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The Captn's Wench: PE Device


I’ve been reading this thread with so much eager anticipation, and I still don’t have MINE made yet!! Because… well… my bus is still busted.


I’m this close <forefinger and thumn in close proximity> to just order the crap from McMaster Carr or Grainger or something!

It’s great seeing all you guys working together to improve this already great design! I love it.

As an ex Navy type, I salute you Cap’n!

busted bus

>When you wrap do pull your skin back towards your base?<

Yes. Both while I wrap and after I wrap. By ‘after’ I mean that I hold the wrapped part of the penis in one hand and with the other pull as much skin from under the wrap toward my body as the wrap tightness will allow.

>Do you wrap your entire penis? Because I was only wrapping the part the wench would sit on. <

No, I wrap just that part that will be in the wench. Sometimes even a little less. I use a very small (10-12”) piece of Therawrap.
This is going to vary greatly from man to man - it’s a preference. I prefer that as little of the penis be wrapped as possible to allow for maximum stretch of all things “behind” the Wench (towards me). Indeed, it’s becoming popular not to wrap at all, but I prefer it and your case Max is a great example of someone who probably should too.
A little time spent experimenting will go a long way. As I think you’re proving.

I just love all of the Homer Simpson quotes in peoples signatures. The man is endlessly quotable:
“I am smart! I am smart! s. m. r. t…..I mean s. m. a. r. t.!”


>I have made a hanger but at the moment I don’t find the Cable Clamp and I have use the metal hose clamps.<

Of all the clamping devices I have tried the metal hose clamp was the least effective. The design of the hose clamp simply doesnt lend itself well to the concept of the Wench. Go back a few posts and read what PirateSteve and I were discussing about “wiret-ties” and “pet collars”.
Until you can get the genuine CableClamps, I think you would do best to explore these other things.

>I Have attach on the back side of the Wench two Iron plates using soft catch-strip, one for each Gripper rectangle. <

Sorry pasi, but I’m not understanding this. Even with the drawing. Maybe a more detailed description or drawing would help.

Thanks pasi

Very inventive Stump! Thanks for sharing that.
If you were in the mafia your nickname would be Seventeen Pound Stump.

Excellent and resourceful stuff. I love that about this place.

Oh, and while were on colloquialisms— the Wench you have made is commonly referred to in pirate parlance as a “Poor Peter” Wench …Arrr

Thanks for jumping threads Stump. Stay in touch

Originally posted by bustedbus



Ummm… just “argh”, actually.

Hard to be a pirate in the midwest!

busted bus

Hi Capt.

Well my English is very bad so I have made some pictures.

I have attach the Iron plates to prevent the bending of the gripers, when you apply the pressure with the clamp.

Also I mentioned the hose clamp because, I have search for the famous “cable clamp” but here in Finland they didn’t even hared of it.

Hope you have understood what I am trying to say.

Thanks again for your comments.


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Has anyone tried washing the completed cylinder in a clothes washer? Did it fall apart? How about drying in a clothes dryer?

Was thinking a cycle of one or both might speed up or eliminate the break in period.

Maybe wet it and wear until it dries? I’ll hold off unless someone knows whether water will affect the glue.

Very impressive work you’ve done. Nice photo’s too. Thanks, that makes it so much more understandable. A question:
What are the Grippers in your Wench made of? They look to be a lighter color than the Waxmans and when I went back and re-read your posts I saw nothing describing them?

Also, I understand now what you’ve done with the “iron plates” on the sides. I’m assuming you have put them there because
1. Your grippers are made of a material with too much give and these iron plates reinforce them
2. They act with the metal hose clamp to create the “dorsal bridge” over the top of the shaft. Otherwise the clamp would squeeze down on the entire circumference of the shaft.
3. All of the above?
I don’t know if I have that right but it’s a guess.

About your hose clamp: It appears to be heavily weighted on one side of the circle it creates. I hope you’re using it so that the weightier side is placed either at the top side or the bottom side of the Wench when hanging?(preferably the bottom) If you’re using it with this heaviness on one side or the other you will almost certainly negatively affect the balance or symmetry of your hang. This could lead to uneven hanging and unnecessary twisting - which should be avoided.
What say you, my Finnish friend?

And by the way: The wench you have made is commonly referred to by sea swabs as the “Old Ironsides” Wench.

Thanks for taking the time to share all of this with everyone Pasil


I am having trouble finding the supplies needed, was wondering if anyone else is in Canada and has been able to locate the stuff at Wal-Mart. The one in my town does not seem to have the same selection.

