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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

Carribeener? Got a pic?

You know those things that are used for mountain climbing? You could also just used the small cable clamp.

True, but I use weight plates…Like they have in gyms…Could an small cable clamp go through and hold unto a weight plate?

Also, where can I buy theraband?

I use weight plates too. I wraped a piece of nylon through the hole of the weight and tied it. Then hook the cable clamp around the nylon of the wench.

I just went to the Home Depot to purchase the parts for this device. I had no idea where to find the individual items, so I had to ask the Home Depot people. You should have seen the looks they gave me. I told them I was buying them for my roommate who made a l ist of things for me to buy. They had no idea what Soft Touch Grippers were, nor what a Cable Clamp Brand Clamp is. They kept asking me what they were used for, and I would just say “I dont know, my roommate asked me to buy them while I was shopping for other things, he makes things”. I guess I will try Lowes next. But please clarify for me this. Are the Grippers part hard rubber and rough hook strip velcro?

And when I find the nylon strap, am I cutting it down to 1 to 3 ft? Or do I buy a strap that is either one or three feet? thanks so much for the info.


I know what you mean about the looks from the people. Luckily I anticipated that and came up with a story about wanting to reattach the radio on my boat.

Yes, the grippers are a sort of hard rubber. I tried finding a picture of them, and this link was the best I could do. This will at least give you an idea of what the packaging looks like. At my local Lowes they were located in the hardware aisle near all the nuts and bolts. If you can’t find the package of 1” X 2”, go ahead and get a larger size, they’re real easy to cut to length. The industrial strength velcro was in the same aisle. It comes rolled up in a box exactly like this.

I found the nylon strap in the aisle with the chains, truck straps, etc.. I bought a light duty lashing strap that was 12 feet long by 1” wide and have been cutting strips off of it. In another Lowe’s that I happened to be in one day I noticed the lashing straps up front on the aisle opposite the power tools section. They had a bunch of miscellaneous items on the aisle such as tool belts, dust masks, suspenders, etc..

I couldn’t find the cable clamps at Lowes or Home Depot, but Wal-Mart had every size imaginable. Not sure if it matters, but it was a Super Wal Mart. If you can’t find them there either, you can always order them online from Good luck!

Well i just started hanging with my Wench. What a machine!

I am feeling a slight discomfort in my abdominal aread as i am hanging straight down while sitting on the edge of my chair. I do havea slight “burning” sensation near my head however i attribute this to the skin taking some stress. i am hanging 5lb for 20 minutes and it seems to be doing fine.

I just posted some pics in my Members Pics of what my wench and my first hang look like so anyone who cares to look and see if its all working right let me know!

My Unit

Oh on a side note regarding the Grippers, i couldnt find them at walmart so i bought the Feltac floor sliders instead. The ones i bought are 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide and are a hard felt material. They are rounded on both ends and are attached and seem to work well.

Hi guys,

Does anybody know where to buy those items in UK?


Hi all,
Just wanted to drop in and say the wench works great!
Also for those blessed with large girth a possible solution to using a med cable clamp. I was having trouble not being able to close the clamp and decided to cut down the amount of velcro from 10 inches to 6 3/4 inches and it works great! Sure the velcro dosent cover either nylon strap end but it dose get enough of a grip that after putting on the cable clamp it works like a charm. I am suing a ace bandage for wrap, once around and its quite comfortable.

I also figure that even if the vlecro wears out, I have 4ft left to replace it with (My walmart had the 4ft+1ft bonus pack over by the fabric section for the same price)

Anyway Captn, thanks for a great device to get us newbies hangin on a budget!


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Originally Posted by rainsea
Hi guys,

Does anybody know where to buy those items in UK?



I would go to the local fabric/craft shoppe and see if they have bulk velcro in stock. the “grippers/floor protectors” should be available in any hardware store. As for the Cable Clamp, either online at or maybe see this thread for alternative clamps that should also be in any good hardware store.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, going4nine!

I’ve found that Cable Clamp is available in B&Q. Will try to find velcro and grippers. Cheers!

Glad to hear Rainsea, any luck with the other items?

UK solution for Captn's Wench

going4nine and Lordbase, thanks a lot for the reply!

I have successfully made my Captn’s Wench. Here is a solution for PEers in UK.
You can find all parts in B&Q.

(1) In UK, you couldn’t find one called “Industrial Strength VELCRO Band Tape”, but I am sure the one being called “VELCRO Heavy Duty Stick On Tape” here is the same thing. A 50mmX1M (about 2”X40”) package costs 7.48 Pounds in B&Q. I also found it in DIY shop FOCUS. However, make sure to buy “Heavy Duty” and “Stick on Tape”. There are also normal (non heavy duty), “Stick on Coin” and “Stick on Strip” products.

(2) I couldn’t find the rubber gripper, but I did find one called “Square Felt Pads” which has same purpose as the Grippers. It is applied to ends of furniture to protect surface of wood floor. The product is 100x50mm (about 4”x2”) and is sticky on back, and costs 1.88 Pounds.

(3) Cable Clamps come as a package including one large, one medium and two small clamps, and cost 3.98 Pounds.

(4) Nylon Strap: you can ask assistant to cut any length (1.75” wide). I bought 2 metres which only cost 0.92 Pounds.

All parts and my complete Wench can be seen in attached pictures.

I am sure B&Q shops are all over the country, so PE brothers in UK can easily get their parts now.


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