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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Pumped yesterday. Kinda warmed up with a hot cloth compress for my ingrown hair on the shaft, and when my penis got a bit chubbed up, I just grabbed the Bathmate really quickly. No exercises to speak of, just a straight twenty minutes of Pumping. Length at 7 3/8 almost the entire time, girth after twenty minutes was 6 inches even. Only got about a five minute cool down.

Pumped again today. No real workout again. Just 20 minutes of hot. Girth was 5 7/8”. Then 10 minutes of cold. Girth hit 6”.

12/20 was a day off. Today, 12/21, I warmed up and did 100 jelqs, then did twenty minutes of hot water pumping. Length in the tube was 7 3/8”, and post pump girth hit 5 7/8”. Oh, then I did a minute of Firegoat rolls. Then a ten minute cooldown and girth hit 6” even. I’m wondering why my post session girth seems to have leveled out at 6”. I would expect every once in a blue moon to hit a measurement an eighth, or a quarter bigger. Oh well, pretty good session anyway.

I think just this past Sunday or Friday, for the first time ever, I got an erection that maintained, at least temporarily, a 6” girth. Made me smile all day. Unfortunately, it had returned to 5 5/8” by the next morning. I had to remind myself that is in fact awesome, as I started this journey with a MSG of 5

To be clear, do you mean that before you began PE you were at 5” circumference and are now at 5 5/8, or do you mean that since you started using the bathmate you’ve gone from 5 to 5 5/8?

Originally Posted by jackman2020

To be clear, do you mean that before you began PE you were at 5” circumference and are now at 5 5/8, or do you mean that since you started using the bathmate you’ve gone from 5 to 5 5/8?

Both. A couple years back I got some temporary girth increase when I fooled around with clamping, but it quickly disappeared after I stopped. And I don’t think I’d call my girth 5 5/8” in any permanent, even semi-permanent sense. I recently had I think, about a nine day break, and was still hitting 5 1/2” girth before I started back up. I have had the Bathmate for roughly a year now, so I guess I’d be comfortable saying I’ve gained 1/2” in girth in that year. Is that really good, or really bad? It can’t be bad. It is the first girth gains I’ve ever made. So I’m happy with it, even if they seem slow to me.

I was hoping for more (of course I was), but having not had much luck with girth gains before, I’m pretty happy with a half inch gain. I did seem to have some quicker gains initially, And girth gains can’t be attributed to ligament stretching, so I figured that pace would continue. Ah well, my penis is now 7”x5 1/2”, which was my goal when I started. And I didn’t really think it was even possible. So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m happy, but not quite satisfied.

Also, I took today off.

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D’oh! Forgot to log my workout yesterday. 100 wet jelqs and then 20 minutes of warm water pumping. Length was 7 3/8” for the first 10 minutes, 7 1/2” for the last 10. Post pump flaccid girth was 5 7/8”. Then 10 minutes of cold water cool down, girth remained 5 7/8”. Gonna pump again today, as I woke with pretty good wood this morning.

So, I warmed up, did some stretches, 100 wet followed by 50 v jelqs. Then twenty minutes of hot water Bathmate with the first 8 minutes at a length of 7 3/8”, last 12 minutes at 7 1/2”. Girth was only 5 3/4”, and after ten minutes of cold water cool down, I was still at only 5 3/4”, so probably time for a day off tomorrow.

Rayb, have you considered graphing your results to see where things are going over the long haul and if there is a trend? I make it a point not to take daily measurements because of fluctuations but when using the bath mate, one can not help but notice where one is on the ruler at the top of the tube.

The thing is, the marks on the tube have a variation of at least a half inch, probably more, depending on how “scrunched down” the rings on the bellows are. At max vacuum, I may hit the 200mm mark. At a lesser vacuum, with less compression of the bellows, I may hit only 180mm, but when measured with an independent ruler, the ruler will read 7 1/4” for both. Does that make sense? I’m not likely to graph the measurements, as I’m still trying to figure out, based on my post session measurements, what schedule returns the best results. For example, look at my last two days. I pumped on both of them, and ended up with a lesser girth today. So I’m now thinking, two days in a row may be too much. I’ve heard from a few different sources that intense girth sessions take more recovery time. I believe it.

Yesterday (25th) off. Warmed up and worked out today. Around a hundred jelqs, and 50 v-jelqs, and about ten minutes of edging, with no pumping.

Thank you for your reply. Two more questions: I’ve gotten the impression that

1. Maintaining a good erection while pumping results in less discoloration

2. Maintaining a good erection while pumping results in better girth improvement.

Do you have an opinion on either of these opinions?

I don’t know for sure. With a lower pressure around your penis, it really has no choice but to be erect. I do think I get better expansion if I go into the Bathmate with a relatively hard erection. But even If I go in limp as a noodle, My penis will inflate to full erect size within three or four minutes.

Today I warmed up, stretched, did one hundred wet, then fifty v, then another twenty wet jelqs. Then twenty minutes of hot Bathmate, followed by ten minutes of cold. Best girth never got over 5 5/8”, so that sucks. In the tube length was 7 1/4” almost the whole time.

Edit point: I think I was mad about my earlier low numbers. At any rate, I pulled another pump session. No real exercises, just got an erection and pumped up. Immediately to 7 1/4”, and really quickly after that to 7 1/2”. Did ten minutes of hot, which gave me a girth of 5 13/16”. Then ten minutes of cold, after which my girth was at 6” even. So that’s better, I guess. It was probably too much for one day though. Got a hint of a doughnut, nothing too crazy though.

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