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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Uh-oh, just to update, it’s been an hour, and I’ve got a bit of a donut going. Nothing too drastic, but definitely noticeable.

It’s now been 5 hours, and the donut is 90% gone.

Took yesterday off. Today I did my warm up, stretches and 100 jelqs and put my bathmate on. Pumped up to 175 right off the bat. Did 100 Kegels and pumped to 185. Just stayed there doing kegels until I hit 800 at around 17 minutes and then pumped again, this time to 195. Continued Kegels until I hit 1000 and then pumped every last little bit I could out of the pump, but I was a bit shy of the 200mm mark, most likely 198 or somewhere thereabouts. Post session girth was only 5 3/4”, but that’s still not too bad.

Just massage the donut between your thumb and forefinger, it will go away pretty quick.

Some good general info here, if you haven’t seen this thread before:

“Donut” Prevention - Another Wrap Suggestion

Today’s session was kinda weird. Did my usual warm up, pumped up to 180 right away, 300 kegels and pumped to 190. Another 300 kegels and pumped to 195. Just did 200 kegels and decided I felt enough discomfort I’d stop short of my full 1000 Kegels. I just quit at 800, and called my max expanded length 195, my fresh from the tube girth was 5 5/8”. I guess that’s just good enough for today.

Yesterday off. Today did my standard warm up, and went into the tube at 175. 100 kegels and pumped to 185. Kegeled ‘til 500 and pumped to 195. Kegeled til 900 and pumped up again, just shy of 200 for my last 100 kegels. Post session girth was 5 3/4”.

Again, took yesterday off. Good session this morning. Did my warm-up, put the Bathmate on. After 50 Kegels I pumped up immediately to 190. WHOAH! That made me happy. Did Kegels up to 500, and then pumped to 195. continued with my Kegels until I hit 800, and pumped to 200mm for my last 200 Kegels. I measured my fresh out of the tube girth, it hit 6” for like a second, and I could literally watch it shrinking back to 5 3/4”, and finally 5 5/8”. So, just out of curiosity I made an “OK” symbol around the base, and another one around the head, and pushed them together, squeezing the “meatus” together to make it as fat as possible. I thought it would likely go back to 6”, imagine my surprise when it hit almost 6 1/2”. Pretty cool. I think I’m having my best gains pumping every other day, one day to pump up, and then 48 hours for whatever damage has been done to heal. Makes sense.

Yesterday off. Usual session today. Warm-up followed by:

180mm-200 Kegels, 190mm-500, 190mm-800, 200mm for my last 200 kegels. And fresh from the pump girth of 5 3/4”.

Sounds like you are on the track with days off. Here is something Wad said about girth training that kinda stuck with me:

wadzilla - If you gained an inch or more in girth, please check in

Originally Posted by wadzilla
I gained my first 1/2” of EL in maybe 5 weeks or less. The next 1/2”+ took quite a long time.

Slow, firm jelqs - both wet & dry - at about 75% erection. In my early months, I was doing PE every other day - never on consecutive days. While I believe that “more is better” for Length, I believe that “LESS is more” for Girth. Too much girth work, I believe, traumatizes the tissues….inhibiting growth.

Try a simple, not-too-frequent approach to girth for a while.

How long lasts the post pump girth ? Is it useable for sex ?

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

In answer to alin, I can get about 1/2” girth gain for 6 to 12 hours after pumping. I agree with wadzilla, that was sort of the conclusion I had come to after starting out doing 2,3 and sometimes as many as 5 days in a row. My in the pump gains seem to come at a more steady rate doing a 1 off, 1 on schedule.

Yesterday off. Usual drill today, stretches and jelqs, followed by pumping.

100 kegels and pumped to 190, yep, new record for fresh into the tube length. 500 kegels, pump to 195, at 800 kegels, pump to 200. Couldn’t find my vinyl tape measure, and by the time I did, I was at only 5 1/4”. Dang. Oh well, it’s probably that old length/girth trade off. Soon I will max out the length of the tube and then I can concentrate on just gaining girth.

Today off. Can’t wait to pump tomorrow.

This morning’s session was a good one.

185-100 kegels-195-kegel to 500-pump to 198-200. kegel till 800, pump to a strong 200mm,finish at 1000 kegels, pump to max of over 200 mm, very hard to judge with the opaque dome end on the pump and no measuring marks. Fresh out of tube girth was only 5 5/8”, so I wish that was fatter, but I’m super happy to see mt dick at over 8 inches in length, even if that is under vacuum.


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