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Yoga and PE Compares East and West


Yoga and PE Compares East and West

Yogic PE Practice

I thought it was about time some age old wisdom be introduced into the subject of which we are all developing. Try to understand that I am making a comparison. This maybe seems intellectual but I am trying to be realistic.

The wisdom I speak of is from the spiritual life known as Yoga. In the western world yoga is very new; PE has also existed in the east long before the west. That is the comparison.

Most people still think yoga is just stretching into postures with awareness (asana). Unfortunately, so many so-called yoga teachers in the west only teach and only know asana and maybe a little pranayama (breathing practice) and sometimes even basic meditation practices. But from years of personal experience and study I can safely say, Yoga is much more. Asana is in fact just the beginning. I am not here to insult the teachers in the west, yoga is new here so it will eventually balance out; I am not worried about that, it is here to stay and so it will develop.

I am going to introduce a few concepts here and for that reason I wanted to make clear that yoga is not just asana. The concepts have a great deal of importance in relationship to PE.

The four main concepts I will introduce are:
1. Chakras (specifically mooladhara chakra)
2. Bandhas (specifically moola bandha)
3. Nadi
4. Prana

Chakras belong to the psychic physiology of yoga. Psychic in the respect that during the practice of yoga, a yogi (a practitioner of yoga translated as “someone who is trying”) is to relax by internalizing their awareness and focusing on the breath and or on one of the 8 major chakras situated along the spine. This concentration increases the effects of yogic practices.

Chakras also belong to a very physical level of the body as each charka is the center of many nerve plexuses and endocrine glands in the body. In yoga nerve channels are translated as Nadis through which Prana (life force) moves.

In yoga the word Chakra means “vortex”. They are vortices of nadis. These vortices have profound effect on the mind and basically control the entire consciousness.

I want to keep this definition short. If you are interested, there is a massive amount of literature on chakras and also heaps of info on the web.

Is the lowest chakra situated at the perineum in men and at the cervix in women. It is the store house of primal energy, kundalini.

The word bandha means to hold, lock or tighten. It refers to the yogic practices which tighten pranic centers, usually having an effect on a specifc chakra.

Is the contraction of certain muscles that make up the pelvic floor. It contracts a point between the anus and the testes. This bandha energizes mooladhara. It is held tight and as long as possible. There are many different stages and variations to this practice. Moola bandha increases energy in the body and can induce hyperactivity if performed incorrectly and for that reason I will not explain how to practice it. I strongly suggest going to an expert teacher to learn such a practice. The benefits are huge ranging from relieving intestinal peristalsis, constipation, anal fissures, ulcers, prostatic hypertrophy, even asthma and depression. It is also is a way of gaining sexual control and mastery, it can be used to direct sexual energy upwards for spiritual awakening or downwards for sexual powers. It helps relieve sexual frustration, suppressed sexual desires and sex guilt.

I wanted to write this because I think there are a lot of interesting factors at play here. PE deals with sexual energy, an energy which is very powerful and sometimes erratic. There is the PE practice of Kegel, which I believe to be a little bit similar to moola bandha. People are practicing something similar to moola bandha without any guidance except by what they read here. Maybe some sort of discussion should be started about the effect of PE on the mind and behaviour? Is there anyone out there suffering from increased anger, irritability or unstable nervous system since practicing PE? I don’t mean to sound negative; I practice PE as well, although I have tried to integrate it with yoga so my experience has been different. If PE is going to be successful in helping men it should also be developed by the modern-founders (you people) as a safe and wholistic practice.

What do you think?


I must say that lately I am not feeling well when I am done with my PE session. I am like a little nervous all the time, my mind is set on PE only and I dont sleep as well as I used to. I am spending too much time online too. I can say that I am little more edgy and more easily irritated. I dont think this stuff works well on my mind. I am gonna have to give it a little rest and see what happens. This is just my opinion. I am sure that some (or majority) of guys in this forum feel completely the other way. I think there is something about this sexual energy thing that you are reffering.


I think you just sound anxious about growing. Thinking about it all the time because you are nervous that you won’t grow as much as you want to.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

This is an interesting and new perspective.

