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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

OK, so the usual today. Spent almost the entire 20 minutes of “tube time” at or slightly above the 200mm mark. released pressure and just did two thirty second girth blasters at the ten minute mark. Then back into the tube. Fresh out of the tube girth was 6 inches even, on both the end of the hot water pumping, and after eight minutes of cold water. Nothing new to report. Good session anyways.

Yesterday off. Today was kind of my usual workout, did three girth blasters in addition to my 300 jelqs. Spent the overwhelming majority of the time at 200mms, sometimes a hair more. Did some Bathmate stretches, but not a very regimented workout. Did 700 Kegels, basically Kegeling anytime I wasn’t stretching. Fresh out of the tube girth was 6 1/8”, and I think it briefly hit 6 1/4” after the cold water soak. So just out of curiosity I measured the Base girth, and it was 6 7/16”. Holy cow that’s a fatty. Also today I alternated two minutes of cold soaking, with two minutes of warm, and then finally another two minutes of cold. Hoping it will flush out some discoloration. Time will tell I suppose.

Feel like I should add that right now, I have developed the ugliest coronal “donut” I’ve seen yet. And I can feel the cordlike beginnings of a thrombosed vein. No real big jumps in intensity today, so I’m not quite sure how or why. A little too aggressive I guess. I hate having to take time off when I’m making such good progress.

OK, it’s been two hours, and the donut is 90% gone. And I can barely feel the thrombosed vein anymore. It was very easy to find by feeling around before. Not just stringy and cord-like, but also the cord itself felt very bumpy. Strange. I’ve been massaging it, and that seems to work wonders. And I made myself get an erection, well, about 80% was all I could manage, and that seems to usually reduce the swelling of my donut. Discovered that a couple weeks back. If I get it hard, wrap the donut in first aid tape, or even just the all day clamp I made out of a penis pump sleeve, anything that keeps the corona slightly compressed, and get and keep an erection for a few minutes, it really diminishes the donut effect. Tomorrow is a scheduled day off, so hopefully I can go at it again Wednesday.

Couldn’t resist the temptation to check my girth, and it still hit 5 3/4”, so I hope to keep gaining like that.

Today there is no evidence of the donut, and also no sign of the thrombosed vein. The donut being gone doesn’t surprise me, the ones I get from pumping rarely last longer than 12 hours. But that thrombosed vein is a surprise. It didn’t hurt, but it felt NASTY to the touch. Very thick and bumpy, like just a series of maybe a hundred or so individual bumps. It is right at the base of the penis, maybe that is why it cleared up so quickly, maybe constantly massaging it, trying to break up those bumps really did the trick, I expected it to be a setback for at least a week or two. Strange, but I’m sure glad. Taking today off anyways, well it would have been an off day anyways.

Well, today I noticed my warmup and workout of stretches, jelqs, and now “girth blasters” takes 30 minutes. This plus pumping and cooldown puts me at an hour per workout. That’s quite a bit of time. Anyways, I pumped up to 190, did 100 Kegels and pumped to 200, and just kinda stayed at that length for the duration. Fresh from the tube girth was only 5 3/4”. Oh well, onward and upward I guess. I’m thinking of doing a shorter, lower pressure pump session on the days that would usually be my “off” days. More expanded time should result in increased gains. I think, not so sure though.

Could a condom be used with water pumping ?

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Yes, I’ve heard of people doing it.

Today was going to be a day off, but I woke up with killer hard morning wood. Measured the girth and it was 5 1/2”. Anyways, I decided to pump. Just did like a 20 minute warmup, in the bathmate, full of warm water, Just a couple light pumps to form a seal, very low vacuum pressure. Then did my old routine of a thousand Kegels, pumping up to full vacuum every five minutes or so. Still hit 200mm by the end of the session, but spent more time at like, 180, and 190. Post pump girth was 6” even, and I’m typing this with the Bathmate on, but full of cold water. And now I dumped it and girth was still 6 inches. Filled it back up with warm and will do that for a couple more minutes, and then I’m thinking one more cold soak. Trying to see if this will impact post session discoloration.

Woke up with wood this morning, but I’m taking today off anyway. May gravitate to a two on, one off schedule. We’ll see what tomorrow’s session brings.

Pretty much took today off too. Not really a planned day off, but I could only pump for around ten minutes in the shower this afternoon, so, maybe tomorrow.

Did my usual workout. No big surprises. 5 3/4” girth after my cold water cool-down. about 205mm max length in the tube. Measured room left until I hit the end of the tube, and that looks to be only about a cm.

Is bathmate only for girth gains?

No, but I think pumping will emphasize girth gains more than length.

Yesterday I woke to killer wood, but had a thrombosed vein. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. No indication of it the day before, or the day before that. And that’s weird because I not only measured after pumping, but I’ve really been keeping an eye on discoloration, so I’d expect I would have noticed. Weird. But I just measured and I’m just a hair shy of 5 1/2” in girth, and this is my third day without a PE workout. So that makes me happy. And I don’t see much indication of the thrombosed vein. So, I may pump later, we’ll see how it goes.


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