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The Captn's Wench: PE Device


the Captain’s Wench seems amazing to me too, I’ll try to assemble all parts here in Germany.

But I have got a major question:

How does it work for UNCUT GUYS like me?


Originally posted by mine_photo
With the wonderful instructions, I didnt mess up constructing the wench. But I have a few problems & need help. First I'm pretty new to devices, so I tried the wench on with the clamp, it seemed to pull my skin & hurt the head any means of solving this issue. I infact placed the wench well away from the head on the second try but still the same problem. I guess my skin is really flexible in streching huh… Secondly, when I tried this I actually pulled the nylon strap with my hand. How do we hang weights to this. I have no idea on how to hang weights, any cheap means available to this.


Slow down. Way down.
Before even attempting the smallest amount of weight you need to research hanging. Use the ‘search’ feature to explore the Hangers Forum. A thread called Hanging 101 and all of its links is essential reading - as is every post you can find by Bib. ABSORB THIS MATERIAL.
Issues such as skin stretch are extensively covered here at Thunder’s Place and if you - or any others - new to hanging are genuinely reading up before attempting hanging, this issue (and others) should come as no surprise. I assure you, the Wench is one of the most comfortable hanging devices you will ever use.

Using the strap, and any varying length of strap to manual stretch is a great idea. I encourage you to continue exploring this, both before and during your use of the Wench as a hanging device. Just be careful not to over-do it. You are no longer wasting energy on your grip and the temptation to push yourself will be nearly irresistible. Take your time.

>How do we hang weights to this. <

This is a pretty self-explanatory matter. If you cannot see how weights would be attached to the Wench you MUST do more research.
Hanging is an exceptional method of gaining, but it is foolish to approach it without first absorbing a considerable amount of knowledge.

Start here:
Hanging 101 + Sample Routine


Originally posted by Tyler22

How does it work for UNCUT GUYS like me?


I am cut, so I can’t give any personal feedback. Consider this post by Shrd2 :

- shrd2 - The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

Note what he says about using the wrapping tutorials in the hangers forum.



i’m from Germany and didn’t find VELCRO tape in one of the Wal-Mart Stores here. They’ve got different brands and I didn’t find anything equivalent to it there.

If there is somebody from Germany who built the CAPTNS WENCH, I would be very grateful if he could share with me what products he bought and from where.



(copied from another thread)

Re: I want to hang…….Myself! Post #2 Link

Originally posted by eddro
I've made my own Captn's Wench ( Thank you Cap! ) I've read every thread on wrapping I could find. I'm not sure if the skin has to be dead tight before you wrap, partially tight or what? I'm 8 bpfsl but with my fat pad i'm 5.5 so you can imagine how much skin I'm trying to pull back. Besides sking irritation and pinching what other role does wrapping play?
Secondly, the moment I touch my penis it engorges with blood. I do not get and erection, but the head and shaft become at least 40-50% engorged with blood. How do I stop this from happening? Please help me.

Hi ed,
Wrapping serves a number of functions beyond the two you’ve noted. And since you’re wrapping specifically for Wench use I’ll start there.
More or less wrap can and will determine how good of a hold the Wench can get on your shaft. Until I resolve the need for a CableClamp anyone using the Wench is resigned to tightening it in approximately 1/8” increments. This could pose a problem for anyone using the Wench without wrap. For example, if you have the Wench positioned on your shaft (no wrap) and have tightened the clamp a total of three “clicks” but are still convinced you need a slightly tighter hold, achieving a fourth click could prove too difficult. You may need only a hold that is 1/16” tighter than it is - but the next tooth on the clamp means an additional 1/8” of tightness. This would leave you with a snug but less than perfect hold on your shaft.
Consider the same circumstances but imagine now that your shaft is wrapped with a material that gives it an additional 1/16” of girth. On your third click of the clamp you should experience a more than adequate hold due to the subtlely thicker girth of what the Wench is now grabbing.
The same would apply in reverse: You are wearing the Wench and have your shaft wrapped. You have tightened the clamp as much as you can but still find a need for a tighter grab. LESSENING the amount of your wrap will allow for this.
I hope that makes sense.
As for a blood engorged glans try this:
Put the Wench on your penis. Next put the clamp around the Wench but only tighten it one click. With one hand, squeeze as much blood out of your glans as possible, and immediately begin tightening the clamp. This should greatly minimize the amount of blood in your glans as you begin your hanging set. If during your set you find an uncomfortable amount of blood accumulating in your glans take the weight off, loosen the clamp to one click and repeat the process - only this time try for a tighter grab (another click). If this proves too difficult you need to alter the amount of wrap (more or less) as described in my first paragraph.
The only thing you need to concern yourself with as you experiment with tighter settings is suffering from a complete loss of circulation during a set. Don’t be surprised by mild discoloration. It is to be expected in most cases. Unhealthy color (blackening, bruised purples, whitening) is a warning sign of potential damage and means either you are setting the Wench too tight or your sets are going too long.