12/10/03 at 5.90" BPEL x 4.75"

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Goal...bigger ;)

Yes im interested in yoga, also brahmacharya.


I’m sure there are many others on this forum who feel the same way intially- how long have you been PEing for? I’ve been doing ‘genuine thunder’ PEing for the past 3 half weeks, and I have to admit that the penis DOES become the sole focus of one’s attention. However, I think there is a reason for this: like gottagrow said in his post, we are anxious about getting early gains so that we can go out there and USE thses gains on fine looking women… I’m afraid it takes far more patience than that. Try to see this as a long-term invesment in your self- gains WON’T come overnight, they’ll start trickling in over a few months if your lucky.

Also, you sound like the type of person who measures on a daily basis (I could be wrong, so please correct if I am)- DON’T do this- it will only destroy your motivation levels. ONLY measure in monthly intervals! This is what I’m doing at the moment, and I can tell you now that I get a hell of a lot more sleep these days!

Hope this helps!


Hey Gottagrow, its not anxiety about thinking I wont get to my goal. Its more like I am havin some little erection problems. I am also masturbating way much more, instead of the fact that its hard to keep it up. I dont know, maybe I am overtrained and my mind is filled with too much information about PE. Maybe its the first signs of depression. Maybe I stretch too much. Maybe I was doing something wrong. As I said I am gonna sleep over it and see what happens.

Baracus, thanks for the kind words, but I am not that kind of person to measure regulary. I am more concerned abot the quality of my sessions and general penile health. I have been PEing for 6 months now and I had some gains, but these mental issues started to occur like two weeks ago and I am not feeling very relaxed or happy.


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It sounds like you need to take a few days off where you not only give your dick a rest, but you give your mind a break from constantly thinking about your dick and PE. Your mind needs a break from it all so that you can come back invigourated, inspired and optimistic. You can’t just give your mind a diet of dick and PE. Those who have other interests going on and switch off from thinking of PE and their dick’s as soon as they finish each workout, will suffer much less staleness in attitude and fortitude towards PE. Get your mind off PE and your dick. Take a break, for both your dick and your mind. When you come back to it in a few days, make sure you forget about it all after the day’s routine is done and focus on something else.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Thanks Gottagrow, your post is well put and very clear. Its all about the mind issue here I think. Will give it a thorough rest and see what it comes up

See ya


Chi spirit?

Hey samana,

The problem with mixing PE and yoga is PE is effectively a selfish thing and yoga is effectively a selflessness thing. Concentrating effort can be useful and to that extent yoga can help us but if our aim is to do PE, probably the distortion of western yoga to the point of yoga pilates and power yoga is a better place to start because there is no dichotomy between something that is seen as entirely physical and PE, something that is effectively a means of ego support. For someone in the stage of samādhi its doesn’t much matter what size their dick is and though it may be a Kāma on the path its is probably the wrong path. This basically summarises the problems I have with PE and the ways in which it conflict rather than resolves.

Anyway, that aside:

>PE has also existed in the east long before the west.<


The mūlādhāra charkra may be the location of
Kundalinī (divine energy), classically represented as a coiled serpent with 3.5 turns (kundala is coil) and its tail inserted in its mouth but I don’t see how that helps us with PE directly. The concept is for the the serpent to uncoil and release its energy through the spine and the coils represent awake, rem sleep, deep sleep and turīya (combination of the previous three on speed). Even representationally it doesn’t seem to have an obvious direct link to PE.

Mūla Bandha is simply a greater level of understanding for the contraction of the BC muscle and the other muscles in the perineal floor. So we are doing this already. Yes maybe without understanding the physical effects around the diaphragm, and how to combine with controlled breath, and the psychological effects.

I don’t see how the average PE’er can combine PE with prãnãyãma for a holistic programme, its something that people tend to wait until they’ve been studying yoga for 2 years plus, but I’m sure there are advantages in yoga informing PE practise.

Anyway maybe I misunderstand where you are coming from, your piece was descriptive but I didn’t really get the point.

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Turīya, turīya-yey.

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