>Imagine a Wench with an inflatable air bladder sandwiched in the middle, with a valve stem protruding somewhere. Attach a squeeze bulb (quick release fitting?), and pump it up to tighten. No need for a cable clamp. <

Hey now…. “Hobby’s Bladder Wench”.
It’s a hell of an idea Hobby. It brings to mind those inflatable “arm floaties” that little kids wear in the water. With a lot of trial and error this would truly be the “Holy Grail” hanger.
But I’d think that unless you were able to find a pre-fabricated tube whose dimensions fit the task it would be a serious “home-brew” undertaking. The amount of air pressure needed to match the squeeze of one of these CableClamps would require an inner-tube of uncompromising integrity.
Maybe an expandable rubber collar designed to hold water exists? I don’t know…it’s ringing some far off, distant bell in my burned out brain.
It’s a great idea, Hobby.

On the washing machine idea. I considered this, too. Has anyone tried it? I believe it would hold up. Maybe just by soaking the thing - or blasting it under a hot hairdryer for a while would speed the break in process.

I’m really glad you’re going to try the wench hobby. Have you done hanging before?


Hmmm….. I wonder..has anyone ever come across an inflatable cock ring?
That could be it you know…
Does anyone know of a device like that? A rubber or plastic air inflatable cock ring? I don’t think I have. This really deserves a look.

What about the links earlier in the thread - the Velcro is there for certain.
If you find anything let people know.
I love Canada.


For all the guys in the uk.

After walking the streets for three hours today in search of the materials needed for this excellent looking device, i’am glad to report that B&Q which i’am pretty sure are throughout the country, have 2” heavy duty Velcro(£7.49) even though the website says they don’t sell velcro products when you do a search, i only went there to pick up the cable clamps(£3.98) after drawing a blanc on the velcro,and had resided myself to having to order over the net and having to wait 3-5 days.They also have the nylon straps but i did’nt buy these as i have an old rucksack that has perfect straps on it, they did’nt have the rubber pads but did have the felt one’s mention earlier in this thread, i decided not to buy the felt pads and bought some rubbers(pencil erasers)instead.

Hope this helps you guys to get hanging sooner:)

Not yet, but i will be one day!!

Thanks for that Massive. UK is in the house.

Here as a reminder for anyone who missed it from an earlier post by PirateSteve. I think it is the best method for replacing the Waxman Grippers - cheap and easy. But most importantly EFFECTIVE .
I recommend this alternative from my own experience as well.
I’ve edited down the post for clarity:

Originally posted by PirateSteve
OK, my report on alternate grippers

I tried cutting up a wooden ruler (you could use a paint stick also) to the recommended 1x2 size and smearing one side with a smooth, thick layer of aquarium grade silicone and mounting the other side with the Velcro. Worked just as well as the gripper, though no better, and requires more labor (but not much). I also cut up some more ruler, and glued some cut up gel shoe insole to one side. It worked fine also, and I find it comfortable enough to use for weights up to about 12 lbs without wrap - so for me the ruler with gel is superior to the gripper, though to be sure less elegant and again more labor.

I still use the Wench exactly as designed, even after playing around, but I present these explorations in alternative materials for those of you who are in dire straights about finding either the grippers .

Hi Cap

Regarding the grippers I use the erasers because I have also the “Right” grippers but are 1” x 1” in size. I will make some pics.

“Your grippers are made of a material with too much give and these iron plates reinforce them”
yes that is correct the pressure of the clamp it is distributed even to all the back side of the gripper. The pic. will explain more.

2. They act with the metal hose clamp to create the “dorsal bridge” over the top of the shaft. Otherwise the clamp would squeeze down on the entire circumference of the shaft. “

Well jess, actually the clamp is a very large size (60 mm) so when I squeeze it the wench become an oval shape and not a circular one.

“If you’re using it with this heaviness on one side or the other you will almost certainly negatively affect the balance or symmetry of your hang. This could lead to uneven hanging and unnecessary twisting - which should be avoided.”

Jess this is truth. I don’t have at the moment the right clamp and If somebody can help me I am willing to pay extra money. Of course I can order online from England for example but…I don’t have a credit card, and I don’t dare to ask my friend to by for me.

Regarding the Tire tube Idea to improve the wench. I have already made one hanger using this Idea but I don’t find the treat and pics posted. Maybe somebody can help me find it.

I am using this hanger and also I have put the Grippers. It Is working ok with 3-4,5 kg. But I think I should make a better version.

In 1996 when I first time discover the PE forum I was trying to build some hangers, but I have give up. Now I started 3 mouths ago to take in serious this PE. If I didn’t give up then I would have now 3 legs.
Well I will not stop until I will make a hanger to hang with ease 15kg.

I hope All Together can make a hanger which can give us time to concentrate on actually hanging and enjoy seeing our “little friend” growing day by day.

I am so grateful to Bib an all others guys for the wonderful ideas and support.



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