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Why the Penis GROWS, theories...

Why the Penis GROWS, theories...

Going from a sceptic to a gainer (over a year and a half ago) started the thought process about HOW and WHY a penis actually grows. Using my modest understanding of science and medicine along with my naturally curious and mechanical mind… Here are my theories (others are welcome to post theirs).

1) Penis Stretch. I believe that most if not all initial fast gains are mostly if not almost entirely stretch. Now, we all know how elastic the penis is. The stretch I am referring to here is tissue that is biologically already there but its true full size is never realized due to never getting enough force applied for these existing tissues to extend to their full potential. IOW, the cellular size is there for the asking if we are willing to systematically apply enough force to maximize these tissues. Now, the amount available to each individual varies greatly from almost nothing to maybe 2” length and 1+” in girth. My own gains I attribute mostly to this phenomena and I gained 1” EL and 3/8” EG. My length gains I attribute to manual stretching and were all I got for the 1st 4 months of PE. EG was unchanged until I added jelking and uli type work at which point I quickly gained the girth. Both gains stopped and stayed the same until recently despite a great deal of additional work on my behalf over the next several months and stayed in place after a long period (11 months) of very little work.

2) Ligament Stretch. Ligaments or “ligs” for short are the tissues that attach the penis to the body. Most here know that a portion of the erectile tissue is “inside” the body or more accurately, in the crotch area and not considered part of a mans penis “size” As above, each man has a different amount of tissue “inside” his body and by stretching the ligs some of it can be pulled out and becomes usable for penetration (or measuring). I believe ligs are less easy to stretch than just unrealized penis tissue from #1 above. The amount of possible gain here varies with each individual from almost nothing to maybe 1++” length. These gains are generally found from hanging but also can be achieve through dedicated manual stretching. An interesting benefit to lig stretch is an increase in girth at the base of the penis. This is likely due to the lig thickness AND the gradual widening of the erectile tissue inside the body that becomes exposed.

3) Tunica stretching. The tunica is the strong tendon like hollow tubes that contain each of the 3 erectile chambers, the 2 CC chambers and the 1 CS chamber. As in the ligs, the tunica is VERY tough and resistant to stretching. Tunica stretching allows the chambers to hold a larger volume of blood when erect and therefore increases both the EL and EG of the penis when stretched. It is hard to say how much more blood the existing erectile tissues within these chambers can hold. Does new and more erectile tissue need to be generated within the chambers to allow for continuous growth with full functionallity? I would suspect not for a small increase, say 10%, but at some point I would argue yes this would be necessary.

4) Scarring. Scare tissue grows anywhere in the body that injury occurs. Scar tissue is generally less functional and less flexible tissue than the injured tissue. The amount of gains and its effect on penis function due to the internal build up of scar tissue is hard to know and may require an autopsy of a man that gained size with PE. Regardless, I believe SOME of the gains in PE are in fact buildup of scar tissue. This is not necessarily a bad thing, kind of like a living implant. It may not function as the highly specified tissue in the CC and CS perform but it would add to internal mass and therefore functional size.

5) Hypertrophy. This is a term I learned in bodybuilding and means the increase in size of individual cells. Muscle tissue usually grows in this manner. No new cells are formed but the existing cells become larger in size. The penis has some muscle tissue but is mostly other tissue. How much effect this has is another unkown and its permanence is questionable. Still, it probably plays at least a small roll in PE.

6) Hyperplasia. Another bodybuilding term meaning the increase in actual cell count. This is the holy grail of bodybuilding and in fact of PE. If, by stimulus, we are able to force the body to create MORE cells… then the tissue effect becomes BIGGER. This is akin to cellular regeneration or the ability to regrow functioning tissue. Some animal life has the ability to regrow severed limbs and in fact in the case of flat worms… new HEADS!!! So, does the constant force applied by PE’s various techniques force NEW growth? Probably, skin, bone and virtually all other vascular tissues in the body will growth when placed under stress. Individual cells have the ability to grow into large numbers of cells even in laboratory conditions as in skin growth for burn patients. All in all it would only make sense that some of the gains at least SOME of PE participants experience are hyperplasia.

Other temporary forms including swelling and fluid retention can be forced (pumping for example) but I do not really consider non permanent size increases to be true PE but these actions may prompt or in some cases hinder true PE.

So, If my above assertions are correct, there are MULTIPLE ways for the penis to grow. All it takes is education and effort. For some people gains will be easy. For others… seemingly impossible. Nevertheless, MOST will gain from modest work and all could gain with enough effort.

Interesting reading. Reminds me that I haven’t utilized stretching yet, perhaps I should. :) . I’ve gained through jelqing and squeezing hehe.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Krowax, you may or may not get gains from manual stretching. Jelking is in fact a type of stretching and it forces growth both in the length and girth areas. Stretching alone, for me anyway, did nothing for girth, just length. When I began to use jelking and uli work I gained girth but no more length. I hypothesize that because I already gained my genetic length through my manual stretching that only genetic girth was left to gain when I began jelking. This is also a good guess to as why most plateau and get no more (easy) gains after a relatively short time.

A well written summary. I think it will make a good sticky someplace, after a few vets have reviewed it and added their comments.

Interesting reading NotEnough.

I like your theories behind growth. To me, I think it’s very important to try to understand how anything works to be able to develop it further. You’ve done a good job of breaking down and explaining the different processes involved and in some cases (like the tunica) clarified a few things for me.

Now I understand the mechanics a bit clearer and, hopefully, I can capitalize on this and have achieve some good gains.

Great post NotEnough

Do you think maybe 1/ is made up of gains from 5/ and 6/


Originally posted by Chrisco
Great post NotEnough
Do you think maybe 1/ is made up of gains from 5/ and 6/

Chrisco, actually… NO… hypertrophy is most likely temporary and it takes time for hyperplasia to occur.

What I wanted to say in #1 was that almost ALL men have more give in their existing penis. By streching, jelking, hanging, uli’s, etc, etc, we force the EXISTING tissues to expand to their current maximum. Some men see very good gains from this alone. Others see minimal. Most see enough to truly exite them about PE. I can think of no other way that a person can gain 10-20% more penis in a very short time.

Make sense?

Super post. Very well written, makes it seem so simple. Do the work and it works for you…..

Start 2/1/03 FBP: L: 3.25", G:3.00" EBP: L: 5.85", G:4.25" 7/7/03 FBP: L: 5.50", G:5.25" EBP: L: 7.00", G:5.25"

DLD, you should be able to PM me now.

Great post!

It puts my current intuition into more grounded framework (i.e. hard gains show BPFSL, due to 3-6, while the gap decreasing between BPEL and BPFSL are due to 1-2)

** Take pictures, don't let the mind play tricks on you ** Then: BPEL ? x ? 2004 Jun 23: BPEL 6.0" x 5.1" BPFSL 6.5" 2004 Sep 16: BPEL 6.1" x 5.1" BPFSL 6.75" 2005 Jan 11: BPEL 6.4" x ?" BPFSL 7.00" - resumed after time off since 04 Oct 31 2005 Mar 08: BPEL ?" x ?" BPFSL 7.25" - the stretch feels completly different now, it seems i have reached a plateu 2005 Aug 25: BPEL ?" x ?" BPFSL 7.25" - resumed after about 3 months brake * I use BPFSL for consistency

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