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My first official Post and my PE experiences

My first official Post and my PE experiences

I’m writing this in the newbie forum, mainly because although I’m not technically a newb at PE, this is my first time writing about it on this forum.

I found this site little over a year ago now, and I confess, I’ve been a lurker. Perhaps it was the fact that I wasn’t really into PEing, or the fact that I’m butt lazy. Whatever the reason, I decided to come out and make my first post.

First of all, my PE history. PE was of interest for me, because I thought it would be nice to have a bigger dick. Who wouldn’t? But I wasn’t really into it, it wasn’t a pressing concern for me. I was about 6 1/8 inches bpel. I pursued PE half-heartedly. I did some jelqing for a month or two, and noticed some results, mainly in my flaccid length. Due to a move overseas, my PE routine stopped entirely for a couple of months. I was rather surprised when I measured myself and found myself to be 7 1/8 inches bpel. To this day I can’t figure out where the extra inch came from. The past 8 months or so I was rather busy with post secondary education and whatnot, and have occasionally browsed these forums.

I have experimented with my penis several times, injuring it rather badly in the process, but it has allowed me to do some more of the more intense PE exercises out there, especially one that I made myself. I have started PEing again, although with no set routine. Right now I mostly do an exercise that I made myself, and have added a good 1/8 inch in length in 3 weeks. The exercise is rather intense. It consists of getting your dick to 90% erection, then getting a firm grip right at the base of it, then pulling outward. It forces a lot of blood into the penis, and I suspect that it can be very damaging if you are new to PE.

Well, that’s my rant, and now I feel I can be on the forums without all the guilt of lurking. I look forward to corresponding with all of you in the future.

Dude, don’t want to burst your bubble, but you just described a ULI to a T.

Just goes to prove, there are only so many ways to pull on one’s dick :)

Are you doing anything other than ULI’s? Are you getting girth gains to go along with the length gains?

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Ha! Did I now? I havn’t been doing much other then Uli’s, but as I said, I havn’t been really focused on it. Yes I have noticed some girth gains, but I find them to be a pain in the ass to measure, I can never get the same measurement everytime. It is isnteresting, but i noticed a decrease in the girth after a long time of not doing any Uli’s. (2 weeks or so) I have never injured myself with an Uli, and I think they work great.

Girth measurement...

Cut a piece of string off.

Wrap it around your penis. Make it so there is no give. Allow both ends to hang over your penis.

Finally use a marker and mark across both sections. Take it off your penis then measure between the two marks. That will be your girth size.

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