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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

Great news Rainsea,

I am going back to the UK in the summer, so it is nice to know that I will be able to get the components to make a new wench. Although, I may just save up for a Bib, seeing as shipping to the UK is feasible, whereas shipping to China is not. To say the least.


Be sure that the grippers have a rather firm density to them. I can’t tell what the felt pads you have are made of (felt I would imagine - which would not be good) but be careful not to confuse the intended function of the Waxman Grippers with what we are using them for here; For the Wench to do it’s job the grippers must apply more force on the sides of your shaft than any other part of the Wench does to any other part of your shaft - significantly more. The only way to accomplish this is to use a firm material for the grippers. The less firm the grippers the less functional the Wench.

If need be, check the Captn’s Wench Alternative Supplies thread for ideas on how to make grippers from other materials. That thread might also better clarify the function of the grippers for anyone who might be confused.

Nice pics

Thanks, Lordbase and Captn!
Gonna check out the Captn’s Wench Alternative Supplies thread to find more information, and will get you posted about my progress!



I have decided to give hanging a try and have gone your hanger. Just as you’ve said it was incredibly easy to make.

I tried it out this past weekend and was very impressed. I am starting out hanging 3 20 minute sets with 3.5 lbs and can’t believe the ease and comfort.

I hope to make some serious gains with your hanger, thanks for all the help.



I just want to thank you for posting all this information, and for you taking the time to give specific instructions, and the great detailed pictures and information.

I ran out to Lowes and grabbed the Grippers and the industrial strength velcro. I then ran over to Walmart and their store didn’t carry the clamp nor the nylon strap (I even gave in and asked when I couldn’t find them on my own). They mentioned if you bring the product number, they might be able to determine a Walmart near you that carries that).

I think I can cut a piece of nylon strap off of a strap I use to hold bikes onto the car, and improvise a clamp (perhaps the Camco clamp mentioned in another thread).

Anyway, I am going to figure out an anonymous way to send a donation to this site, and send it in honor of your name.

Thanks again.


I had to move the middle gripper a little further out to accomodate my girth, and I notice that the small piece that is supposed to create a bridge, the 3/4 inch section before the first gripper, is not long enough to go all the way over the top of my shaft. Should I move that gripper over as well so it goes completely over the top, or is supposed to be half-way or so? Also, by the time it is completely wrapped, there is no where for the end to attach to…it comes right to the nylon strap. Should I cut it shorter, or make it longer to get past that point. Also, I’m not that big, but even with no wrap I was only able to get one click with the medium clamp..any suggestions. I know you are probably so sick of answering questions about this, but I really appeciate it. The wench is truly a beaut……truly!!

One foot to go


Ideally, you want the 3/4” section (what we might call the lower level of the dorsal bridge) to span the majority of the top plane of your shaft. Once clamped this, along with the top span will give you the ripple effect that keeps that clamp away from your dorsal region.
The dimensions I gave in the directions are pretty general and that should be considered when guys make the Wench. Move the outer gripper in toward the center to facilitate this.

What you might find is that when you move the outer gripper in toward the center of the Wench, not only will the lower level of the bridge increase in length but the Wench will now end up shorter at the other end - the end you noted that has nothing to latch onto because it falls on the nylon strap.
Simply move the outer gripper inward to your liking and check to see where the other end lands now. If it still ends up at the nylon strap you can easily trim that end to an appropriate length.

Now, as for you only getting a single click - you do have a great amount of girth (poor bastard) and you are going to have to take this into consideration when you choose your wrap. Once again I will be a cheerleader for Theraband - the silver version is very thin and does the job perfectly. I sincerely believe less wrap is more and I recommend you keep the amount you use to a minimum.

Keep in mind these things:
The Wench, over a short period of time, will “break in”. I have always found that this allows for more freedom to clamp tighter.

Once you have completed your initial tightening, pull the Wench out and away from your body for about twenty seconds - allow your unit the chance to conform to a thinner, elongated shape. Do this by holding the Wench at its sides, along the outer side edges of the clamp and try to achieve another click.
If this doesn’t happen, put on a few pounds and the try then.

You always have the option of increasing the amount of wrap you use, ever so slightly, to make the one click that you do get a more snug one.

You also have the option of trimming the band of the Wench even more - so that it fills less of the inner space of the clamp. This would certainly allow for more clicks.

Above all, keep in mind that this only matters if the single click you are achieving is not providing you with the necessary grip. If it is - hang and be happy.

As always - go nice and light with your weight as you get into this - I don’t know your level of experience with hanging, but expect all sorts of weird things to happen - skin stretch, color and temp issues, etc if you are new to it.
The best way to handle this stuff is to do it with a minimal amount of weight. Move up nice and slow.

Thanks for the kind words too, Rush. Let me know here in the thread how it goes.


Sorry I didn’t say thanks for the nice feedback sooner. I hope it is working for you.

Hopefully you have come across a Cable Clamp by now. And if you’re sending out money, I prefer my loot in the form of gold coin, arrrr :cutlass:



Thanks for the reply, here are a few more thoughts. If I have to trim the wench in order for it to hit velcrow, part of the wench will be thicker than the other…maybe this would put uneven pressure on the penis.

