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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Yesterday off. Warm up, stretches and 200 Jelqs. Put the bathmate on at about a 50% erection. first pump up went right to 180, possibly 185. Did kegels, pumping every 25 or 30 and was at 195 by my 100th one. Continued my Kegels until I hit 400, pumped up to a hair over 200mm. Continued to kegel until I hit 1000. Post session girth was only about 5 5/8”. Not a bad session. It seems like I’m getting less discoloration now than I was my first couple months. Not sure if that’s a result of doing more jelqs before pumping, or if my dick is just becoming accustomed to pumping. At any rate, I like to see a bit less of the dark spots after my session.

Today should have been a day off, and for the most part it is and will be. But for some reason I grabbed my bathmate and took it in the shower with me. Put it on and pumpued roughly every thirty seconds until I hit the 200mm mark. Din’t take long, three or four minutes. And that was it. Released it and finished washing. Just a weird impulse I had.

Added 50 Jelqs for a total of 250 as part of my warm-up/workout. Put on the bathmate, kegeled and pumped every 30 kegels or so, hitting 200mm by the time I was at 100 kegels. Then pretty much just chilled at that length, doing kegels and pumping up to max vacuum every few minutes. Was a millimeter or two over 200 by the time I was done, but no new length record. Post session girth was 5 3/4 inches. And I didn’t use any ice, but just on a whim, I filled the bathmate with cold water from the tap and put it back on for a few seconds. May try this a bit and see how it goes, if it makes any difference.

Definitely interested in your results with using cold water at the end of your routine. That was an idea I had a while back while thinking of getting a Bathmate. Interested to see if it yields results.

Only time will tell, and I’ve been getting pretty good gains without it, but they do seem to have stalled, so maybe this will help get the ball rolling again. Actually, I shouldn’t say they’ve stalled, my in the tube lengths appear to be increasing as fast as ever. My girth seems to be stuck though.

Today’s warmup/workout consisted of: 2 minutes warm water soak, (the bathmate is awesome for this), 2 sets of 5 way stretches, thirty seconds each, another two minutes of warm water soaking followed by 250 jelqs. Put the bathmate on, 170 mm, 30 kegels-pump up to 185, kegel til I hit 100, pump up to 195, and then once I hit 200 kegels pumped all the way to 200mm. Continue kegels until I hit 1000, pumping to make sure I haven’t expanded in the tube displacing any more water. Which I usually haven’t. Seems that 200mms, maybe a hair over, is my max expanded length. But I’m content to kegel away at that length. Right out of the tube I think my girth hit 6 inches, but by the time I got a real solid measurement it was down to 5 3/4. And then I filled the bathmate back up with cold water and put it back on for 2 minutes. Just enough vacuum to hold itself on, not really going for expansion. Girth after two minutes was still 5 3/4, and flaccid length was almost 7”, so no shrinkage, even though my dick was cold to the touch at that point. It remained at 5 3/4” girth for quite a while as well. I’m going to continue with this coldwater cooldown, I just think it kept my post pump flaccid bigger and more solid for a long time. Well, it’s only been a half hour, but it is just hanging huge and heavy right now. I just wanna walk around with it hanging and swinging around. If I form a “caliper” with my thumb and forefinger, and squeeze on the sides of my dick, it feels more solid than it usually does post pump session. I think the word I’m looking for is “turgid”. Maybe. It doesn’t compress much before the tissue pushes back. It feels nice, and looks big, and is very dense. I think I’ll pursue this for a few weeks and see if it is helpful. My gut feeling is it will be.

That’s great to hear. I was hoping that you’d see some good results from the coldwater cool down. Hopefully over time that fresh out of tube girth will become cemented from the coldwater and then you’ll have that as the starting point and increase expansion from there. Good luck!

So, I took yesterday off. Did my usual warm up and workout, stretches, warm water and jelqs. Put the bathmate on and was at 180, pumped to max pressure after just 30 kegels and hit 195. By 150 kegels I was at 200mm. Kegelled til I hit 600, then released pressure to massage the unit a little bit. Put it back on and kegelled for another 100, looked at my stopwatch and it said 22 minutes, so I measured my post pump girth at 5 3/4, possibly 5 7/8”. Then filled the Bathmate with cold water and put it on for two minutes. Girth remained 5 3/4” after the cold water, so I am not experiencing shrinkage like you might expect. As a matter of fact, I’m now strolling around the house with a flaccid that looks to be 6 1/4” by 5 1/4” in girth, which is a quarter inch both longer, and thicker than my erect penis was when I started PE.

