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New Pumper


New Pumper

Just started pumping this weekend and have a couple of questions.

1. Didn’t feel really any pressure at 4-6(penis very swollen),
should i stay at this range or go up after a few more sessions
till i feel some sensations that are not painful?

2. Penis didn’t really get longer in tube, how long before results.
It did get thicker, but how long before some temp. gains.

3. Penis in flaccid state smaller next couple of days, is this normal?

4. Glands swelled significantly, filled tube completly up. Will this
hurt the shape of head?

I am sure to answer you need to know a few things.

1. 6x5.5 hard

2. Vacutech pump with 1.75 cylinder

3. Daily sessions first week of 10 minute on and one minute off
followed by a 5 minute session.

Short term goal is to get to 7x6 in 6 months, long term is 8x6.5 is
this reasonable or could i get more.

I am a bodybuilder so i understand about work equals results and it may be sometime before i notice results, so i am patient.

Any help would be appreciated



Hi stretchman,

1. Most of us find that there’s no need to go past 5 Hg, maximum 6. I usually pump at just below 5 Hg and go up to 5 for the final session. There are some pumpers that find they need more pressure, check boxcar routine, he pumps at much higher pressure but he’s the exception.

I know how eager you can get with a new pump. I was, and this usually leads to over doing it, which is really not advisable and is counter productive.

Maybe try to keep on pumping at no higher than 5 Hg for a while until you get more familiar with the sensation of pumping.

Like any new experience, it takes at least a couple of weeks to become aware of your sensations, so don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

2. It’s very individual. Some get more length, some more girth. For me the temporary girth came from the first session, and the length slowly increases over the next few months.

3. This could be a sign of over pumping. Cut down the time in the tube and take it slower.

4. Not as far as I know. Mine is the same and I didn’t notice any changes in shape. If you don’t over pump there’s no reason you’ll get any problems with your shape, or any other side effects for that matter.

Regarding your routine:

Why don’t you start a bit slower, don’t stay for 10 min. in the tube. Do a 5 min. session then do some jelqs or squeezes and then go for another 5 min.

Then you can gradually add another session and another if you want to, or try to stay for 7 min. each session.

But realize that shorter sessions can actually be more productive then longer ones. Give it a try.

Your goals for 6 months are pretty high. 2 inches length in 6 months is very rare. I don’t know what is the rest of your routine, but pumping will definitely not give you 2 inches length in 6 month. regarding girth - if you are just starting PE, and if you combine pumping with jelqing and squeezing it is possible to get 0.5 inch in 6 month, but again - it is very individual. Do the best you can do - and you’ll feel satisfied.

btw - how do you feel with the 1.75” cylinder and your 5.5” girth? We were just talking about it in another thread. It seems that if you have 5.5” girth you can either go for 1.75” cylinder or 2” cylinder, what do you feel about your fit so far? Do you find there’s enough room for expansion?

Good luck and happy gaining!

Hi Stretchman,

I’m curious too about the 1.75” diamter tube with the 5.5” girth.

That is my size girth and almost ready to purchase the 1.75” thickwall tube from Vacutech.

I was told that is the size to purchase from them and I had seen a chart on another pump site stating the same size.


Peforeal's two-cents worth


Braker’s responses to your questions are right on the money. I will supplement with my two-cents worth:

“1. Didn’t feel really any pressure at 4-6(penis very swollen),
should i stay at this range or go up after a few more sessions
till i feel some sensations that are not painful?”
RESPONSE: If you are swelling up, that is the goal of pumping. You don’t want to feel a real noticeable pressure that borders on uncomfortable. Since you are a novice, go real slow for awhile until you get acclimated to the different and varying sensations that pumping gives under varied time and pressure. This way you’ll avoid any unwelcome, albeit temporary, problems.

“2. Penis didn’t really get longer in tube, how long before results.
It did get thicker, but how long before some temp. gains.”
RESPONSE: For example, if you are already 6 inches erect at maximum hardness, pumping will not suddenly make you 7 or 8 inches erect. What you can reasonably expect is maybe a gain of .25 - .50 inch or so in the tube lengthwise. Eventually what will happen over time is a gradual lengthening of your erect dick inside the cylinder, indicating that you are on your way to making permanent gains. Girth increases from pumping come faster.

