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The Captn's Wench: PE Device


Well done shrd2…

One thing though, where do you live? I live in scotland and have never heard of bond and white. Is it an english store?

Anyway, if i can find the grippers and cable clamps somewhere in scotland or online i’m off and running.

Anyone know if ikea sell those grippers?


See Ya,


ah yeah I’m a London native, maybe Bond&White is only in England. You could try Homebase instead, or somewhere similar to that, the nearest one to me is huge I’m sure they would have the products. I can’t remember the exact name for the grippers (sorry) but they were for the bottom of table legs to stop them from damaging wood floors, I’m sure you could also find them in HomeBase. You could also try the DIY store B&Q if they have that around where you live.

Hey now….Do I see black CableClamps?!

Lucky Brits! Has anyone seen these in the States?


Any word on those grippers? I’m planning on calling the Lowe’s that’s sort of near my house and whining/bitching until they offer to deliver the part. If it works, I’ll let yall know.


P.S. On the website, you can get them in: green, blue, orange, red, beige, grey, black or white….in any size!

I dont live by Lowes either, but if any of you guys live by Home Depot go into the hardware section, nuts/bolts/screws ilse. You’ll see lots of stuff that goes under the legs of cabinets/desks for the function of grippers. I bought some 3x3 hard rubber square trays that serve the function of sitting under the pegs of a table. I trimmed them up and cut off the ridges. They dont have a sticky back but the velco sticks to them fine.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy

I don’t even have a car, that’s why it’s a really rough time getting something like this. If anyone knows where to get grippers or a good substitute online, please let me know.

Pops— You are the man. A real old fashion tough guy. That is exactly the idea. The material Pops uses is perfect for the Wench.
Think of it this way:
The hard-rubber that these “furniture coasters” is made of is designed to be very strong yet very forgiving. The rubber’s function is to support furniture that can weigh hundreds even thousands of pounds while at the same time act gently on the surface and finish of hardwood floors beneath it. Even better, another function of the material is to prevent slipping, or “skidding” between these forces/objects/surfaces. AND this material can be effortlessly cut and trimmed using a household scissors.
The coasters are usually a minimum of 1/4” thick which creates the perfect embossed depth to distinguish it from the internal Wench cylinder, thus creating excellent lateral grab on the internal penis as well as the “safety-bridge” over the dorsal nerve pack.
This is why I stress that you use this type of material before any other, if you can. It’s too good to be true.
Plus it has the much coveted “Pop’s Bare-Knuckle Seal of Approval”!

Thanks Pops———Cap

Bigj or anybody in the uk.

Here’s a link to that have 2” sticky back velcro.It’s £3.99 and they seem to have endless supply.….&category=19318

Not yet, but i will be one day!!

OK, my report on alternate grippers & clamps.

I tried cutting up a wooden ruler (you could use a paint stick also) to the recommended 1x2 size and smearing one side with a smooth, thick layer of aquarium grade silicone and mounting the other side with the Velcro. Worked just as well as the gripper, though no better, and requires more labor (but not much). I also cut up some more ruler, and glued some cut up gel shoe insole to one side. It worked fine also, and I find it comfortable enough to use for weights up to about 12 lbs without wrap - so for me the ruler with gel is superior to the gripper, though to be sure less elegant and again more labor.

I have scads of wire-ties onboard, and had a package of the type that have a release lever so they come off easily (like these: ). As far as I know, every shop that sells electrical supplies will have these, the larger sizes being easier to work with. By hand, I can get the wire tie tight enough to hang 5- 8 lbs, not much but enough to do ADS and light hanging. But with my wire-tie tool (like this one: ) I can get it as tight as my cable clamp. Of course if you don’t already have a wire-tie tool, then this method certainly adds cost.

I still use the Wench exactly as designed, even after playing around, but I present these explorations in alternative materials for those of you who are in dire straights about finding either the grippers or cable clamps.

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I think it is up to you to go to the web site, click on the winning free cable clamps link, and tell them how well the cable clamps work for you and the uses you have found for them!!!

Would be fun to see if they post your usage reply.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Those ties look excellent. I’m sure this solves the ADS riddle.
I think I mentioned earlier that I experimented with pet collars. I have had pretty good success with the Wench as ADS using the smallest nylon cat neck collar I could find. It has a plastic buckle and tightens and loosens pretty quickly. By placing the smallest strip of soft veclro to the inside of the collar, at the section that meets the bottom I am able to manage the thing better and it never falls off when loosened unless I peel it off.
But this wire-tie idea of yours looks exceptional. Cheap too.

No wrap and 12 lbs! Man, that’s amazing.

Thanks Pirate. The info is priceless.

*Nice disclaimer there :) What are you going to do about measuring the skipper now that you chopped up yer plank?


How’s this sound:

Deer Mr. CableClamp makers sir-
Me an some frens put your clamps on our peckers to make them grow long like the porno stars. It amazing. It squash all our peckers toghther so real good that do you think I can win the free prize now?

p.s. One of us is a pirate but not really me.

Originally posted by CaptnHook
What are you going to do about measuring the skipper now that you chopped up yer plank?

Cap, I stopped measuring a month or so ago. No good was coming from the constant, self-imposed pressure. I am in no hurry, I know PE works and by now I have a pretty good idea what is working for me and what isn’t. When I hit bottom in the oldest, nastiest, most experienced whore in Latin America I will know I am long enough. (By the way, how did you know I used “that” ruler?)


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