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Wrapping AS an ADS

Wrapping AS an ADS

Disclaimer: When I refer to big, long, longer, bigger, fatter, plumper, or anything like that - My biggest (now) is stall smaller than most of your starting places. But to me, it’s freakin huge because of what I’ve had my whole life.

I’ve read all the wrapping threads I can find. The one about wrapping for prevention or recovery of discoloration was interesting. I’ve been base wrapping just for that purpose and it really seems to work pretty well.

I’ve also found that the wrapping can give a nice “plump” flaccid hang if you get it just right, not too tight, not too loose.

ADS (PE weights) gives me a long skinny looking penis after a while. Hanging to about where my erect size would be except soft and pointing the other direction.

I keep reading about the importance of after doing one’s workout to “heal in the extended state” and “never let it turtle”.

The weights are rather uncomfortable after only a short time and according to some experts here at Thunder’s perhaps a bit much for me at this time.

I’ve read one mention of traction wrapping and my searches haven’t found much else about it.

I’ve experimented on my own but don’t know if I’m on the right track. I take a longer piece of ACE wrap than I use for my post-workout “base wrapping”, do a base wrap, just snug enough to give some engorgement, but not truly limit blood flow. Then pull the penis out to fully extended and wrap all the way to the circ scar. Enough to keep it extended but not tight enough to restrict circulation or be uncomfortable. No real “traction” is provided so I don’t know if it helps with PE gains or not.

I’ll keep this on anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. It seems to give a nice big flaccid, but it’s too soon to tell if it actually helps with true PE growth.

Does or has anyone else wrapped this way? Is it effective, beneficial, or possibly a very bad thing to do?


Thanks, I hadn’t seen that one. Some of the great stuff simply doesn’t show up on the searches.

I’ve done something similar with my Capn’s Wench but can’t use it for too long. It makes me a bit sore and tends to chafe the scrotum a bit. It chews up the bottom edge of my silk boxers too.

So from your reply, it appears that the wrap I’m doing to hold the extended state is wrong since I’m just pulling the whole thing out to FSL and wrapping enough to keep it there.

Thanks again. I would like to hear how it worked out for others…good or bad. The wrapping tutorial is helpful too. I’m always looking to learn more.


Maybe the Capn’s Wench is a little too abrasive for ADS. The vid. tutorial with the wrap is much easier and more comfortable. IMO about an inch short of your maximum FSL in a good state to wrap in.

Originally Posted by Klayton

Maybe the Capn’s Wench is a little too abrasive for ADS. The vid. tutorial with the wrap is much easier and more comfortable. IMO about an inch short of your maximum FSL in a good state to wrap in.

Going to find out soon. We don’t know what works until we try it. The video tutorial looked good.

I will chime in with what I have tried. I have tried wrapping like you with a bandage. Meaning all the way up to the head. Only I have worn it over night. I have not done this enough to say whether it will give you gains. I stopped because I felt It would do nothing at all. First It works against everything I do for girth gains. Second, there is Zero lig pull. I think I know what your thinking is on gaining from it but I just can’t see it fully wrapped. I am not really sure how you get a big flaccid out of it because if your wrapped to the top you have too much inward pressure even with a lose wrap to benefit in the girth department. Another reason I don’t do it is because it itches like hell.

What does work for me as a half arsed ADS is just wrapping the base. It works off your principle but you will see much more girth flaccid and erect. And a much fatter and slightly longer flaccid hang. As a matter of fact my flaccid girth unwrapped is almost 6 inches. And anywhere from 5 1/4 to 6 inches in flaccid hang. All using this ADHAS. Makes for a nice package. Unfortunately I can not say much for my erect length. I can not seem to gain at all in that department. So I work my girth.

I wrap pretty much every day. All day. Ace bandage 2 inch width, folded in half. I like you use just enough pressure so It doesn’t get to cold. I am on my feet all day so movement alone kinda gets the blood flowing. Too much sometimes. I read in a thread last week about wrapping the jewels in there to. I tried this only because I was getting a little raw from wearing the wrap all day. So I tried going around the whole package. So far it seems better on the skin. Man talk about showing a bulge. I hide it, but Christ, my nuts are now twice the size they use to be. Anyway.. Hope something in there helped.. Good luck

Thanks for the help. For girth work, I’m simply pumping and clamping. My length work is just hanging for now.

I did try some ADS weights and used the wench as a stretcher, but both had their share of problems. Probably not conditioned enough to need or use them yet.

I think with proper wrapping for the ADS as shown in the video, and sticking to my current program, I’ll do better. I’ll just stick to the base wrap after the girth work for discoloration prevention - it does seem to work for that.

Although, if I end up with a big black dick, it’s still going to be better than a tiny white one. Discoloration isn’t that much of an issue, but I’d still like to do what I can to prevent it. If I can prevent it, that’s OK. If I can’t, then that’s OK too.

Gentlemen, thank you all for your help.

Hey Littlehobo, did you get any results out of wrapping your dick just under the head to keep it stretched out for a couple of hours.

I wanna do this but nobody has posted real results from this…

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