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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Well thanks. Keeping this log motivates me and keeps me from slacking too much.

Also, I got a workout in today. Ten minutes warm up in the Bathmate at med vacuum, followed by 150 wet jelqs, the 50 v-jelqs, then 20 minutes of Bathmate pumping, and my girth hit 5 7/8” and there was no sign of a donut, so I did another 10 minutes, which put me at 6 1/8”. Did about 5 more minutes of pumping at med vacuum with cold water, no more expansion happened.


Long time! :)

Since you are one of the few “BM experts” here I would like to ask you one thing. Is medium pressure what you recommend? Is that what gave you gains or was that on max pressure? What would you say is medium pressure with BM? I’m looking for a % of max pressure, i.e. if I max out at 190 cm (on the BM scale), is medium pressure on 90 % (171 cm), 80 % (152 cm), 70 % (133 cm)? I calculated the length just to make it clearer as I would have said 50-70 % if I did not see how little pressure that actually is. At 133 cm (70 %) I feel almost nothing in the tube. 170 cm (90%) feels more like medium pressure to me, but that might be to high for longer sessions (over 10 min)?

Thanks and good luck!

ps btw, I recently started a combined routine with pumping and clamping. It seems promising, but only time will tell.

Hmm, I’m relatively conditioned, so after I feel I’m sufficiently warmed up, I go at really high pressure. I re-pump the BM every 2 to 5 minutes. Like I say, I feel like I’ve been at this a while, so I go by feel, and by logging time under high vacuum and monitoring to make sure I don’t get too much of a “donut” going on, I go for max time, at max vacuum. But your results may be quite different from mine.

Okay, I pumped yesterday, 6/10. No real exercises though. Just a half hour in the Bathmate, the first ten minutes at a low vacuum. Post pump girth was 5 3/4”, maybe 5 7/8” at best.

Today, warm up in the Bathmate for 10 minutes, then 150 wet jelqs, then 50 v-jelqs. Then I went back into the Bathmate, and every ten minutes I checked my girth, and looked for “donut effect”. When I notice a donut forming, I’ll quit. Post pump girth were, 5 7/8” at ten minutes, 6” at 20 minutes, 6 1/8” at 30 minutes, and with no signs of a donut forming, I decided to try for another ten minutes.

After another 16 minutes, yes I kinda goofed and overshot the ten minute mark, My girth hit 6 1/4” but I was getting a donut. Which, when measured was only an eighth of an inch more in circumference than the shaft, though it looked more pronounced. Edged for a while, did a couple minutes of Firegoat rolls, and I was still getting a measurement of 6 inches after twenty minutes, but that is now down to 5 3/4”.

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Yesterday off. Today warmed up for 15 minutes. Then stretched up, out and down for 30 seconds each. 160 wet jelqs, 60 v-jelqs. Then pumped for 15 minutes. Girth was 5 3/4”, another 15 minutes and girth hits 5 7/8”. So I pumped for another 10 minutes, and girth hit 6”, possibly 6 1/8”. Was just starting to see the beginnings of a “donut” so I stopped pumping. Edged for about ten minutes.

Edit point; after a few hours, maybe 6 or 7, I warm water pumped again, just for ten minutes, to see what would happen. Penis went right back up to 6” girth. Thought about pumping more, but decided against it.

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Great log. I am following along as I’m very interested in getting a Bathmat for myself.

(12/5/2008) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.75" BSFL: 8.1" FL: 5" FG 4.25"||New Goal: NBPEL: 8" EG: 6"

Technique: 95% Wet Jelqing, 5% Low Vacuum Pumping

Photos Journal

Okay, normally I would have taken today off, but I woke with good wood, so I figured why not pump?

15 minute warm-up, girth was 5 3/4”

160 wet jelqs, 60 v jelqs

15 minutes in pump, girth hit 5 7/8”

15 minutes more, girth hit 6”.

Another 15 minutes, girth hit 6 1/8”, just a hint of a donut starting,so..

ten more minutes, really close to packing the tube girth wise, girth fresh out of the pump hit 6 9/16”.

Totally crazy, but very pronounced donut, and hard to get an erection for edging. Really couldn’t get it past about 75% hard. But edged for a half hour, after which my girth was down to 6 inches even. But seeing that 6 9/16” on the tape freaked me out. Seeing the tube very nearly packed was awesome.

I bet that was nuts, glad your back at it ray.

Reject the basic assumptions of civilizations, especially the importance of material possessions.

I was going to take today completely off. But I felt compelled, so I just Did the Bathmate, with no workout, for 20 minutes. Actually it was more like 23 because I lost track of time. Only measured after I was all done, and my girth hit 6 inches even, flaccid hang looked to be 6 and a half.

Saturday and Sunday off. Oh and yesterday I checked and my girth had gone back down to 5 1/2”.

OK, today I warmed up with 10 minutes in the Bathmate, but I forgot to measure that girth. But anyways, then I did 160 wet, followed by 60 v jelqs. Then I put the Bathmate back on, and pumped up. I kinda lost track of time and didn’t release and measure until I had ben in it for 20 minutes. At that point my girth had hit 6 inches. Another ten minutes and it hit 6 1/8”, maybe 6 3 /16” in some places. Then after another 10 minutes it hit 6 3/8”. Then I edged for 20 minutes. Erect girth was still 6” after 15 minutes, but had shrunk down to 5 3/4” to 5 7/8” by the thirty minute mark.

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Ok, quick before I forget. Today’s workout.

15 min warmup, girth was 5 5/8”

180 wet, 80 v jelqs

20 minutes bathmate-girth was 5 7/8

10 minutes more -girth hit 6

another ten minutes in cold water girth was still 6”

edged for 10 minutes.

Today, I didn’t do manual exercises. But I did some pumping, at medium to about 75% of full vacuum.

15 minutes-girth was 5 3/4”

30 minutes, girth was 5 7/8”

45 minutes, girth was 6”


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