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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

You desrve the kind words!

I never really thought of lots of skin being a plus, but you raise an interesting point. I always thought that more skin was annoying as I could never get a good grip. Thankfully with experimentation, the over-the-head grip proved to be very effective and I can get a good attachment consistantly. I make sure that the side grippers are in fact on the sides of my penis when I attach the wench. This is to protect the sensitive nerves on top of the penis from too much pressure.

I’m certain that my ligs are getting stretched. I can feel a stretch, but more importantly, my penis is fully extended without my skin being too tight. I think this is a good indication of a lig stretch as it’s easy to confuse the feeling of stretching skin with stretching ligs. Of course, I’ve been PEing for a bit, so this isn’t new to me!

Also, for your device I used the underside of a mousepad as my side grippers! Mouse pads with soft rubber bottoms are DEAD CHEAP and most people have one or two or five that they don’t use. It provides amazing grip, great padding and compliments good gripping wrap. Simply put, when I attach my wench, it is held VERY firmly in place.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

This has probably been asked before but since I want to post the question and maybe get an answer before morning, and I don’t feel like reading 15 pages of posts before bed (I’m gonna read them in the morning), I’ll ask it again.

Can anyone tell me what sections of the stores those can be found in?
I looked everywhere* at my local walmart (plain not super) today but could only find the Velcro (which is in the arts & crafts section).

*please note I obviously did not look everywhere as if I had I would have found them :)


Well, I finally got around to making the ol’ wench. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Way more comfortable than the sock-and-clamp setup I was using before. So comfortable, in fact, that I was able add almost two more pounds to my hanging weight.

$9.15, made two and still have the stuff for one more.


busted bus

Anybody else find that medium sized cable clamps shown in the picture are too small for this device? :(


Yes, me too. I also found that 10” wasn’t as long as I’d like for the velcro and that the two grippers were too close together. Easy fixes, though. I just figured I used a lot of wrapping.

I made another one with 12” of velcro and, of course, the grippers are adjustable. The cable clamps that I bought came in a package with a small, a medium, and a large, so I had a large one to use.

busted bus

Hey Cap,

Great Stuff!!! I have a question for anyone who may be able to help.

I wanted to know if anyone had suggestions about blood flow. I don’t seem to be getting sufficient blood flow to the head and after a few minutes my head begins to look discolored. I’ve put it on numerous times in various ways, but the same situation seems to keep occuring. So, maybe I am missing something. I’m wrapping with an Ace bandage and am using the medium cable clamp. Thanks to anyone who helps.



Maybe you can try wrapping more loosely, or going one less “click” on the clamp. It takes alot of getting used to and experimenting to get it just right. You have to find that perfect spot where maximum bloodflow is provided while still maintaining an adequete grip on the internal structures. Hope I’ve been of some help.

inamo is right about the wrap. I would first, before doing anything else experiment with the snugness of your wrap. It is the delicate balance between too tight and too loose that often resolves this matter for hangers. One rule of thumb is that you should feel a comfortable hug on your shaft and yet still be able to take a piss.
I wouldn’t count on “less” clicks of the clamp doing anything more than compromising the hold the Wench can get on your unit. Personally, I am currently using no more than a 10” strip of Theraband, which is just enough to cover a two inch section of my shaft. This, when coupled with my very broken in Wench has allows me FIVE clicks of a medium CableClamp ( I have a 5 1/4” erect girth). I am receiving an uncompromised hold on my shaft and have been able to experiment with a great deal of weight lately. All of that and only the rare moment when discoloration causes me concern.
You also have to keep in mind that no matter how perfect the wrap or hanger you use, when you hang weight you are stretching veins and capillaries - in effect cutting off blood flow. Some discoloration has to be expected. “Ugly” color is what I look for - blackening, deep bruised purples, and even whitening are all bad signs.
I don’t know your depth of experience with hanging, but in my case it seems that no matter what device I’ve used - Bib’s Starter, Tom’s AFB, the ChickenChoker, and even the Wench - I’ve had to battle discoloration. Experiment, be cautious, and limit set time — and you should be able to find a comfortable place.

Let me know how it goes

Thanks guys!!! That helps.

Originally posted by wvbrief
Can anyone tell me what sections of the stores those can be found in?

I got all of the stuff for mine at a regular Wal-Mart. These are the departments I found everything in:

Velcro: Crafts
Grippers: Hardware
CableClamps: Hardware
Nylon Strap: Camping

I had the same problem Inamo had, the Wal-Mart I went to didn’t have the 1X2 Grippers, only the 1” circles. Also, it took me about an hour of wandering around the crafts and hardware departments before I decided to look for the nylon strap near the hunting/camping stuff.

The straps (I bought two) I found were 60” and had an adjustable clip. I ended up cutting about 1.5’ off of one of the straps at the end the clip was attached and use it to hold my weights. Then I use the small CableClamp (came packaged with a medium) to attach the strap with the weights to the end of the Wench. This lets me attach/release the weights in just a few seconds.

Kudos to the Cap’n for this great idea. You are truly a genius!

- Merlin

Originally posted by shrd2
Also, if anyone in the uk or uncut wants info feel free to ask me, thanks a lot.


Shrd, I’m both English and uncut and I’d love to exchange information - can you pm or email me? (your profile doesn’t allow pm’s)

jelq2grow Now 8.25BPEL x 5.5 EG Started 19-Nov-2001 New website built - Yahoo deleted my account ! X-(

Awesome. Thank God there are creative people like you who can think these things up. I’ve been thinking awhile about starting to hang but I didn’t want to pay over a hundred dollars for a hanger and since I still live at home I have to be careful about what I order in the mail. This device takes care of both problems…cheap and easy to make at home. Thanks!

Thanks walla-

You and every other guy in your position are at the very heart of why I shared the Wench. I hope it helps you.



With the wonderful instructions, I didnt mess up constructing the wench. But I have a few problems & need help. First I’m pretty new to devices, so I tried the wench on with the clamp, it seemed to pull my skin & hurt the head any means of solving this issue. I infact placed the wench well away from the head on the second try but still the same problem. I guess my skin is really flexible in streching huh… Secondly, when I tried this I actually pulled the nylon strap with my hand. How do we hang weights to this. I have no idea on how to hang weights, any cheap means available to this.



The CableClamps I bought came in a pack of 4: 2 - medium, 2 - small. I just use a short piece of adjustable nylon strap through the middle of my free weights. Then I connect the strap going through the weights to the strap on my wench with one of the small CableClamps. This seems to work just fine for me.

Hope this helps.

- Merlin


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