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Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers

Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers

I thought I would start a thread where vets and good gainers could post thier stories and what they have learned from PE.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

In the beginning - motives for starting PE

It was 2 years ago, right about this time of year. I was 70# overweight, high blood pressure and noticing that my erections did not last after I blew my load like they did in the past. I had always relied on this ability to see to it that my wife was satisfied. Although my wife was always an easy cummer so was I and half the time I finished first. Had it not been for my previous abilities she would have been left frustrated too much of the time.
Searching for a solution to my weakening abilities I looked into and tried viagra. It worked great. When my wife found the bottle she did what most wives would do and assumed it was her fault that she didn’t arouse me any more like she used to. Of course that was not the case. I reassured her that this was my problem, probably related to my overweight and hypertension. I did use the viagra on an occasional basis on the sly and I do like those super hard erections, I occasionally still do use it just for fun.
Since using viagra seemed to bother her psychologically I seached for another natural solution. I found the usual herbs, but also found jelqing which in addition to better erections and more ejaculatory control promised a larger penis. Well I didn’t expect it to work for penis enlargement having swallowed the usual medicine orhtodoxy that it can’ be done and size doesnt matter anyway. I got the information from various sources including the old exboard peforums. on 12/10/2001 I took measurements of length flaccid stretch bone pressed and erect bone pressed, didn’t bother about girth measurements although I guestimated what they were at the start later.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

My early experience

I began by mostly jelqing 50-60% erect and doing some stretches. I guess I started out with about 10 min jelq and maybe 5 min stretch (I found stretches tedious, so I often omitted them). 3 weeks later I noted that my dick seemed heavier and meatier in my hands so I whipped out the ruler and found that in that time I had gianed over 1/2 inch in length. This was much to much to be accounted for by error and variable technique so it only took 3 weeks for me to become a believer. I took erect measurments as well, but in the early going I mainly followed bpfsl. I did this because it didn’t take as much time and fuss and produced the most reliable results.Over the next few months I would gradually increase my # of jelqs per day from 200-300 to 900 per day. (10 min to about 50 min jelq). I still didn’t care much for stretching so I probably only got up to about 10 or 12 min stretch and sometimes still ommited them. I ended up getting somewhat of a baseball bat effect and later decreased jelq and increased the stretches. I ended up with a more or less cylindrical dick.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Stealth PE

being a fat guy that was loosing weight my gains were never particularly noticable visually. I avoided questions about discoloration by lovemaking in the dark or by candlelight (the wife loved the candlelight stuff anyway).
I did mainly dry jelq but I would use a little lube mainly to avoid chafing.
My favorite during this time was cococare cocoa butter stick. Easy to conceal, smells like chocolate sort of. I would peice meal my total # of jelqs throughout the day. For the stretches I would either use a square of toilet paper or a surgical glove as a grip aid, but I found that these dried my coronal ridge out too much so I went to talcum or rosin bag. I continued to stealth PE for nearly a year before I let the wife in on my secret gaining 1.625 in length and 0.500 in girth during that time. If you must stealth PE let me tell ya that stetch and dry jelq is the way to go (its the cheapest way too!!!).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Sex benefits I noted

When I got to a little over 7” bpel. I noticed that the wife seemed much more approachable for sex overall and initiated much more of the time. I postulated that I must be hitting areas that I hadn’t been able to before and the orgasms were more intense and pleasurable for her hence the increased interest. After reading up a bit I decided that I was getting to the cul de sac area at times since I had noticed that the cervix would slide over the head of my dick at times - when it did orgasms ensued shortly therafter for wifey. Over time I noted an increase in the frequency of sex with my wife from about 10-11 per 26 day cycle to 13 or 14. It was when I got to 7.5 bpel that I learned that the wife was haveing some “discomfort” from time to time during sex. The “discomfort” however never resulted in her reducing her interest, in fact if any thing her interest continued to steadily increase. None-the-less I ended up spending 3 or 4 months doing girth only routines or on a PE vacation till she seemed to have accomadated to the new length. I did this because I felt that PE should enhance pleasure for her, not just be an ego booster for me. I definitely got the benefits of better erections, I also got a bigger dick, a more sastisfied spouse and a good deal more sex in the bargain.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Telling the wife.

After I was confident that she was accomadating my new size I decided to go for another 1/2” in length and whatever girth came along with that. It wasn’t long after I resumed PE that I had read a post from a member that related how he got communication about sex issues going with his wife through email. Each taking turns to ask each other questions, pledging total honesty in the responses. Not too long after, I found an opportunity to suggest this to the wife for us. She agreed. In our exchange I brought up the issue of penis size and how much bigger she would like me to be.
(Its good to frame the question expecting a positive response - it gives them permission to say how much bigger they would like it and gives them the impression that you already accept that fact). I was relieved to find out she “wouldn’t mind anothe inch in length and another quarter inch across”.
So I found out that my PE days were not over by any stretch. At this point I took the risk of telling her about PE and my gains to that date (+1.625x0.5). I asked her for her support and time and privacy to do my exercises. I also explained that my initial motives were for erectile issues (which was true). Her reaction was nothing but positive so far. She seemed grateful that I felt comfortable to let her in on this. she also seemed a little turned on by the whole scene. (sex is now up since telling her to 15-16 days per 26 day cycle). Telling the wife is a very personal decision and is not right for all guys and situations. If you can do it a great benefit follows.

Luvdadus story to continue….

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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Some of what I learned about sex from PE:

Size matters, the bigger the better within reasonable limits.