Also, I notice that under your orginal specifications, the top gap (dorsal bridge) is smaller than the bottom gap…would the dorsal region be even safer if the top gap were larger (ie. instead of first gripper at 3/4 inch from edge, maybe 1 inch, increasing the size of the top gap.

Lastly, is another option to simply make a longer wench, sligthly scaling the entire thing up. Like a length of 11 or 11.5 inches or so. What are your thoughts?

One foot to go


>If I have to trim the wench in order for it to hit velcrow, part of the wench will be thicker than the other…maybe this would put uneven pressure on the penis.<

I understand what you are saying but I’m pretty sure the answer to that is no, the pressure applied by the clamp itself remains constant/symmetrical - the force of the clamp opposes itself - so 1/16” more or less material on one side is of no consequence. I’m no mensa guy, but I think a secondary force would have to be introduced in order for uneven pressure to result.
I’m also 99% certain I phrased that wrong.

>Also, I notice that under your orginal specifications, the top gap (dorsal bridge) is smaller than the bottom gap…would the dorsal region be even safer if the top gap were larger (ie. instead of first gripper at 3/4 inch from edge, maybe 1 inch, increasing the size of the top gap.<

Actually the size of your top gap depends solely on how far apart you space the grippers themselves - not how close the first gripper is to the edge. But you are correct - try to place the first gripper such that you end up with two layers of Velcro spanning the top plane of your shaft (for most this will mean appx 3/4” - for you possibly more).
Just to be clear about top and bottom gap: The further you space the grippers, the smaller the top gap. The less you space them the wider the top gap. The great thing about the Wench is that you can arrange these things to your liking. Whatever works best for you.

>Lastly, is another option to simply make a longer wench, sligthly scaling the entire thing up. Like a length of 11 or 11.5 inches or so. What are your thoughts?

Absolutely. The modifications you can make to the Wench can work in both directions - more as well as less.

At some point, however, more can become too much, and the medium Cable Clamp will become inadequate for the task of clamping down.

Thanks Rush

Made mine yesterday, works great for Manual Stretches. I haven’t started hanging yet so I don’t know about that. I am trying to figure out how to turn this into an ADS for an active person, currently I’m just Ace Wrapping my flacid length while at work.


i’ve had my wench for a few months. wasn’t to happy with it at first. pulled a lot of skin. but i’ve switched to tunica hanging. i use a pulley and hang straight up. its perfect for that no skin pull at all. still have problems hanging btc but my LOT being so low i stick to tunica.

at first i tried to use this as an ads but again pulled to much skin, but as ive used it more for hanging and got used to it i tried ads again. still no luck but i thought i might try using the clamp with just one click. the stretch was great and it didn’t cut of circulation. i have some other devices i made for ads. i’ll never touch them again. thanks captain

Hi Guys.

<respectfully bows to the Captn for acknowledgement>.

Fyi on clamping for hanging, I used the Camco clamp, mentioned in another thread, when I use the Capns Wench for Hanging. I got it up to 10lbs yesterday with no soreness (after going back and forth between 7.5 and 10).

I also use it when I am in the “can” at work, I put it on, and hook my pants belt to it, and pull my legs out for a good stretch. I sorta named that “Lazy Boy Captn Wench Stretches”, because I can sit there and read the paper.

I also made my version on Piets Penis stretcher, and used the wrapping part of the Captn’s Wench for that, I’ll post a picture someday if anyone wants to see that.

I got a lot of heroes on this site :-)

Smell ya later.

Australian Wench

Quite by chance I stumbled across all of the components nearly all together in Clark Rubber at Mascot, near Sydney airport.

There is a chain of Clark Rubber stores throughout NSW, but I’m not sure about other states

Heavy duty sticky backed velcro, 25mm nylon strapping, and the rubber came in the form of 25mm x 3mm, continuous length, of which I had to buy 1/2 metre. I have used this double thickness, per instructions, and also single thickness which is fine for ADS, and makes the wrap a little less bulky down the jeans leg.

It is SO comfortable, while giving my dick a great pull, even with ADS. I reckon it’s at least a 2 or 3 kg pull, and that can be varied by the angle of my leg to my body as I sit, and as I walk, it gives a great “tug”

For ADS attachment I have just used a length of theraband tied in a knot through the nylon strap, and then tied under my knee to a piece of soft cotton webbing that used to be a belt, also passing through the same single loop of thera…..if this can be followed!!!!!

The thera gives a nice “progressive” feel to the stretch. It is about 120mm wide and 500 mm long, and tied in a “circle” about 40 mm across. so there is plenty that could be trimmed off it. It might be sweaty in summer.

I’ve also made a home made pumping tube this week, so it’s been a big one….so to speak!!!

Now I don’t normally let anything that could be described as a wench near my dick…..and part of my reason for being slow on the uptake with this one is that the name put me off… I’ll need to think of it as something more masculine….though if I think of it as feminine, at least I won’t get an erection!!!


Thanks Captain!!!


Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

I bow to the Captn as well.


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