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The secret to continued gains.

The theory of muscle confusion in body building is a marketing gimmick and has no scientific basis. Muscles (and dicks) don’t get “confused”, nor do they “guess”. They respond in predictable ways to a certain amount of stimulus, depending on each individual body’s genetic potential. The most effective body building regimens are those that incorporate adequate amounts of rest and nutrition and avoid over training. I suspect the penchant for changing up routines has more to do with the inability to stick with a consistent workout than bigger or faster gains. We all have a limit on our genetic potential, whether it’s body building or dick stretching, and as you get closer to that potential the rate of your gains will naturally decrease. As in body building, avoiding injury and getting sufficient rest contribute just as much to the process as PE exercises do.

(Sorry to be so sensible.)

The most hardcore pro BB’ers tend to follow the same program year in, year out only making small adjustments in intensity and weight, and depending on season, cardio sessions. The only reason for changing programs is due to time, efficiency, goals and what your body actually responds to. The switching program every 3’d month or so I put on the shelf years ago and only change when I feel like it because the program is getting tedious or boring or want to implement something new.

So basicly I second what hardman wrote about BB’ing, when it comes to PE I have not made up my mind yet besides that persistence is key.

I started clamping in early 07 clamped for a solid year. Gained a half an inch in girth I’ve never lost to this day. BUT. Over various times from 08 - to now. I can not for the life of me gain anymore girth.. I wonder if your penis really can only grow so much. Gaining a half an inch in girth is one of the most amazing things that’s ever happened to me in my life so if I’m stuck at 6inch mseg thats fine. My goal was always 6.5 - 7. I’m about 6 weeks into heavy clamping right now. 15 min then 12 min about a month from now was going to switch to 3 a day 5 days a week with weekends off. But if I don’t see some kind of gain in 3 months. I’m going to start doing length exercises. But clamping has been hard after that first gain.

3/11 - 8.25 BPEL X 6.00 EG - GOAL 9.00 BPEL x 6.50 EG.

Originally Posted by Ring
I pretty much agree with you. I had massive gains for a while but then they started to dwindle a lot.

Perhaps most newbie gains are just a matter of reaching one’s natural potential?

Guys like me who gained only 1/4” in length over 1.5 year probably started off with an already strong erection quality that has reached it’s natural potential. And I haven’t be able to gain more from deforming the penile tissue (still working on it).

Ever wonder why most older folks tend to gain lots in the first 3 months??? Even though getting older (40+) doesn’t mean a guarantee loss of penis size, due to health issues and perhaps lack of regular sexual practices, many older folks do experience smaller penis size in comparison to their size in young adulthood. Especially we are in a society that is prone to cardiovascular and diabetic diseases, it is not unusual for one to lose erection quality because of bad circulation.

If you can gain 1/2” or more in a month or even two months, it probably just means that you have regained some of your natural potential. For those who can still gain after 6 months to a year (or even longer) of consistent PE, it probably means the extra gains are due to successful deformation of penile tissues. It takes a lot of time and patience. And I am still trying to figure out what works best for me.

The wisdom of a hard gainer: REST. REST. REST. Working too much PE will only cause stress on penile tissues to retract and tighten up than to expand.

Notorious "Hardgainer". No Gain in 4 Years! Check out my "Blog" under Profile.

(starting: Jun 2007) 5.75" BPEL x 5" EG / (Sept 11, 2011) 6.375" BPEL x 5.125" EG / (July 1st, 2014) 6.25" BPEL x 5.125" EG (lost a bit of size)

Good points, all of them

This is just my 2nd post on Thunder’s place, I hope I’m in the good thread (I’m french so sorry for my poor english and the faults !)

Based on my own experience, I think that the quality of the routine is the key of success ;
When I started 1 year ago I was in a poor health condition (smoking w**d everyday, no sport at all). But my gains were good at the beginning (+ 0.4 inch in length just during the 2nd month !).
2 months ago I completely stopped smoking and started doing sport 3 times a week, as I think high testosterone levels can help the growth.
I feel way better than before, full of energy and motivation. But strangely, since 2 months my gains are ZERO, in both ways.
I still think that a high testosterone level helps, so, definitely, there should be something wrong with my routine.
So I will try your method Peter Dick, changing the routine everyday and introducing new exercises (I did no stretching or clamping so far).
I will posts the results later in this same thread and hope I will confirm what you say !