Ability of a woman to have an orgasm or multiples or orgasms of high intensity vary according to her cycle. Her horniness also seems to follow the same pattern. Most horny = first 10 days after her period.
Least horny last 5 days before the next period. However your ability to hit the cds is greatest on the first two days after her period or the last two days before her next one. Therefore the ability to hit the cds will result in more interest in sex on her part than if you couldn’t hit it.

Gushers are the result mainly of g spot and or cds stimulation. I have never seen a gusher/squiter without significant stimulation at one or both of these spots.

The longer I put off ejaculation during sex the more pleasurable the orgasm. Using yohimbe also seems to improve the pleasure of the orgasm in addition to enhancing the erection.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey Luvdadus -

I really enjoyed reading these posts. I think it’s a great idea.



Awesome! I love reading posts like these - thanks Luvdadus!


Where I am now and likely PE endgame:

I have gotten to a solid 7.75” in length occ getting 7.875”
my girth varies between 5.375” and 5.500”

I think that when I get to a solid 8.00” bone pressed in length I will take a rest for a bit before pushing on to my final goal of 8.5” in length bone pressed.

I would love to get my fat pad down to 0.500”, that would give me a nbp lenght of 7.5 to 8.0 (once I get to my final length goal).

As far as girth, I’m ok with what I have but will gladly take whatever comes along. Once I hit my final length goal I may decide to make girth a new goal, but then again I may not.

Here is my current routine:

6:30 am
JELQS: 400 wet jelqs firm 4-5 sec strokes (32-34 min)
some days I do 2 five min pumping sessions after the 200th and 400th jelq.
I have to confess that I have not been very consistent with the pumping though. I do the above mon, tue, wed, fri, sat.

STRETHCES: I do 3 sessions whenever I get a little private time. I do 1 min of kegels under tension (usually about 80-100 squeezes0 followed by 8 min of stretching. I alternate hands each minute and do an RK every 10-15 seconds. I occasionally throw in som 10 min fowfer tucks, but I’m not very consistent with this either. I do this 6 days a week mon - sat.

Girth moves: I have just begun to experiment with various forms of bends and squeezes, and am trying to decide where these might end up fitting in my overall program for the near future and once I reach my length goals.

I have made remarkable gains using mainly manual methods. I am a firm believer that for most guys PE can be safe, effective, and either free or very cheap.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks Bib

More vets to weigh in soon!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Weighing in, luvdadus, on your inspiring thread to Newbies:

At age 56 I started experiencing ED. I thought it was simply age-related, but not so. It turned out that years of beta-blocker blood pressure medications combined with a thiazide diuretic had had their vascular toll. At the time I rarely had nocturnal erections or woke up with morning wood. Sex was becoming a _very_ iffy proposition and I began to avoid opportunities because of fear of failure. This fear/avoidance led to my receiving the highly-dubious Performance Anxiety Poster Boy Award for 1999.

One of the men at (links to this organization are listed at the top of MSHF) suggested pumping to me as a means of perhaps recovering some of my penile vascular losses. He said also not to be surprised if my dick got larger over time.

I had a nice dick in those days. 6 x 5.75, not real long but thick and I was pleased with it, except when I was flaccid. I’ve never been a shower. 2 inches was par and I’ve been extremely self-conscious about that since junior high. Given the possibility of reducing the level of my ED and increasing (maybe) my dick size, I started pumping, but more for ED than size.

After 4 – 5 months of pumping (no other PE exercises) I was an inch longer and had more girth. Nocturnal erections and morning wood were coming back. I needed a bit less Viagra to stay hard during sex. I was stoked.

Found PEForums first, which led me here. I have nothing bad to say about PEForums, however here at Thunder’s I found a membership much more interested in the “science” of PE and the comparative mechanics of getting results than in how far one can shoot and how to get laid more often. That stuff was gravy to me; I wanted quality erections and more flaccid size.

Rather than tell you what I’ve tried – a long laundry list of techniques that changed many times during my going on three years of active PE, it is easier to tell you that I did not hang, did no “blasters,” no reverse Kegels, or use sticks or devices other than the pump. Nothing wrong with any of these; they just didn’t fit my “style” or time budget.

At somewhere around 8 length, I was totally delighted with my erect size. By then the degree of my ED was much reduced. My penile vasculature was quite different – from smooth and no veins to very prominent veins and arteries. But flaccid gain lagged waaay behind. On a very good day I was 3 inches, no big whoop to me.

It was not until I began to experiment with cock rings that flaccid gain began to kick in. I wore a standard 3 snap leather cock/ball strap for about four hours after all PE workouts. Sometime later I had a series of PM and email conversations with Peforeal, who had the same flaccid intentions as I did, learned about his clever find of the Wrist Strap and began wearing one of those instead of the leather one for reasons of comfort. The cock/ball rings seem to have resolved my flaccid gain problem. Without one, I now hang 6 x 5.5 compared with the old, skinny 2 inches.

For the first time in 6 decades, I feel – inside my head – that I’m “hung.” More later about what that and the rest of this PE stuff means to me.

I went into “semi-retirement” at 8.39 x 6.39. Then (WTF??) I went up to 6.50 girth. Now, (WTF??), I’m pulling another extra half inch of length in my pump cylinder. That hasn’t cemented, but I don’t care if it ever does because I am a very happy camper.

Newbies: This is about stick-to-itiveness, not some sort of passive wish you might have. As DLD and others say, you have to visualize and you have to take the time - often taking it away from the rest of your life requirements - to stay with it.



Very cool thread Luv!

I will post as soon as I gain access to my system again.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


can’t wait!!


Thanks so much for chiming in!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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