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The Captn's Wench: PE Device


any update on the gripper replacements? I don’t have a car, and there isn’t a Lowe’s for miles. So…it’s kind of tedious to hoof it around on the bus from one end of this crudely laid out city to another looking for something that might come close.

Also, if anyone knows where I can order these parts online, PLEASE drop me a pm. I would be most, most grateful.



I am in the same exact situation. I’ve read on this Thread of substitutes for the Grippers, and they are discussing about mouse pads and erasers. Did you read that? This is one of the posts by CaptnHook as a response to one of the suggested replacements:


“To tell the truth Hobby, I’m not sure I get the mouse pad thing. Ike can answer that because he is comparing the Grippers with a mouse pad (“thick” he wrote) that he has in his possesion.
But to clarify: The Grippers by Waxman are a very hard rubber - much harder than any mouse pad material I’ve ever seen. The most universally known object I can think of that shares its density would be one of those rubber wedge door stoppers -they’re usually brown and sit on the floor and can be moved about. Another would be the rubber you’d find on the bottom of a crutch or cane. The Grippers by Waxman ar hard but pliable.

In fact, now that I think of it…..those pink rectangular rubber erasers you’d find in school (but never bought) might be an adequate substitute.
Hmmm…shit. Wait a minute..that could be it! Hobby, you S.O.B. you might have done it! Rubber erasers!
and to round the edges you’d only need erase something using the four corners for a while. Rubber erasers!
I need to go check this out.”


Antistar: I bought my mouse pad today (shame, I threw away a couple of them because I thought I was not going to need them. I have one in my computer).

I’ll let you know my opinion.


yeah, i read that. but if they turn out to be…not so good then it means another trip outside the house. i’m workin’ on it though…

Hey all,

I live in the uk and as usual, finding this stuff that is so readily available in the states is a bloody nightmare. (can’t even get kool aid or a twinkie here).

So - does anyone know where i can buy this stuff in the uk?

What about online?

What about if i send you the cash and you could pick up an extra set of supplies when you get your own and mail them to me?

I’m open to suggestion here….


See Ya,


Originally posted by Antistar

any update on the gripper replacements?

Working on it Star.

Originally posted by BigJ
So - does anyone know where i can buy this stuff in the uk?
What about online?

I swear to God, I’m working on it J :)

A thought on the Grippers: you might not have to go to Lowe’s to find them. Grippers are used to put under table legs and other furniture to protect floors and keep the furniture in place, so you may find them at any store that has a decent household products section — like maybe a Target has them. (I guess they aren’t at Walmart, aye Capt’n?) The local big box department store near me doesn’t carrry the 1X4 inch kind, but it does carry a few other shapes that can be cut. Maybe Home Dipshit has them too. I haven’t checked.

You might just try stores near you and ask what they have to protect your hardwood floors from getting scratched by the furniture. Specifically say (as you read from the little slip of paper you brought along): “Let’s see. This pirate I know from an penis enlagement forum on the internet recommended a product called Grippers, by a company called Waxman. I need them to keep my dick in my wench.”

Yes Ike,
Earlier in the thread I think inamo mentions that he was cutting something like these to size. They’re often refered to as “caster coasters”. The material is all but identical to the Grippers by Waxman (they serve the same purpose).
Home Despot has them, Sears hardware, Target, Wal-Smart, etc.

Thanks Ike…. and just out of curiosity, who the F**K is that silly feller in your avatar. Should I know?
Cracks me up whenever I see it.

Ah shite…please don’t tell me it’s you Ike. If it is, um…who’s that handsome feller in your avatar? Delights me whenever I see it!

I am holding one of those pink erasers in my hand. It measures: 1”x2”x1/4”. Pliable hard rubber. Don’t know how much they cost, but I bet it is a hell if a lot cheaper then grippers, and might even do a better job. Seems to me would be a perfect replacement, if not a better way to go altogether.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Density-wise, the eraser and the Gripper are very close, so the eraser should work. One potential issue: see how well the adhesive on the velcro sticks to the eraser. The Gripper has adhesive on the back that creates a very strong bond with the adhesive on the back of the velcro. It may take a little extra persuasion like epoxy to get the same quality of bond with an eraser, but it might work without any help.

I was thinking the same thing, creating a good bond between the eraser and velcro. But considering the ease of finding erasers compared to grippers, I am sure the clever wench builder can find a way to bond the two. Even a coat of rubber cement or contact cement to the eraser surface, once dried, should do the trick!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

While we are on the subject of using alternate materials I was wondering about possible alternates for thera-band. Would an ace bandage, cut down to size of course be a suitable alternate material for the wrapping?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I wonder if this is more comfortable than the bib?

God Bless the Marine Corps. Started 11/10/03 NBPEL-7.5" Mid shaft EG-5.6" Target size: NBPEL-9.5" Mid shaft EG-6.5"

crazy-glue works…and it works well.


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