Wrapping too, can be used to control blood flow to the glans. Experiment for a while and see if you can find results. As long as you can pee while wrapped, you are not wearing it too tightly.

As for skin stretch. I know, it sucks. But it is the first limiting factor to growth and has to be dealt with. Just be sure the Wench isn’t positioned too close to the base of your shaft. This will almost always result in unnecessary skin stretch.

I hope this helps

Ok, so I built this today and gave it a go with ADS, and it seems to be fine. My question is has anybody gained any length from this and how long are you hanging with the heavy weights? What’s your routine with this?

Glad to see you made a Wench.

>My question is has anybody gained any length from this <

That’s a fair question and I think the rest of your question does a good job of answering it.
Imagine that somebody gains 2” in length and every bit of it was acquired through basic manual stretching. To what should they give credit for their gains: Their hand or their routine?
Because I know people prefer the bottom line (I’m one of them) I’ll share that I have gained just a kiss under 1” in length since beginning PE - roughly four months ago and I have used the Wench exclusively for 3 of those 4 months.
When I say exclusively I mean that regardless of whether I’m hanging, manual stretching, or ADSing I have the Wench attached to my unit.

All the Wench can provide is an easier ride on the road gains. That’s the hope, at least. No device will provide gains on it’s own. It’s all about the routine, the commitment, and the desire.
Use the Wench as a hanger, add it to your manual routine, ADS with it - if you need more info on hanging check out the countless threads in the hangers forum. The same goes for manual and ADS; Thunder’s Place is loaded with effective routines
All of these routines can be enhanced by using the Wench.


Thanks. Good info. I have invested time, money and effort into the Grip(Wimp is more like it) System, Vacutech’s electric pump and cylinders and the Penimaster traction device, but they all have their own problems. Your’s seem to fit the best for ADS and I am only hanging 8 lbs. with it for 30 minutes a day? Still, what is your routine with the Winch? Time usage, etc.

I’m convinced that time is the key to gains - putting in as much as you can.
Here is a link to give you more information on what I’ve been up to.
Don’t mind the parrot jokes….

Captn’s Log: Gains

To All!,

I haven’t been posting lately, just reading. And yet the board seems to be alive and well. <laugh> I’ve been super busy, and will continue to be for another month or more.

But! Today was the day that I broke the 10# barrier with my captain’s wench! Started at 4#, added 2# the very next day because the thing is so damned comfortable, and I’ve been adding about 4 ounces every time I hang with it. And now today I was at 10#.

Another 2 or 3 weeks and I’ll be up to this magical 12# that I hear people talking about… the weight at which significant gains are supposed to start.

I can’t wait!!! And it’s still just as comfortable as ever. I’ll give this observation, though: When I first started, it was painful or not on an almost random basis. I thought I must be wrapping incorrectly or something, but sometimes no amount of rewrapping would cure the situation. Then I noticed one day that it never slipped, pinched, or hurt if I had properly jelqed beforehand!

Don’t know why that is exactly, but maybe someone on here is having that same problem and the advice will help.

y’all take care,
busted bus

Not sure that 12lbs. is the magical number for length extension. I would think that 6-8 lbs over time would be fine, but I could be wrong here.


You can’t be wrong because it’s a completely relative thing. I think what Bus is referring to is a mysterious mini-phenomenon that hangers have noticed wherein gains seem to show up for a lot of people at the 12lbs mark.

Who knows why. I don’t think anyone has taken a serious look at what is at work here - time, weight, a common physiological makeup?

I personally have seen plenty of gains under 12lbs. But I like that Bus is cruising along, making all his stops…..that bus ain’t busted.

I agree. I don’t think he is right or wrong here. Its just trial and error. I like the 6-8 lb. range myself. How amny sets a day are you doing BTW?

I’ve been using my wench for a month now and have finally worked up to hanging 5 lbs, however I still find it uncomfortable. I’m still trying to get the wrap adjusted to a comfort level so I can bear the hang for longer than 15 minutes. When others say they are hanging 12 - 15 lbs, is that straight down or at higher angles? The thought of dangling anything more than 5 lbs. straight down off the little guy scares the bejeebas out of me!

>How amny sets a day are you doing BTW?<

Anywhere from five to ten, with ten being a rare thing. I probably average seven sets a day during the week. I don’t keep terribly good track of the numbers because my tolerance can vary. I mostly let how I feel determine the amount of work I put in.
These holidays have been a bitch though.

I find that I can better tolerate the higher weights at the lower angles. My highest weight is done BTC.
When you say that you find hanging uncomfortable what do you mean? In your shaft, ligs, skin, glans or a combination of these things? Are you feeling discomfort where the Wench attaches to your unit?



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