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How can PE work ? There are no scientific proofs!


How can PE work ? There are no scientific proofs!


After a long time of being absent from this forum and from PEing i am back.
I didnt PE during the last year, some of you may think that was a big fault and I could have gained this or that….maybe you are right.
I still really want to gain……
But what has always kept me away from putting a lot of efforts in this PE thing is that I have absolutely no idea how all this could really work. I am speaking of the SCIENTIFIC or nearly scientific explanation of what happens to your penis while you all do these PE exercises…..or didnt you ask yourself this?
If not you should!

I read a lot of “answers” to this question:

1.There are “micro-tears” which heal later building up new cells and so the tissue is expanded.
2.The ligaments which fix the position of the penis are “stretched”
3.The penis still can grow when you are adult.

And then maybe a lot of you think about these pictures of the holy sadhus or the karamojong, african or indian tribes elongating their penises by hanging weights on their penises, you know the pictures, or the woman which has “stretched” her neck by putting as much rings around her neck as are fitting there.
But maybe you never realized that there didnt “grow” anything, the cells of the neck skin were just stretched that means new cells were NOT created but the old cells have been deformed.
The backbone leading to the head has become unstable and the woman cant walk around now without the neck being fixed by the rings. All this was very dangerous. There was never a bone growth.
And the man stretching his ears by attaching weights to it.
There also the cells didnt divide, they just were deformed (elongated in one direction).
Plastic chirurgy uses this principle of stretching the skin but there are no new cells built up.
I know all this from a doctor.

So how could the penis be elongated if not in an unhealthy way?

If you think about the “micro-tears”-theory: What apart from someone in a PE forum having said this makes you sure that this kind of growth can occur? If you visit sites in the net selling some PE products they always have an explanation HOW PE can work but its only “blablabla… my product!”

What I want to know from you is:


An explanation to all of us asking themselves what we are doing to our penises and if this treatment makes us impotent after a lot of time pulling and deforming cells which dont multiply.

Does there exist a serious explanation? I dont want to hear theories from someone who doesnt have a clue about this issue. Its not about what COULD happen to the penis but what HAPPENS to the penis when there is a stretch applied…..

Greetings, RUT7

EDIT: I am just reading hobbys chirurgical thread. Maybe there is something in.

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I don’t know how it work, why it works, or how long it works. All I know is when I pull on my dick every day, over time it gets longer. This is tangible and proves to me that PE works. I can see and measure the difference.

As for a scientific explanation, science up to this point has not really been interested so there is not much research on the topic, mostly theory. In order to really know what happens inside the body when it changes you need to perform high-tech scans or cut it open. I don’t think there have been any studies that intense but with the huge PE buzz going around I would not doubt that a major company would take on the project sometime in the future.

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I too am not smart enough to talk the talk on the science behind PE but I can tell you that it was worked for me. My dick is longer and fatter both in the erect and flaccid states, my erections are stronger and I dont feel the need to know anymore than that. If I thought I was doing damage I wouldnt do it but so far it has all been good.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I don’t know of any scientific studies done on the subject. All we can do is apply studies for sports medicine, or other sciences, regarding ligaments and cells and surmise that the results or findings also apply to PE. It’s not likely that any reputable university or research facility would even receive funding for penis enlargement studies, much less actually formalize such an endeavor.

There are many threads here at Thunder’s Place that discuss these other studies and how they apply to PE. I summarized some of them in my reply to this thread. I cannot give you what you want RUT7, but can say that PE does work and we have many members with permanent gains of one sort or another to prove it.

How can PE work ? There are no scientific proofs!

The answer is simple “magic” The first thing you need to get is some pixie dust and the lint from a bridge trolls belly button oh yeah and one scale from a dragon. Mix the ingredients in a leprechauns bowl he will let you borrow it for a piece of gold or a box of lucky charms you could try to steal it but I wouldn’t advise it their nasty little buggers. After you get all mixed add some vitamin e oil because the dragon scale tends to have a drying effect on human skin and poof you done now just rub it on.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I knew those bridge trolls were good for something..

