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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

OK, I don’t want anyone to just start pumping with cold water. I’d hate it if something I posted was misinterpreted and caused someone an injury. Today off. Woke with decent wood, but I was sleeping with my all night cock ring/clamp thingy. Which probably contributed to it.

Well, I had planned on yesterday being a PE day, but I got called away. So all I got in before I was interrupted was a warmup, in the tube of about five minutes, followed by 100 wet and then 100 v jelqs. Then I hot water pumped for about ten minutes before I had to put everything away and bolt.

Today I woke up, heated a rice sock in the microwave and got back into bed with it warming my package for 5 or 10 minutes. Then I did 100 each wet and v jelqs, and then put the Bathmate on. I then proceeded to get distracted by the internet. Both of what should have been ten minute periods under vacuum ended up going long, somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 to 15 minutes a piece. But everything seemed to be OK, so I actually did a third warm water pump of around 13 minutes, before I did my 10 minute cold water cool down. My in the tube lengths were usually 7 1/4” to 7 3/8”, briefly hitting 7 1/2” by the end of the session. My MSG measurements, measured right out of the tube every 12 to 15 minutes went like this; 1. 5 5/8”, 2. 5 7/8”, 3. 6”, 4. (cold water) 6 1/8”. Afterwards I edged for a while, and maintained pretty good expansion, continuing to hit erect girths of 5 7/8” and even 6” sometimes. So, pretty happy with it, all things considered. I think I’ll wait and see what kind of morning wood I have tomorrow before I decide whether or not it will be a workout day.

Well, I pumped again today. But I didn’t really measure until I had done two fifteen minute hot water pumps, and a ten minute cold water cool down. Best pumped length was 7 1/2”, post pump girth was 6”.

Hey raybbaby,

When you’re measuring post pump girth are you fully erect, or just plumped from the pump session?

I’m measuring after leaving the BM too, but usually not fully erect at that point, just nice and plump from the pump. I usually then work up to as much of a full erection as I can and measure again.

Yup, Just like you said. I’m just getting an idea of my temporary expansion. And then I edge. Usually around 1/4” less when erect. But it varies. A couple times I’ve managed to keep it very near that expanded flaccid girth.

That’s odd. I’m actually getting a bigger measurement after returning to erect within a minute or so of leaving the tube. I’m not sure that means anything substantial, but wondering if the difference is a good thing for me.

I was just thinking that in the tube I’m actually expanded farther that when I come out of the tube, and then getting erect re-expands.

I’ve been doing a 20 minute BM session followed by 10 minutes of clamping while still warmed up from the BM. That lets me measure my max expansion. I’m usually about 1/4” inch higher than my non-clamped erect girth. So, I’m not getting a ton of expansion from either the BM or clamping, but I’m making progress for sure. It seems to be about 1/8” gain in EG in the last few weeks.

Yeah, I’m guessing that as the erection stretches my penis lengthwise, the girth narrows a bit. Also as blood fills the chambers, it may force out the accumulated lymph fluid. I’m just guessing. Like I say, that is what happens the majority of the time. Not always. I think just this past Sunday or Friday, for the first time ever, I got an erection that maintained, at least temporarily, a 6” girth. Made me smile all day. Unfortunately, it had returned to 5 5/8” by the next morning. I had to remind myself that is in fact awesome, as I started this journey with a MSG of 5”.

Keep it going man. Fantastic job thus far! Pumping is all about the future. Bigger measurements you see become permanent over time. It’s my favorite method of PE.

I like your thread. Although I do not pump with my BM, I do indeed water pump very regularly (I water pump with a Lapdist cylinder). I’ve been back at it consistently for 3 weeks and already noticing a bigger flaccid, more veins growing, and bigger measurements.

One thing I read in your thread was in the beginning about finding the perfect frequency schedule to get the most expansion. I find I have this trouble as well, although I do get consistent expansion.

What schedule have you found to be the most ideal since you have been at it for quite some time since you began water pumping?

Some things I’ve been thinking about lately with water pumping that perhaps you have found to be similar in your experiences:

1. Without a doubt, kegels are key to this madness. It seems the more the better because they are pushing more blood into the penis. Girthwise, I feel as doing this has grown my Corpus spongiosum quite consistently. What about you? Where specifically have your girth gains been produced on your penis? Width wise or height wise?
2. I am inclined toward pumping fully erect compared to semi hard because it feels better, but haven’t done any tests to see which state produces better results. What have you found? Is pumping semi erect better than fully?

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

I still haven’t found what I consider the perfect schedule. Today is my second day off in a row. I’m starting to think I will go two on, two off. I do think Kegeling under vacuum does give more expansion, and I would say my girth gains have come mostly in the vertical axis, but not really in my CS. It just is, and was kind of not all that pronounced, like I see a lot of porn stars dicks are. It looks like the CC has mostly expanded, it just seems to have expanded more from top to bottom than from left to right. My perspective is likely a bit skewed.

Today I warmed up, 100 wet, and then 100 v jelqs, and then two ten minute hot water pumps followed by a ten minute cooldown. Length pumped right up to 7 1/2”, about 200mms on the Bathmate length gauge. Girth at the end of the hot and the cold water pumping was only 5 3/4”, but even though my cold water length on the Bathmate measure read 170, it remained at 7 1/2” on the independent ruler. So, no new records, but not terrible either.

Interesting stuff. If only we all recorded every single statistic, this PE thing would be oh so easy.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Not really. I don’t seem to be making much headway these days. But if and when there is progress, I should be able to see what I was doing different.

I took today off, besides from a few hours of extender wear.

Just to keep this thing current, I took yesterday and the day before, the ninth, off. Dealing with an ingrown hair that seems to be agitated by the pumping, and makes the whole thing painful, not in a too much vacuum way, it’s just really painful right in that spot. I did measure this morning and still had 5 1/2” girth, so that was good news.

Thanks. Funny thing about girth gains, is that they’ve been so slow and gradual that I really don’t notice my dick getting bigger. When I measured girth this morning, I really thought it would only be 5 1/4”, as it didn’t really look or feel that much fatter to me. And with more than 48 hours passed since my last pump session, I was really quite shocked to see it was still that fat. That girth might not be permanent yet, but with two days having passed, it isn’t fluid buildup either.


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