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New cell growth or pulling out the inner penis?

New cell growth or pulling out the inner penis?

The question has been much debated here. I just returned from the Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Center in Los Angeles ( It is an anatomical exhibition of real human bodies without their skin. The exhibit will be in L.A. until March 27 and then will move on to some other city. It comes out of Germany and has been shown in many places in the world. I was surprised to see the length of the entire penis when it is viewed in this way. Clearly a third (or even half) is hidden away under the skin and held there firmly by ligaments (Isn’t it wonderful to know that without your skin, you are really a hung dude!). From seeing this exhibit I can only conclude that the modest length gains that I have achieved from 5 years of active and constant PE is due to pulling out of the inner penis, and not from new cell growth. I wish it were the other way. I’d like to hear from others who have seen the exhibit and perhaps have come to different conclusions.

Explain what you mean by cell growth. It is my understanding that cells do not grow. Nevertheless, when you pull the inner penis the skin is stretched. So, by your understanding, it seems that there would be “cell growth”. Also, how do you explain girth gains? That certainly isn’t coming from the inner penis.

Bike2swim, are you sure that you mean “cell growth” (physical growth of cells) instead of “cellular mitosis” (cell division/multiplication - a greater number of cells)? I think that cellular mitosis is a more likely process to take place during PE than “cell growth”.

I consider it a bit of both, I saw the same kinda thing on a live TV autopsy.

I’ve had new cell growth for sure but also have been pulling out the penis as I can tell by my hairline.

Bike2swim, like you I was surprised to see how much of the penis was inside the body.

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Cellular mitosis is perpetual. A greater number of cells is the result, opposed to the trigger. The concentration of cells will not change. Naturally, if your penis grows there will be more cells. But the ratio is static. Stimulating the genitalia may or may not induce cellular mitosis, but that is irrelevant, as cellular mitosis has nothing to do with the size of your penis.

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