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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

Cool. Ok, so how long are your breaks in between sets?


I think the main discomfort is in skin pull so that’s why I’m still experimenting with my wrap. I’m hanging 5 lbs right now but it’s killing me at the top base. To be honest, I’ve been at this for 5½ months but still can’t tell my lig from my tunica. Five to ten times a day huh? What length of time during each set?

Thanks for the encouragement, Captn!

busted bus

The length of time I rest between sets can vary - anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. The longer rest periods happen more frequently on days when I am putting in a lot of hang time. If I know I will be doing fewer sets - say, under four - I try to keep the rest periods to ten minutes.

I always try to hit the twenty minute mark with each set. Sometimes this just isn’t possible, and I know then that I am nearing fatigue. When this happens I lower my weight (1.25lbs drop) in order to keep the sets to twenty minutes. If fatigue is genuinely occurring, I am forced to keep lowering my weight with each subsequent set. If I can’t hang half of my maximum weight for a period of ten minutes, I know it is time to stop. I then traction wrap for the remainder of the day.

Wood- Just to be clear: You have been hanging for 5 months, and one of those months has been with the Wench?
Do you want to PM me in further detail? Feel free to.


Thanks Cap. Do you think its better to do ADS vs. hanging weights?

I finally made me a wench today and must say I’m really exited about trying it out. I was surprised how easy it was to put together as I’m not usually that good at making home made devices like this, P.E related or otherwise. So anyone like me who think’s they’ll probably cock it up, just give it a go, it’s real easy.

I used the felt from focus do it all in place of the grippers. All the other materials were easy to find either in do it all or B&Q. I am trying to get hold of the waxman grippers just to see if I can, and for the fun of it, but that’s a whole different story.

Anyway, I’ve read load’s of feedback about the hanging capabilities of the wench and from what I’ve seen all positive. I’ve not read much about using it as a manual stretching device though, do many of you guy’s use it to stretch manually? if so are there any minor adjustments you make to make it easier, more comfortable or more practical to use?. Any advantages or disadvantages compared to using your hand’s. I’d appreciate any info as I shall be using it for this purpose as soon as I learn to wrap properly.

Thank’s for sharing this wonderful invention of your’s cap. It was very generous and unselfish of you to do such a thing. May you gain as much as you desire. True gentleman.


Murph, as a ADS device it seems to work very well for me. I think you need to take a break with it after 2-3 hours of wearing it. Check out and they show you their version of how to hook up a ADS with their equipment. I applied it the same way and it works.

I will be posting a rather detailed piece on manual stretching with the Wench very soon. It is almost finished - I decided to redo and simplify the illustrations. I think you’ll like it.
For now, I think you are doing the right thing by getting your wrap figured out. If anything I have been impressed with just how relevant wrapping has shown itself to be when using the Wench.
Some people are hanging without wrap (incredibly) and others are wrapping in such a way that no clamp is required when hanging significant weight (incredibly).
The bottom line is to attain maximum comfort for your unit combined with maximum grip for the Wench. What combination of materials in what amount can and will vary greatly from man to man. But it (wrapping) is half the equation.
One tip I can give you is that it has become apparent to me that manual stretching with a trimmed down Wench seems to be a very promising route to take. By this I mean taking all of the 2” measurements of the Wench and cutting them down to 1 1/2” (more or less depending on your personal preference).
Having more than one Wench (of different sizes) also helps you figure out what works best.

I am first and foremost a fan of hanging. But I understand the need for many to ADS.
Just as I told Murph about an upcoming manual stretching article there will also be a pretty thorough post on using the Wench as an ADS. In fact this one is already completed with pics and all - but my lazy ass hasn’t straightened it out with the man responsible for it (God love him for his patience).
Hang in there (so to speak) and keep experimenting. You will come up with a lot of interesting personal methods of PEing with your Wench.


* Murph, I know you are still in need of that thing we spoke about. I will get it to you. I promise.

Thank’s cap

I’ll make another (trimmed down) wench tonight as I’ve got load’s of material left over from the first one, enough to make another 3 probably.

I look forward to your piece on using the wench as a manual stretcher.

take care

Ok, Thanks Cap. Also, You mentioned that you hang everyday. As with weight lifting, they allow for a day of rest to repair the microscopic tears that happen, wouldn’t this apply to the hanging here?

from Wxccvbn wanna be huge

I ‘m using your device wich is very confortable an easy to use , so thanks to you. I just want to say you that I ‘m using a little variant by using it: I attached my captn wench with a big sandow to my feet , so that I can regulate the tension in my ligs just by laining my legs more or less. the second advantage is that I ‘m using it lain on my bed! once again thanks to you wxcvbn

Has anybody in Australia used this device?

Where did you get all the parts?



Originally posted by GC24
Ok, Thanks Cap. Also, You mentioned that you hang everyday. As with weight lifting, they allow for a day of rest to repair the microscopic tears that happen, wouldn’t this apply to the hanging here?

Though I have come to no firm conclusion, I tend to fall in line with those who believe that healing in an extended state will better aid gains.
On days when I don’t hang I try to stay traction wrapped.

When I say “everyday” I’m generally referring to weekdays. On weekends I cool off, but I’ll admit to often sneaking in a couple of very light sets just to keep things opened up. I blame SS4Jelq for this obsessive behavior.

For those of you cannot find all of the materials to construct your Wench please consider this link to a thread on The Captn’s Wench: Alternative Supplies

For those of you interested in using the Wench as an ADS our dear friend PirateSteve has something share with you in The Captn’s Wench: ADS


Hi capn, thanks for the help earlier with all my questions, no reply needed on that. But I just still seem to be getting some bunching/skrunching/no other words that rhyme with unching…ummm yea. I don’t care how tight I get that sucker it still unches up sometimes or maybe all the time. I’m wondering if I cut a little off the length of the velcro would help any.


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