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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

I usually “flex and hold” but only for a second, In my head I count, “one Mississippi, two Mississippi”, and so on, then every time I hit an even hundred, I hold that one for a solid ten Mississipi count.


I’ve got a routine for “erection support/quality” I got from a doctor’s “Male Menopause” book* that I need to get back into. He recommends doing short ones with morning wood, and then doing fifteen or twenty 10 or 15-second contractions per day:

“Short intense contrations may help a portion of the muscle or the sphincters themselves, but it takes longer sustained contractions to recruit the full web of fibers that extend out to the bulbo- and ischio-cavernosa muscles.”

So that basically sounds like what you are doing in the bathmate. Excellent.

I am really impressed with the kind of expansion you are getting. I am going to get going again with these kegels while pumping.

*The Testosterone Syndrome, by Eugene Shippen, M.D.

Did my Kegels when I woke up. Standard warm-up and workout, added 50 jelqs for a total of 300 of those, and tried to do some more “girth blasters”. I think I got one at about 40 seconds long, and 2 more at about 30 seconds long. These are supposed to be performed at about 80-90 percent erect, and I can’t seem to maintain that for very long.

I went into the Bathmate flaccid, pumped up to 170, did 100 Kegels, pumped up to 195, did another hundred kegels and pumped to 200. Then I did the five way Bathmate stretches, re-pumping to make sure I was at max vacuum as much as possible. for a few minutes I held the base with one hand, pulled out from very low on the plastic tube while sort of rotating the tube, 20 clockwise repetitions, followed by 20 counterclockwise. And then more stretches. Expanded length was over 200, probably 205 by the time I was done. And I’m not sure, but I think my post pump girth hit 6 1/4 inches. Definitely hit 6, and then I did my standard ice water cool-down for five minutes. Flaccid hang was 7 1/4”, and girth hit 6 1/8”, so the fear of shrinkage I had is totally unfounded. Has anyone else been doing this? I’m impressed with my results and it’s only been a week.

I’m looking into pumping again. I’ve checked into this log periodically to see how you are progressing. Seems like you’re getting more expansion post work out. How long does it last for and have you seen any of this translate into actual gains?

With a one day on, one day off schedule, I’m hesitant to call any of my gains permanent. Got an erection an hour or two after my session, and the girth hit 5 1/2 inches. I feel like more time is needed. It keeps getting bigger and bigger under vacuum, so in time, Im sure those gains will become permanent.

bathmate is small for 6,3 inches girth?


It might be. They make a “Goliath” model, I’m sure that would be big enough.

Yesterday off. Warm water, stretches, more warm water, 300 jelqs followed by 3 “girth blasters”, first was one minute long, second two were only 30 seconds. Pumped up to 190 right off the bat. 100 kegels, pumped to nearly 200 mm, did another 100 Kegels and pumped again, this time to 200mms. Then just did directional Bathmate stretches, 30 seconds each direction. Every time I have done two complete cycles, out, up, right, left and then down, I pump back to max vacuum. I ended the session at a little over 200. My flaccid girth definitely hit 6 1/8” today. Did the icewater cooldown for 6 minutes today, and my girth was still 6 1/8” and flaccid was a bit over 7 inches. Just a monster flaccid. And it seems to be staying plumper for longer. It is still probably 5 3/4” in girth right now. Good session. I think I’m having some sort of strange “penis dismorphia”. Even with the tape clearly pulled snug and reading 6 inches. It (my dick) doesn’t look “that big” to me. It is weird. I can hold the tape in a loop, touching the end to the measurement I just hit, and hold it next to my plumped up flaccid, and while I know it is in fact big, it just doesn’t seem that way to me. Just strange, strange, strange.

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Have you taken an off day erect length/girth measurement lately? If not, would you mind doing so to see if you have had any erect length gains?

Also, as you become accustomed to your new dick, your mind assumes it is the same as always and plays tricks on you…. Much like all those guys in Japan (I think) that were convinced that their dick was shrinking. Your measurements will help you reinforce what you know to be true.

I’m taking today off, and I’ll measure tomorrow before I pump.

Yeah, I think that I have some kind of visual distortion that happens when I look down at my crotch. Used to be that I looked at the tape rolled into a loop and I thought 5 1/2” looked big, and 6” looked huge. Now I’m just kind of not that impressed. I had a flaccid post-pump girth of 6 1/4” the other day, and while it looked impressive, I was nowhere near as freaked out as I should have been. I know 6 1/4” is in fact huge, even in porn that’s a real outlier. I think my mind is getting warped.

OK, so I did my usual warmup, stretches, jelqs and three 30 second “girth blasters”. Pumped up to 195, right out of the gate. Did 100 Kegels, then pumped to 200, and pumped up again to a little over 200 after a second round of 100 Kegels. Then did my routine of stretching in all five directions, for 30 seconds each direction. Pumping back up every 5 minutes. And occasionally doing a set of “rotary cranks”, 20 clockwise, and then 20 counterclockwise. Hit 6 inches post session girth, and then did my six minute “cool-down” soak in ice cold water. Girth still was hitting 5 7/8” inch after that.

I tried to get an erect measurement this morning, and hit 7” BPEL and 5 1/4” girth, but that was at only an 80% erection. I’m getting more than a little frustrated with all the “Are your gains permanent”, “how much of your gains are permanent”? “Will you take an off day measurement to check gains”? type of post questions. I end up measuring for other peoples curiosity more than mine. And it’s frustrating the shit out of me. I don’t need to measure every two or three weeks. It’s ridiculous. I’ll measure from now on, when I feel like I’ve made some progress. Other than that, the only measurements will be in the tube expansion and post session girth. Alright, rant over, winding down now.

I know. I just read a post by a guy who feels his dick is skinny at 5 1/2” in girth. I’m like “what the fuck are you thinking”? But then again, I can understand.

Didn’t mean to start a rant, but I understand. The reason I asked is that you commented several times about not seeing the erect change. The science geek in me wants to be able to correlate in tube gains with erect gains. A little change in tube with none out, I can accept, but there comes a point that if it is stretching or has stretched that much consistently in tube, then at least some of that should be there later.

Follow your own path, but let us know how you’re doing. Empirical data always helps.

Yeah, I dunno why I got so bent out of shape, but it seems every 3 weeks someone wants to know about permanent gains, or erect gains, or what gains remain after a couple days off and it’s like, it hasn’t been long enough to call anything beyond the quarter inch in girth I picked up permanent. I’ve since picked up another quarter inch in girth, but it only remains at 5 1/2” in girth for 24 to 36 hours. Eventually, I’m sure that will become more permanent, and really expected it to be there when I measured most recently. But with a not full erection and really just wanting to get to my routine, I got that same old 5 1/4” measurement. Then I just sort of stewed in my frustration for the length of my workout. Then got into my post workout rant. Ha! Oh well, even after 5 months with the Bathmate I’m still learning. The whole point of this thread was to collect data. But I think forced measurements at odd times with flagging erections are probably as misleading as stating a post session girth as a new, permanent size. On and on it goes.


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