exit the tube
3. Jelq for 25-50 times or do 20 good squeezes
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve had enough or you start to see fluid build up.
5. Quit or take a break and do another routine like this later in the day.

Maybe if you can split your routine over several shorter periods rather than one longer period, this may help.
Eventually, the fluid build up issue should begin to lessen. Even now, if I get too overzealous with my pumping (higher pressure and much longer time periods), I still build up fluid. But if I’m careful, I can really avoid this almost all of the time and just reap the benefits of good pumping technique.


Tube size

I’ve been using a 1 7/8” tube, which I realize is a bit larger than recommended for my 4 5/8” midshaft and 4 3/4” base girth. Hey, it was cheap.;) I’ve also tried a 1.5” tube with the same results. For me the tube size doesn’t make a difference.

It’s the combination of manual exercises and pumping that gives me the donut. Either by itself results in the beginnings of one, but not enough to cause concern. My swelling worsens *after* the workout. Apparently the tissue gets irritated and then continues to swell.


I’ve tried massage similar to your suggestion, and I just can’t get the fluid to dissipate. If anything, such attempts make it worse.

Braker and I seem to have similar characteristics.


But how long have you been suffering from this donut effect?

I started having it and it went away after a couple of weeks or so, then a couple of months later it came back again, and disappeared again after a week or so.

It might go away soon.

peforeal - that’s exactly what I’m doing, only not 5 min. sessions but 7 min. ones. I might try going down to 5 min.


I’ve only been pumping consistently for about 2 weeks.

I hope my tendency to donut will lessen over time as yours did. I suppose even if it doesn’t I can bear it. The biggest problem is the resulting skin tenderness makes stretching uncomfortable. And I don’t want to grow more skin in the area.

Immediately after today’s session I snuggly wrapped with cloth and Thera, starting over the head and spiraled down to just below my circ. scar. I left it on for 15 minutes. It helped some, but isn’t a miracle cure.


I’m sure it will lessen very soon. Mine also used to worsen after the workout till it got really huge sometimes.. it was scary. Now it’s gone and it will return as soon as I overpump again.

The thing is that 3 months ago over pumping meant 4 sessions of 15 min., while now it means 4 sessions of 7 min. And I get the same expansion. And this is great: how the time you need in the tube for getting the same result is reduced over time.

What I’m not sure about is, what if I do want to get really huge sometimes. Is there a way to do it without bringing out all the fluid and donut again.

Maybe going for more sessions but less time can achieve this.

Cause at the moment, rather than getting bigger and bigger with pumping, I get the same expansion with less and less time.


Braker and Hobby,


What is your pumping schedule - every day, every other day, three times a week, etc.? How long a period - 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour,etc?

I know that at the beginning of my pumping journey, I would get into it and pump for an hour or more with the results being a definite “donut”. To minimize this problem, I started pumping for only a half hour or less, being careful to watch if the donut was developing around my circumcision scar. As soon as I saw the donut beginning to form, I would quit pumping. Later in the day, I would pump again making the same observations. Basically, I would try to spread my pumping out during the day and try to avoid the donut while getting in a decent amount of pumping time.

I still follow those same guidelines now, although I am able to pump with larger diameter cylinders and at higher pressure. I can go hard for at least 20-30 minutes without the donut developing. But I had to grow into this situation over a period of time. The donut effect does begin to lessen over time, although occasionally you may still experience the fluid build up. For me now, even if I get a bit of the donut happening, it disappears fairly quickly. And I can accelerate the dissipation with a little bit of massage.

If you go for serious pumping to “huge” proportions, there is no way to avoid the donut. It will happen. And sometimes that’s okay if you just want to do some experimentation with your dick and push the limits. When I have done that, I’ve noticed that my flaccid size the next day seems smaller but bounces back to normal and even better the day after that. This kind of “shock” pumping may have its benefits in the long run, as long as you take some days off in between.


>What is your pumping schedule

My schedule is at the beginning of this thread. I think it’s fairly conservative.

Are you guys doing exercises between sets?

>Basically, I would try to spread my pumping out during the day and try to avoid the donut while getting in a decent amount of pumping time.

My swelling starts to be noticeable after the second set. I could skip my third pump set, or try two sets twice a day. Or, stay with 3 sets, but knock them down to 3 minutes each. Lots of options - I’ll experiment.

Thanks for the input guys. Now I have hope this will be less of a problem as my dick adjusts.


Thanks for reminding me about the info in your very first thread. Your program is conservative, but again you say you have recently begun to incorporate pumping into your program. So the fluid build up right now is probably normal for a novice pumper acclimating to the new pressures.

I think your options of spreading out your sets or skipping a third pump set for now is a good way to test things out. You can always readjust as your dick gets accustomed to pumping.

For me I do combination routines with pumping. This morning, for example, I alternated pumping in my 2 inch diam. cylinder for 5 minutes followed by 50 powerjelqs. I continued this pattern for about 45 minutes. Results were excellent. This evening I am doing another combination of pumping with squeezes following the same time frame. Also works good.

I try to vary my techniques in order to keep my dick constantly guessing so that it doesn’t get too accustomed to any one regimen. This seems to work best for me, and it also keeps me from getting bored with doing the exact same things every day. I take breaks whenever I feel like my dick needs a rest. Lately, though, I’ve been PE’ing in some form every day with my dick still responding well.

Here’s to only good pumping days,etc.!


I also noticed that “shock” pumping can have a positive effect.

I used to do the same routine for a long time: 4 x 7 min. pumping sessions, twice a day, with 4 x 7 min. jelqing and squeezing sessions in between the pumping sessions.

A few weeks ago I was ill, and didn’t have enough energy to squeeze and jelq, so one of the days I just pumped and instead of 4 x 7 min. I did 5 x 8 min. The expansion I got was huge, but the interesting thing is that this one longer session seemed to push my pumping boundaries permanently. Since then when ever I do my usual 4 x 7 min. sessions I get the bigger expansion again.

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