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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Hey raybbaby,

Have you tried using warm water during your pumping session and then ending with dumping out the warm water and filling with cold water to finish?

I’ve read that this type of warm-up/cool-down can be beneficial to stretch to maximum and then the cold helps to cement the stretched max and let you start from this state the next time.

I’m really considering getting the Bathmate and would love to hear if anyone has tried this method and what the results were.

Okay, I took today off. And in answer to Midthigh, no, I have not ever done that. Sounds like it would be awful. Just really unpleasant. And I can’t see any logic behind doing it either. It’s just going to cause the skin and veins and capillaries and everything to shrink back up. I try to keep it as warm and relaxed and stretched out as possible. I love my big engorged post pump flaccid. Not just thicker and longer, but that sucker has some “heft” to it too. Fellow pumpers know what I’m talking about.


I have a question that I’ve been wanting to ask bathmate users for sometime. I only just remembered it.

Have you ever masturbated a few hours before you pump and everything feels ok?

I have noticed alot of problems and I seem to be taken a day more often. Perhaps it’s a good thing. If I were to masturbate at 10am and then pump at night around 7pm it becomes sore and I can’t pump to the point that I am after. That’s 9 hours of rest and it’s still sore. I really don’t get it.

I do notice as well if I have a good pump after I have taken a day off. I can reach to a good point with no pain, just a slight tingle. But the next day I can’t reach that point again without it hurting somewhat. So instead of lowering pressure and time. I’ll probably start taking a day off.

Unlike you, you can reach the same point, if not slightly higher every session. I think that could be the reason why I have not gained anything with the BM so far. It reinforces my idea that the BM is good for people who have had more experience with PE, making their unit stronger to cope with the amount of pressure.

Are you still in the BM for 20 minutes and then wear the extender? I think I might have to lower my time.

Starting stats: 7" EL x 5" EG Current stats: 7.1" EL x 5.125" EG Goal : 7.5" x 5.75"

Originally Posted by raybbaby
Okay, I took today off. And in answer to Midthigh, no, I have not ever done that. Sounds like it would be awful. Just really unpleasant. And I can’t see any logic behind doing it either. It’s just going to cause the skin and veins and capillaries and everything to shrink back up. I try to keep it as warm and relaxed and stretched out as possible. I love my big engorged post pump flaccid. Not just thicker and longer, but that sucker has some “heft” to it too. Fellow pumpers know what I’m talking about.

The reason I was thinking about this was because of other threads that I’ve read on here related to physical trainers and their techniques for repairing sprains and strains. The theory is to stretch while warmed with heat to allow more elongation of muscle fibers and tendons. Then after maximum stretch has been gained ice is applied in the elongated state which supposedly causes the tissues to somewhat harden in this elongated state and maintain this state better after the force and ice is removed. The theory is then that you’ll have a better starting point for the next session where the same routine is followed: heat, stretch, continue stretch while applying cold.

I’ll try to find the threads where this is discussed. I think the theory is sound and applying with the Bathmate should be very easy. Fill up Bathmate with hot water, keep stretched for 15 minutes, dump and fill with cold water, reach same max stretch quickly and remain there for a few minutes to solidify the stretch.

Well Midthigh, I will let you be the guinea pig for this one. I’m just not liking the idea of sticking my warm weiner into icy cold water. You’ll have to let me know.

As to Shiby’s question, I myself have never noticed much difference. And an hour after my BM session today, I found myself getting a semi-erection while sort of spacing out/fantasizing, so I made it get about 80-90% hard, and it seemed pretty good. Still a bit puffy, as in none of the usual veins were showing. But my erect girth was 5 1/2”, which was the same as my fresh out of the tube girth, and it was an hour later. Which put a smile on my face.

As far as my Workout, I warmed up for a minute in the Bathmate, then did 100 wet jelqs. Went into the tube and just like that, pumped up to 180. Did 200 Kegels, and pumped to 190. Really was thinking “Wow, I’m gonna set a new length record today”, but after performing 400 Kegels at 190, I tried to pump again, only getting a trickle of water out of the Bathmate. So I think I just reached max expansion more quickly after the jelqing. After my Kegel total hit 1000 for the 20 minute session, I went for max vacuum, and managed to hit 195, but it was pretty uncomfortable, so I released it and called it good. My FOTG was a little over 5 1/2”, so no new record there. I swore it looked the plumpest it has yet, but must have just been my imagination.

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If you look at the studies on heat and connective tissue stretching, I think you would only have to let it cool to normal body temp to get the effect. ( I may be wrong on that)

What I do is use as hot as I can reasonably tolerate, and just let it drop to room temperature. Does it work? I don’t know, but that’s the approach I currently use.

