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The secret to continued gains.

I agree in general with your point asnoman that BB and PE aren’t perfect analogues, but there is a principle in BB that different bodyparts respond, or grow, based upon completely different types of training. Therefore the repetitions and sets required to build bigger arms isn’t the same workout necessarily you would use to build your chest or back.

Also, muscles grow without working them to the brink of failure, an idea that is frowned upon in many BB circles.

Muscles and the penis to be sure don’t grow on exactly the same principles, but I do believe bodybuilding can offer insights in to how to train the penis for more size, especially the concept of rest days.

The PE workout you cited in your last post may not give you 20 inch guns, but after 12 months to 2 years, with minor tweaking, I bet that workout would cement a solid 1 + inch gain on your cock.

Deformation of ligaments and stretching of non-muscle tissue vs. tear-down / rebuilding of muscles

I’m sure some things can be used in both cases, but I think I agree that most of the practices probably do not cross well.

I would go far as to guess the reason changing up routines works has less to do with keeping your penis guessing, and more to do with the fact that if you keep changing exercises, you’re bound to get the “one” exercise that you need to be doing in the first place.

Originally Posted by Blackhatbrigade

I would go far as to guess the reason changing up routines works has less to do with keeping your penis guessing, and more to do with the fact that if you keep changing exercises, you’re bound to get the “one” exercise that you need to be doing in the first place.

I would have to disagree. Even if you find the “one” excercise that works, your penis will eventually become accustomed to the stress of that excercise. After having tried countless types of exercises, clamping, hanging, and so on, the one common factor that I have found is that when beginning a new type of PE you get good results which level off after about 3 months.

I would recommend switching your type of exercises after a month has gone by with no growth rather than all the time, but basically the principle is the same. Of course, everything is trumped by listening to your own body and finding what works for you.


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I don´t realy know how to contribute to the discussion, but I know how it contributes for me.
I´m looking for a way to schedule stretch + jelk / pump / clamp / hang in my day. I think the smart way is to distribute it in days.

Thanks Peter.

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Very interesting concept. Your post is making me want to include things such as clamping and hanging to my weekly routine.

Haha think as a track athlete I was told this 4 years and never thought 2 apply it 2 PE. Haha ingenious

Hello this is my opinion:

I believe in deconditionning break , when you have a injurie in your lig/tendon the heal process is the same all time:

first: inflamation + appearance of collagen type III (day3)
then (day 5) begin of cellular rebuild and healing with collagen type I ( harder than type III), at this moment the tissu is yet breakable
then (day 17) collagen is transforming in myofibrils and the cellular rebuild continu.
then (1 month) the tissu is rebuild and fonctionnal

This process is the same for the tissu who have composed by 80 % of collagen.

When you have a regular routin, the tissu can’t heal and the inflamation continu, you can’t have more gain because the fragile point stay the point where you had a injurie.

That’s why you have to wait a certain time 3 week or 1month.

Sorry for my english..

Originally Posted by Dicko7X5
OK guys, are you ready? The secret to continued gains is continued PE.

Sure, of course…

Kinda hard to gain if you stop PE, not really a secret, just common sense :p

Originally Posted by Peter Dick

I believe this could be the secret to continued gains.

I would appreciate your input regarding this theory.

Hey Peter D

Continued gains? Have you reached your size goal? Because I can’t see that you have grown since may 2006..

Besides.looking at your PE statistics it’s striking that your gains are faster in girth than in length and they are steady too: so does your method work for girth mostly?

And to make it clear (your method):

{Stretching +jelqing} variability


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I am at a point where I feel as though I have stagnated and I`m trying different things to jump-start my growth again. I gained a good 5/8th erect length gain in the first four months of consistant work and now I feel like I`m at a standstill, though I was disbelieving my initial gains also until the measurements kept beign the same 6 1/2” bpel.

Maybe I just need to be patient and consistent for a few more months.

I did begin clamping three weeks ago and noticed a jump in girth, though i never measured it before the clamping, but I would guess I gained a 1/2” in three weeks taking me to 5 1/2” and almost 6” in the clamp….so maybe I`ve answered my own question.

Stop clamping until I reach 7” and then decide if i need more girth.

Y don’t change the routine when you stop gaining ?

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I pretty much agree with you. I had massive gains for a while but then they started to dwindle a lot.


My thought is guys are really just bruising their dicks in the first few months, it swells and they think they have gained. The keep it swollen by doing this daily and what they are really seeing is not any gains at all but swelling. Your guys thoughts on this?

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