You pump with the cold water or you just “immerse” your dick in it ? :)

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Just enough vacuum to hold the tube on while I towel off, not really aiming for expansion, just trying to keep the dick cold for a couple minutes. I may up that time to 3 minutes tomorrow.

It might be worthwhile to try for expansion just a bit more with the cold water. The theory behind the cold water is that it can help to “cement” the tissues in the elongated state giving you a longer (thicker) starting point next time. In order to get the biggest benefit out of this, I’d think you want some good expansion. No sense in cementing the tissues in an unexpanded state.

The tissues are not concrete, therefore they cannot and will not be “cemented”. Swelling and inflammation slow the healing process, so using common sense, one would imagine that cold will help speed recovery of damaged tissue. But like I say, the idea that you can somehow “cement” expanded tissue using cold is far fetched. And that’s being gentle. (it strikes me as ridiculous, really) I try to use what little I know about biology, physiology, sports medicine and tissue damage/recovery to my best advantage. Use my best and most scientifically sound knowledge to move forward. The use of “ice baths” after rigorous training and exercise is to speed recovery, so that makes some sense. But it surely doesn’t “cement” size or strength gains. When you get a bump on your head, elbow, or knees or wherever, you ice it to relieve swelling and reduce inflammation. And it is almost always helpful. It does not however, cement the damaged tissue in an enlarged state.

Today’s session ended up being interrupted, and then ended up being two shorter sessions. I did 500 kegels before I even warmed up this morning. Then I did two minutes of hot soaking, followed by 2 sets of 5 way stretches, 30 seconds each direction. Another 2 minute warm water soak, followed by 250 wet jelqs. Then I put on the Bathmate, and quickly pumped up to 190, did 100 kegels and pumped to 200. Did another 100 kegels and then kinda alternated between doing sets of 100 kegels, and 30 second straight out Bathmate stretches. Quit at the ten minute marker. Erect girth was 5 3/4 inches fresh from the pump.

Then I got a second workout in, in this afternoon. I had kegeled after my morning workout until I hit 1000 for the session. So this workout I just did 100 of them with a “two Mississippi” count while I held the flex. Then did five way stretches with the Bathmate on. You have to hold the base about three bellows up, holding the seal tight against your body in the opposite direction from which you’ll be pulling. Thirty seconds pulling out, up, right, left, then down. And then I would pump again to make sure I was at maximum vacuum. Finished at just a hair over 200mms. And post pump girth was 5 3/4 inches. And then I filled the Bathmate with ice water and pumped up just to where I had a good seal, and left it like that for three minutes. Then I put more cold water in it, and cooled it for another two minutes. Girth was still 5 3/4”, so no real shrinkage. Then I walked around the house in my boxers for a while. My pumped up flaccid flopped out through the fly, and I thought it looked cool, so I just walked around like that. Looking down on it it seems a bit bigger, but when I catch myself in the mirror, it’s like, “Holy cow, whose dick is that” I measured the flaccid hang at about 6 1/4” long, and the girth was still 5 5/8 at midshaft. Like I said, It looks nice.

Yesterday off. Today’s was my best session yet. Did 800 kegels before my warm-up. Then my usual warm water, stretch, more warm water, followed by 250 wet jelqs, and I tried to do some “girth blasters”, with mixed results, but that’s another story. Put on the bathmate with about an 80% erection, and immediately pumped to 195. Did 100 Kegels, and pumped up to 200. I did my final 100 kegels for an even 1000 for the day, and then started doing five way stretches, using the Bathmate to pull on the ligs, or inner penis or whatever you call it. The part in the base you can feel screaming as you pull against it. 30 seconds each direction, and pump up the bathmate every 5 minutes. Spent probably the last 15 minutes of my workout with my penis expanded to well past the 200mm mark. Held the tube underwater to try to get the clearest view possible, and it looks like less than a half inch to the end of the tube. Post tube girth was 6 inches, and I used an icewater cooldown again, losing nothing in erect girth this time. Your results may vary, but I really like the cold-water after the hot water pumping. Leaves my dick feeling thick, and heavy. Just looks like some kind of mutant that has attached itself where my dick used to be. My dick is very straight and cylindrical, as opposed to having much of a taper, so I usually just measure at mid shaft, and that’s fine, but today I measured around the “corona” and the base, and both of those were at between 6 1/8 and 6 1/4”. I’m sure the corona measurement was in fact affected by this kind of “belly” I get right under the head after a pump session. Anyways, I hope all your PE sessions are as good as mine was today.


I am doing kegels during my “air pump” sets, but nothing like the amount you are doing. Sounds like a great idea. Are they all fast contractions or do you mix it up with longer ones?


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