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What is the science behind PE?

What is the science behind PE?

I’m not trying to question the validity of PE I’m just wondering what is the scientific baking of it. I consider myself to be a man of science and would like to have an answer to this question. Cheers.

If you did a search you might find that it’s not yet been scientifically proven that PE actually works. Unless it has, urm. Do a search, it’s been covered before :P

No science behind PE, it’s all just mojo voodoo.

The Articles Forum has some science based information. The search button (top right of every page) used with the search term “science PE” brings up about 200 threads. Yes, you have to search the titles by hand, but isn’t 200 easier to manage than 42,000? Since I went and looked, I’ll do some of that work for you:

Putting A Finger On The Science Of PE
What causes penis size gains
New cell growth or pulling out the inner penis?
Constant PE theory
Ligament Stretching Physiology
Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers
Physiologic Indictors (PIs) to help growth!
How can PE work ? There are no scientific proofs!
A Jelqing Theory.
Why the Penis GROWS, theories…
Hypertrophy & PE

Those are from the first three of ten pages found using that search. You can go to the last seven and keep looking.

And see this: Some threads to read…

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