Hey, if there is no scientific explanation, it must not work :)

Good thing I stocked up on the lint from a bridge trolls belly button. Someone sold off their entire stock on Ebay a couple years ago. I didn’t know at the time why I bought it.

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
The answer is simple “magic” The first thing you need to get is some pixie dust and the lint from a bridge trolls belly button oh yeah and one scale from a dragon. Mix the ingredients in a leprechauns bowl he will let you borrow it for a piece of gold or a box of lucky charms you could try to steal it but I wouldn’t advise it their nasty little buggers. After you get all mixed add some vitamin e oil because the dragon scale tends to have a drying effect on human skin and poof you done now just rub it on.

I thought the formulation for Enlargel was proprietary? :rolling:

OK, before the responses start pouring in, I am just joking. I just can't stand to see joke precursor dangling out there without somebody taking advantage of it before the FDA cracks down on it!

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

To make a scientific analysis of anything the first step is to gather a lot of information (subjects).
Break this down into the various methods used to arrive at the stated objective,
Then analyse the data to see if there are any trends either positive or negative.
Then correlate the data into sections showing how any differences occur
Once those processes have gone through then it depends largely on the subject matter how the results are arrived at.

Then the final results are published with the necessary notes .

Most of that research has been done in these pages where we can see pictures, some before and after. Measurements have been given on a variety of subjects, and there is sufficient data from statistics and comments to give a fairly balanced opinion on whether the method* is successful or not.

The only difference here is that the real people involved have given their data, rather than scientists - but that is not necessarily a bad point.

So If you care to look through the pages and do your own analysis then you would have covered a very large sample of ‘respondents’ to give a well balanced survey.

There is a mine of information there, even going back several years.

As near as possible a researcher’s dream.

So your scientific explanation is here and at hand.

OH dear! Now we have Straights, Gays, Bi’s and Pixie Chasers

Where will it all end? (Raises eyes to heaven and shakes jowls)

It Doesn't

It doesn’t work. Don’t try. Abandon all hope and deal with what you have. Part of my goal is to move up on the penis food chain and you can just be one more guy below me in the pecking order. (Or pecker order, so to speak.)

3. do special exercises work?
It may seem that body building should work as well on the penis as on other parts of the body, but it doesn’t. Muscles get larger after small amounts of trauma from physical exertion. But the penis is not a muscle, rather it consists of three soft, spongy tubes and blood vessels. If you try lifting weights with your penis, the only things traumatized are the spongy tubes and/or blood vessels, causing bruising and veinous leakage. This would eventually lead to difficulty with erections and curvature (due to accumulation of scar tissue).

I found this on a website. Or on many websites actually. The strange thing is. I agree with it, however I can’t deny what I see when I PE. I don’t know why this works, or why it defies this scientific information here, but it does.

“Live horse! and tha’ll see grass!”

There is no scientific proof of God either

The funny thing is Rut7 your right it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for you that is. You’ve known about this since Feb 2003 and haven’t done anything to test the notion out on your own.

The kind of dedication this takes is so beyond someone one like you. I really would have to agree with you when you say it doesn’t work. And the real funny thing is you come onto a free site where no one is selling a thing. Suggesting the only reason for PE is to sell PE equipment.

We are the study you refer to. Do you think we are all delusional? Why the hell would hundreds of thousands of us be here if it didn’t work.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to convince you. It doesn’t matter to me believe what you want to. I’m not selling anything you think what you want to think. Makes to difference to me.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I know how you feel. When I fist started I found studies like this:

ThunderSS - Nice work

It looks like stretching/loss of elasticity of the tunica is how it works in priapism.

I then knew that it is possible to enlarge the penis and maintain function. I have made gains since then and I don’t know if the same mechanism took place or some other form of enlargement.

I think you will try PE and I wish you the best of results.

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