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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

What length are you reaching in the tube now? It feels like I’m stuck, maybe I don’t pump as much as I need to these days. I guess it’s harder to gain more after this long of pumping.

Originally Posted by raybbaby

Flaccid girth gain, I’m really not sure. I think flaccid length is probably my biggest gain from the Bathmate, I never really measured it much before, but I’m sure it now hangs at a strong 5 inches, and before it was likely only 4 at best.

so you’ve gained 1 inch with the BM? How long did it take?

I’ve been using it for about a month but I don’t think I’ve gained anything yet, it’s much bigger withing a few hours when erected but the skipping 2 or 3 days would result in the loss of the entire small gain.

Well, I have taken 2 breaks in the past year. And I’m just starting up again now after about eight weeks of no PE. And I’m not really pumping as actively as I was before. I do a warm-up with a hot wash cloth, some 5 way stretches, about 100 wet jelqs, then about ten minutes of cool down in the Bathmate. At pretty low pressure, not really going for max expansion, just trying to keep it a bit bigger for a few extra minutes. Then maybe five to ten minutes of edging, which is also part of my warm down.


What’s up man, Im waiting on my bathmate and wanted to know how long you maintained post pump measurements your first couple of weeks.

Started 1/7/12 6 1/8 bpel 5.75 nbpel 4.75 mseg 5 glans

Short term goal 6.5x 5.25 Currently weighing in at: 6.5 x 5

Long term Goal: to be able nickname my dick the MONSTER

I can’t remember. That was over a year ago. Sorry. And really, no two people are really alike, so your temporary post pump size might be larger, or smaller than mine. And it may last longer, or possibly not as long as mine did. There’s no set gain you can count on. Some guys, will be lucky enough to gain in a month what takes others a year to accomplish.

I understand all that I was just trying to get a idea but if you don’t remember that’s cool.

Started 1/7/12 6 1/8 bpel 5.75 nbpel 4.75 mseg 5 glans

Short term goal 6.5x 5.25 Currently weighing in at: 6.5 x 5

Long term Goal: to be able nickname my dick the MONSTER

Raybaby, please tell me if my gross assessment of your experience with girth and Bathmate is correct: For several years you were not able to gain more than about .25” girth, which you mostly got by clamping. Those gains were followed by a long period of minimal girth gains. Then you got a Bathmate and gained ~.25” in a first month of use. Then you gained another .25” over the course of a year of further use. Your routine during most of the periods where you got gains was 4-5 20 minute sessions per week.

I would appeciate it if you could let me know how accurate my summary of your girth experience has been.

I also would appreciate it if you could share what your ambitions are for further girth gains and how you think you might pursue them having already done manual routines, clamping, and bathmate.

I ask these things in large part because I too have never been able to gain substantially from manual routines or clamping.

Well, I think it took me more along the lines of three months to gain the first 1/4 inch, at least to make it permanent. And my workouts usually consisted of some stretching and jelqing before I would use the Bathmate. So, your assessment is pretty close. I have however never clamped with any real frequency. I have a clamp, but I’ve never used it for an extended period of time. I’ve had good success with my Bathmate, so I would recommend it to anyone else. Of course there are no guarantees with anything in PE, but I have had really good luck with mine.

As far as further girth gains, I’d like to gain another 1/2 an inch to put me at an even six inches MSG.

Are you optimistic about making a lot of further gains with Bathmate? Do you view clamping as a likely next frontier for you then?

Yes, I’m definitely optimistic. I can get really close to, if not in fact hit, six inches flaccid girth after pumping. So I just need to make that size permanent.

I have got to start this log going again. Besides for wearing my extender, I’m taking today off. But I pumped yesterday. The day before that was off, but I pumped the day before that as well. Gotta get back on a regular schedule. Maybe keeping this log will help.

My last couple workouts consisted of 10 minutes warming up at a medium vacuum in the Bathmate, in warm water. Then 150 wet jelqs, and then 50 v-jelqs. Then put the Bathmate back on and leave it on for another 30 minutes. That is beyond the recommended 20 minutes, and unfortunately gives me a pretty pronounced donut. But that isn’t painful, and it will subside by about 50 percent if I edge for 20 minutes, and is basically gone by bed time. My post session girth was 6 1/8” out of the tube yesterday, and where that would usually get smaller in no time, it stayed that size for 1/2 hour of edging, and then by the 40 minute mark it was at 5 7/8”. I just got erect and measured it now, and I’m afraid it’s back down to 5 1/2”. Oh well, onwards I press.

Today: 10 minute warm water, medium to high vacuum. Girth was 5 3/4. Did 150 wet jelqs, and 50 v jelqs, then got relatively hard and put the Bathmate back on. Left it on for 30 minutes, best in the tube length was 7 1/2”, which was maintained almost the entire time. Post pump girth was 6 1/4”, really close to 6 3/8”, but with a donut that hit 6 1/2”. Maintained the 6” girth for about 40 minutes while edging. Was back down to 5 3/4” after an hour.Put on my extender, and called it a done deal.

Today off, and when I measured girth this morning it was back to 5 3/8 to 5 1/2”, so, I can’t wait to workout again tomorrow. Just glad I snapped a phone pic of it at 6 1/4” after pumping yesterday. It’s pretty inspirational.


I’m new here and just wanted to say thank you so much for running this log and putting in the effort to share the detailed experiences you have had and are having with the BM. I just completed reading your log and I was certain that you would be long gone by the time I reached the end yet I am so excited that I see that you are still here and continuing to log this adventure! I received my BM recently and have pumped 3 times so far along with manual stretching and the Power Jelq Gym roller. I am starting easy, 1 on 1 off and am contemplating a log myself (if only for tracking my progress). Just wanted to send a shout out to say thank you pretty much from everyone here that has/will benefit from your efforts. Keep up the awesome work and look forward to following your continued progress!

Starting Stats: June 7, 2012 - BPEL 6.1" NBPEL 5.5" EG 5.0" FL 3.25"

Short Term Goal - BPEL 7" NBPEL 6.5" EG 6.0"

Long Term Goal - BPEL 8.5" NBPEL 8.0" EG 6.5"


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