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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Gotta take today off. But I really want to pump after yesterday. Just gotta stick with my extender for a few hours today. I’ll probably be busting the top out of that Bathmate any day now……

Hey raybbaby,

What’s your current BPEL? I’m wondering how closely it matches with the markings on the Bathmate.

Also, how much do you think your extender might be contributing to the ability to pump to a longer length yesterday?

Hmm, I dunno. Obviously I can’t treat this as a pure experiment in bathmate pumping. Not anymore. I honestly don’t think it has made much difference up to and including yesterdays gains, if only because I haven’t been wearing it long enough hours or enough days, and the arms were too short to give adequate stretch. The vac-attachment is new to me and so I’m still getting it dialed in. I’ll check my BPEL before I pump tomorrow.

My current BPEL is still only 7 1/4”, so no detectable length gains. Erect girth is still 5 1/4” before pumping.

Today was the old 100 jelqs followed by pumping. Went in at about 170, did 20 kegels, pumped up to 180, kegeled til I hit 100 and pumped up to 185. Then did kegels until I hit 600 and pumped up again, this time to just past 195. Did kegels up to 800 and pumped again, this time I was just shy of the 200 mark. Did kegels til I hit 1000 and called it good. 23 minutes in the tube, 20 minutes if not more spent over the 180mm mark, with a fresh from the tube flaccid girth of 5 3/4”. Not too bad.

Hi raybbaby,
I’ve used the bathmate for a bit now as well and it occured to me that after some use the bellows flex easier than when new giving an impression of gain/progress. According to the sticker I’m 1.5cm bigger than when starting use, although this doesn’t translate to EL. Shame really, just thought I’d ask your opinion on it.


||looking for something to .... about||

Thanks for sharing brag. I’ve been wondering about the strength of the bellows and if it’s possible that sometimes they are compressed more than others when measuring.

Hmmmm, I don’t know. I’ve had mine for less than three months, so it may not have softened up very much yet. I squished it down the other day just to get an idea of how long I was in the tube in inches, and how much further I have to go to reach the end. The bellows seemed pretty stiff to me as I tried to push them down as far as possible against the countertop. My “gains” seem to be mostly just in the tube, and under vacuum, at least the length ones. Only more time will tell I guess.

Bathmate is a good PE toy, I really like mine, but I stopped using it. I never did any sets with it, but kept one long session about 15-20 min. I think your approach is better, Raybbaby.

One thing I want to say is, watch out for t. veins. I always felt uncomfortable right under the frenulum when pumped too many times, but kept going without releasing the pressure, and that is how I got my t vein. So make sure you “inspect” your cock in the spot where it feels uncomfortable.

Really interesting thread. Good job.

Dammit! I did 100 jelqs, actually I did 150, and pumped up to 175. Did 100 kegels, pumped again, this time hitting 185. Another hundred kegels and I pumped to 190. Then did kegels until I hit 500, where I gave a quick pump, hitting 195. Did another hundred kegels, and released the pump, the base was giving me some discomfort so I thought I’d re-situate everything. At that point I thought I’d maybe do another 50 jelqs before pumping back up. But as I jelqed I could feel the hardness of a thrombosed vein. Its down right at the base of the penis, and is not painful like the one I had a couple years ago, so maybe it’s not really bad. I can’t even feel it now, so hopefully I caught it just in time. I’m hoping it will heal quickly, bummed out that I have to back off for a bit.

Well, today is a day off. Felt all around on my morning wood this morning and now I can’t feel the thrombosed vein. Weird, weird, weird. Gonna go ahead and pump tomorrow and see how it goes I guess.

Found that thrombsed vein while warming up in the shower, so decided to let it go another day. It seems to be less pronounced, so hopefully soon.

Originally Posted by sta-kool

Take your time and let it heal.

But I want to PUMP! Less than an inch to go til I hit the end of my BM tube.

OK, I took a break from pumping and also I was running around helping my brother move and what not. Seems it’s been about ten days and I couldn’t feel that thrombosed vein, so I pumped again this morning. Was curious to see if I had lost anything, but it doesn’t seem like I did. Did 100 jelqs, went into the tube at about forty percent erect, and pumped to 170. Did 100 kegels and pumped to 180. Did kegels until I hit 500 and pumped up to 190. Did Kegels until I hit 900, and then pumped out as much water as I could, hitting 195 for my last 100 kegels. My fresh out of the tube girth hit 6 inches, and that’s as big as it’s ever been. Doesn’t seem that I’ve lst much, just gotta keep an eye out for a return of that thrombosed vein. Don’t want to overdo it just trying to hit 200mm again.

Outstanding! Glad to hear that things are looking good for you again.

I’m still looking forward to getting a Bathmate, but I decided to start with an extender. I went ahead and ordered the VacExtender w/ KR from monkeybar. Once I get some reasonable length added I’ll be adding in the Bathmate to work on my girth.

Keep up the good work.


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