“3. Penis in flaccid state smaller next couple of days, is this normal?”
RESPONSE: Yes, this is normal for some. But you can help to minimize this issue by doing dryjelqs, squeezes and stretches as often as possible during the day after you have finished your pumping routine. This will provide additional blood circulation back into your pumped dick and help to counteract a smaller flaccid size the day or so after pumping. By the way, the smaller flaccid size is definitely temporary, and when you’ve recovered after a couple of days, your flaccid dick should begin to hang looser and fuller over time.
This smaller flaccid effect was one of my first personal observations that I made early in my pumping career. I didn’t have any forum like this where I could seek advice, so eventually I figured out a way around it on my own. Also, PUMPING SHOULD BE COMBINED WITH JELQS AND SQUEEZES ON A REGULAR PROGRAM IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM RESULTS - from personal experience.

“4. Glands swelled significantly, filled tube completely up. Will this
hurt the shape of head?”
RESPONSE: No, not if you aren’t overpumping and using too much pressure. We all have different genetics. For me, my glans is the last location on my dick to swell up. I get very quick expansion at the base of my shaft and then gradually start to fill out the rest of my shaft from bottom up on my way to packing the tube. Others may have their head/glans expand first and then start to swell up on the rest of the shaft later.

YOUR GOALS: As far as your goals go, your girth goals are very realistic. I started with a base girth of 4.7-5.0 inches erect and am now at 6.75 - 7.00 inches. Pumping has definitely done this for me. What I’m really happy about is that my flaccid girth never shrinks below 5.50 inches now at the base. I think length gains with pumping are harder to realize. I would attribute about 1 inch of my length gains to pumping and the other additional inch to other PE techniques. For me personally, I always wanted more of a thick dick than a long thin dick, so pumping has been my godsend over two years, and it’s still working!

Fortunately, you already have a headstart, motivation wise, being a disciplined bodybuilder. But pumping is a completely different kind of exercise, which requires more a gradual approach than an all out no holds barred approach. Just take it slow, monitor and observe your dick’s reactions and be patient.

Best to you.


One more bit of advice for better length

Stretchman et al,

One way to get a better erect stretch on your dick while pumping is to do the following:

1. Try to go into the tube erect first.
2. Pump up.
3. Now, grab the tube and pull on it gently up and down away from your groin like you are jacking off. This is sometimes referred to as priming the pump. This helps to build the pressure inside the tube and pull the dick upwards inside the cylinder for a better stretch.
4. Now release the vacuum and let your pumped dick relax.
5. Start again and Repeat steps 1 - 4.

Experiment. By repeating this pattern, you can help to lengthen the stretch on your erect dick via pumping. You should notice that in repeating this technique, your dick’s stretch gets gradually longer. This is the technique which I now use, and it helps me to monitor any increase in length that I am making using my pump.


Last edited by peforeal : 12-11-2002 at .

I was doing the same thing for a couple of months but decided to stop it, mainly because I was concerned about it hurting my erections.

That’s yet another individual thing, but some members find stretching hurts their erections. I am one of them, and that’s why I stopped manual stretching for some time. When I pulled the tube - which is actually stretching - I noticed the problems returned so I stopped.

However I have started manual stretching again recently, this time doing JAI stretches which don’t seem to create the same problem, probably because each stretch is only for about 2 seconds. And I was thinking of doing JAI’s in the tube as well.

I do think that pulling the tube provides a real great stretch, and gives a good solution to any grip problems you might have with manual stretching.

In other words it seems to me that a pump is actually a very effective stretching device.

I haven’t seen much discussion on this, any opinions?

New Pumper

Regarding the cylinder, Vacutech said 1.75 is tube i need for 5.5 girth. Dick has some room for expansion, glands and base already touching sides of tube.

I reallly appreciate the input yall have gave and will modify my Pumping to three sets of 5 with 5 minutes of jelging in between, and also use tube for stretching. If anybody has any comments on this routine please feel free to give input.


Good additional observation on the stretching concern. I should clarify that when I’m “priming the pump”, this activity is done briefly, i.e. grab the cylinder and pull/pump/jack the tube about three times or so only taking only a few seconds. If you pull on the cylinder and want to hold the position, then take Braker’s suggestion and hold for only 2- seconds or so. This action can really put additional pressure on your dick, so be careful. If you feel any kind of discomfort at all, release the pressure in the tube, rest and start again. Don’t be over aggressive! Effective pumping should be a fairly passive, gradual process.



If I read your initial post correctly - you meant pulling the tube as an aid for the natural pump length stretch, am I right?

While what I’m wondering about is - what do you feel about using the tube as your *main* stretching device for JAI stretches as an example.

Actually this cannot be a real JAI stretch, as you are pulling while being erect, which obviously should be done very carefully, but there was a good thread in the PE Forum about erect stretches and many members got great gains from them.