No, I kinda understand what Midthigh is getting at. I know many college and pro athletes have used and probably still do use post workout ice baths. Which sounds dreadful to be sure. I just can’t bring myself to plunge a nice plump, warm flaccid into cold water. I think there may have even been threads about the idea before. I feel like I’m gaining pretty good with my current routine, so I am resistant to changing it. May have to search the forums for more info, and possibly brush up on the theory of ice baths as they relate to athletics. I wonder what Saiyan22 would have to say on the subject. His PE and bodybuilding workouts are always on point, well researched and logged/documented.

OK, I’m taking today off. I’ve pumped the last two days, doing 100 wet jelqs first. I seem to pump right up to 180 this way. and spend the majority of my pump session around the 185 mark, and I’m able to hit 195 by the end of the session. And both days my fresh out of the tube girth has been 5 3/4”. So that’s good. Been trying to get in the habit of wearing my new vac extender afterwards. I won’t be doing any PE exercises today, but I will be wearing my extender. Hoping to hit that 200mm mark any day now…..

OK, so I took the last two days off. Started out with my usual 100 jelqs and then pumped right up to 180, did about 30 kegels and didn’t feel like I was under much vacuum, so I gave the Bathmate a quick pump and hit 185. Did a couple hundred kegels and pumped up to 190. Did kegels until I hit 800, and then pumped up again, this time hitting 195. Stayed there until I hit 1000 kegels and called it a session. Just barely hit 5 3/4” FOTG, quickly shrinking down to 5 1/2”. Edged for about 5 minutes, and at the end checked my erect midshaft girth, which was still 5 1/2”. Think I’m gonna start pumping only every other day, allowing more healing time between sessions.

Yesterday off. Today I did 100 jelqs and went into the bathmate, pumped up and only hit 170. Was looking at that and thinking I had a whole inch to go if I wanted to hit the 200 mark, which I keep trying to get to. But after 50 kegels I gave a pump and hit 180. Another 50 kegels and a pump to hit 185. Then I just stayed there and kegeled til I hit 500, and then pumped to the strong side of 190. returned to doing kegels until I hit 900, and pumped every last little bit of water I could out, so I’d be at max vacuum for my last 100 kegels. It was real close to 200 if not in fact 200mms. I’m gonna say at least 198, so definitely a new record for length. Fresh out of the tube girth was only 5 1/2”, but sometimes a good length seems to be a trade that I have to make for a lesser girth. Real good session though, and I think I’m going to stick with a schedule of one day on, one day off for a little while. A day for the tissue to heal itself seems like a no brainer when I think about it.

Raybaby - can you take an erect midshaft EG measurement on your next day off? I’m wondering if you are keeping any of your girth gains over the long term.

I can, and probably will, but I just did it a couple weeks back, and after 48 hours without pumping I was at 5 1/4”, which was 1/4” gain more than I was before I started pumping. I don’t think it’s very likely that I’ve gained much more than that in the last couple weeks.

edit: Just checked the thread and that 5 1/4” measurement was taken almost 3 weeks ago, not 2.

Again, took yesterday off. Today I warmed up, 100 jelqs and went into the tube at 175mms, did 100 kegels and pumped, easily, right up to 195. I mean in one single pump. Blew me away. Didn’t try to pump again til i hit 500 kegels, and at that time didn’t really get much water from the pump or a noticeable length gain. I’m guessing I just kind of jumped right up to my maximum expansion right off the line, so to speak. Got to 800 kegels and got a bit more expansion when I pumped, real close to 200 this time. Kegeled til I hit 1000, pumped it just as hard as I could, trying for every last little bit I could get, (no, not recommended) and hit the 200mm mark for sure this time, and then IMMEDIATELY released the vacuum. So, I’m going to keep going with a one day on one day off schedule. Seems to be working well. It’s good to focus on the fact I spent nearly 20 minutes at 195 today, whereas a few weeks ago I might only get to be at that level of expansion for the last 2 to 5 minutes. My fresh out of the tube girth was 5 1/2”, so no new record there, but I’ll settle for new length expansion. Only another inch til I hit the end of the tube. Wow!

Also, asw soon as I was dressed I slapped on my vacextender, my thought is if I can keep the penis in an outstretched position for the next few hours, it will help it to “heal” a bit longer. Good deal, good session.

That’s great. Keep up the good work.

Wow. Just looked back in this log two weeks, to my entry on 2-16, and that day I only was able to hit 190 for the last 100 kegels, probably the last two minutes of my workout. Compared to today’s spending around 18 minutes, and doing 900 kegels at 195. Wow. That’s good progress. Really glad I’ve been keeping this log now. I totally would have forgotten otherwise. I thought today was good progress. That’s actually an awesome jump for just two weeks.


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