Started Nov 2010 : BPEL 6.1 - EG (mid) : 4.5

Current Nov 2011 : BPEL 7 - EG (mid) : 4.75

Long term goal : BPEL : 8.5 - EG (mid) : 6

I stopped smoking in 2007 and the day I quit was the best length and girth measurement I ever had. Since then I have lost 1/2” length and 1/4” girth. It was a great disappointment, because I thought better circulation would translate to size. Just don’t understand the physiology of the whole thing. That said, damn, am I glad I quit, and ran my first half marathon this month at 63.

Congratulations, and keep spreading the word about the benefits of quitting.

Start: 5/3/05 BPFL: 5.00" FG: 3.75" BPEL: 6.25" EG: 4.75" BPFSL: 7.00"

6/21/06 6.00 4.65 8.25" 5.50" 8.80"

9/21/07 6.25" 4.75" 8.25" 5.65" 9.20"

Appears often people who claim to have found the method for incredible gains, but disappear soon after and did not hear from them again. Peter dick is an example of this.

We will never know if I continue gains but it seems that at some point he stopped and left the forum.

Any method can be good if you have proof, yet after a few months or a year later than growth stops.

The PE has limits.

Originally Posted by Rizlo
Hello this is my opinion:

I believe in deconditionning break , when you have a injurie in your lig/tendon the heal process is the same all time:

First: inflamation + appearance of collagen type III (day3)
Then (day 5) begin of cellular rebuild and healing with collagen type I ( harder than type III), at this moment the tissu is yet breakable
Then (day 17) collagen is transforming in myofibrils and the cellular rebuild continu.
Then (1 month) the tissu is rebuild and fonctionnal

This process is the same for the tissu who have composed by 80 % of collagen.

When you have a regular routin, the tissu can’t heal and the inflamation continu, you can’t have more gain because the fragile point stay the point where you had a injurie.

That’s why you have to wait a certain time 3 week or 1month.

Sorry for my english..

Can someone confirm this statements?

I’ve never liked this idea of injury and healing to explain gains, I prefer to look to studies on tissue expansion to explain it.
The following is a good example.

“A number of studies support the concept that the increase in skin surface area after expansion is due to the generation of new tissue rather than the stretching of existing skin. In culture, mechanical stress induces fibroblast and epidermal hyperplasia. These cells preserve their phenotype without malignant degeneration. This observation is supported by the fact that there has never been a reported case of skin malignancy secondary to tissue expansion.”

The key here is mild sustained tension which the body gets rid of by “growing” no scar tissue, no conditioning and no need for decon breaks.

Only my opinion though.

Kinda like P90X for your penis. P90X works on keeping your muscles guessing and growing. Very few people seem to hit a plateau on that program. The same principal must apply here too.

Couldn’t agree more. I currently hang, stretch, jelq at different times of the day. Looking to do some ADS work, but it may be overkill. We shall see

Starting stats 02/10/12 - BPEL 5.5" 13.97cm BPFSL 5.5" 13.97 cm BG 4.80" in 12.19cm

Currently: 9/30/13- BPEL 6.75-6.9" 17.5cm BPFSL 7.00" 17.78cm BG 5.1" 13.2 cm

Short term goal: 7 x 5" Long term goal: 8-9 x 5.5-6.0" "This is Chess not Checkers"

The most important factor for PE is consistency.

Switching up your routine on a regular / systematic basis takes a good deal more discipline that maintaining a steady routine.

Consistency first though

Starting (10 / 2011): 6.50 BPEL, 5.50 MEG

Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG

I read many things about the different theorys out there the last months.
What I got out of it is that the key is to PE continously.
PE with the least amount neccesary to gain.(the hard one to find out). Increase intensity + time slowly. This secures that the grow is healthy and not injury prone.
Differentiate the exercises to target different parts of the penis. This secures that not one part is overtrained or undertrained extensively.

Im steadily but slowly gaining using these principles.


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