The JAI aspect would be the time you stretch for.

So this is actually a hybrid between erect and JAI stretching, and the big bonus is you get a great grip (while with erect stretching there’s a real problem finding a good grip) that allows you to get a real strong stretch.

I do realize there’s also the point about added pressure when you pull the tube. I usually find that the pressure jumps in about 1 or 1.5 Hg when I pull, so as long as I’m using moderate pressure to begin with this is not going over the top.

You think something like that could be incorporated into an ongoing routine, so you can do a set of stretches in each pumping session?

As I said I never tried it long enough to see the results.


Braker wrote: “If I read your initial post correctly - you meant pulling the tube as an aid for the natural pump length stretch, am I right?”
RESPONSE: Yes, you are right.

Braker wrote:”You think something like that could be incorporated into an ongoing routine, so you can do a set of stretches in each pumping session?”
RESPONSE: The pumped erect stretch that I get inside the cylinder is quite different from stretching either flaccid or erect outside of the cylinder, using JAI or other variations. I think all of these stretching techniques can have their individual advantages, so I incorporate/alternate them all in some way or another for variety.

Also, one main difference is that the “priming the pump” stretch that I get inside the cylinder is being caused by the vacuum pressure changing/increasing inside the cylinder. Whereas, stretching outside of the cylinder is caused by direct outward/upward/downward manual forces.

Braker wrote: “I do realize there’s also the point about added pressure when you pull the tube. I usually find that the pressure jumps in about 1 or 1.5 Hg when I pull, so as long as I’m using moderate pressure to begin with this is not going over the top.”
RESPONSE: Very good point to make. Guys be careful not to exert too much extreme pressure in the tube, and you must accommodate for the difference betwen your resting vacuum pressure and the increased pressure that results from “priming the pump”.


I just checked it again and the increase in pressure I get as I’m “priming the pump” is more in the range of 0.5 Hg to max 1 Hg.

perforeal, you are right that the stretch you get in the tube feels different than the manual stretch, and probably both have place.

I always saw the vacuum as a sort of a very strong grip that helps me pull, so I thought this is just like using manual force pushing outwards.

That’s why I didn’t see that much difference between this and manual stretch. However maybe I got it wrong and the stretch I was feeling was indeed just inside the tube. I’ll have to experiment with this more to see what exactly is happening down there.. :)

Just a thought

I wanted to add maybe a penny’s worth to peforeal’s point on stretching in the tube! :chuckle:

Whenever I pump, I also do a cylinder-pulling exercise like peforeal and Braker have been discussing. The base of the cylinder is already pressed into my pubic fat pad when I pump up, so it’s like I am really seeing a BPEL in the tube, to my way of thinking.

What I try to do is imagine that I am pulling (stretching) my penis an additional inch, thus truly exposing the hidden portion of my unit, and then some, behind the base of my tube. Of course, this is not what actually happens. The vacuum in the cylinder pulls against the pubic attachment and PC contraction. And, thus, what I get is sort of a squashed penis in the cylinder until I release the pull/stretch. I believe that this actually helps with both length AND girth expansion, and allows a little “permanent” progress to be made in both directions over time.

Well, I don’t know if that was even a penny’s worth. But, it was free, so what-the-heck! ;)



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!


I don’t see BPEL in the tube. The tube is pressed, that is true, but still when I measure while pumping I always find I can push the ruler some 0.3” past the end of the tube until it’s pressed against the bone.

And I do use the pump for measuring my length progress, because of it’s consistency and also because it’s hard for me to get a good erection that will last for a precise measurement when I’m outside of the tube.


Yes, I checked it again last night, and I agree with you about the squashed penis in the cylinder when you pull, which means that this pulling does also expand girth. However there is a real stretch *outside* of the cylinder.

When I pull, the base of the cylinder is pushed away from the pubic bone and this is physically stretching the ligs, but inside the tube the penis is not stretched longer and there for it’s squashed and expands to the sides, increasing it’s girth.

At least that’s how I see it.

I feel it gives me a real effective lig stretch at the base, more effective than my usual manual stretch, which could be so because the grip is firmer.

However, as I said before, I haven’t stretched for a long time (only briefly, when I started PE) because of the ED problems it gave me, so I’m not really an expert on stretching.

I can’t add much here, but I’m .3” shorter in the tube than my BPEL. I’ve never seen this difference addressed before.

I also do pumped stretches by pulling the tube forward, but they don’t feel as if they accomplish much compared to manual stretches or hanging. However, the pull comes from all directions so the sensations may be misleading.

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