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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

Never mind about the mouse pad if the pieces should be rigid. I have a mouse pad that’s probably a little thicker than a quarter of an inch, and I thought it might work because the underside has a crisscross pattern that might grip; but no, it isn’t any more dense than any other foam mouse pad. I have the gripper stuff, so I’m happy with what I have, but I might try a more flexible material like the mouse pad someday just to test that huggy feel inamo describes.

And I was thinking more about marketing possibilities… Maybe you could mainstream it. Buy full page spreads in the back of men’s magazines and infomercials on late night TV. Sponsor a college bowl game and a Nascar team. Then, use the proceeds to finance a chain of Pirate-themed PE lounges. Put the first in Key West and have Pirate Steve manage it. He’s got a ready-made market with all them nekkid people running around down there.

HI GUYS: I picked up all the materials Sunday and assembled . Tried it out for 10 mins to make sure it would work with 8 1/2 #s hanging on it , it felt good and also like it was streching things . Ive been at this 3 yrs and have made some small but permenate gains , Current size BPEL 6 1/8 x 5 .00 around, tried all the rest , going for hanging now think this might be magic trick, Im 56, and looking for 6 1/2 or 7.00 , Ill keep you posted STEEL


You Da Man!!!!!!

Thanks for the great thread.


A Pirate's Ballad to the Wench

Hey captain I just made my wench, identical to the original specifications. I used to hate hanging with my AFB hanger. It would slip and pinch. It required huge amounts of pressure.
Now hanging is absolutely painless with the captn’s wench. Praise you Captain! And praise your wench, heres what I have to say about her:

The wench is cheap whore, but she has a lot to offer
She is forgiving yet stern
She is pliable, yet firm
She will leave you, but never leave you “blue”
She is pliable yet her integrity will always be true
She grabs ahold of you and never lets you go
She is my favorite hoe.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy

Originally posted by Ike
Then, use the proceeds to finance a chain of Pirate-themed PE lounges. Put the first in Key West and have Pirate Steve manage it. He's got a ready-made market with all them nekkid people running around down there.

While a fine idea that might be, you would find that the mere mention of work or a job will result in the Pirate slipping cables and disappearing over the horizon…


this is the most professional and complete technical description I’ve ever seen which was not in a textbook. Fantastic.

I’d love to try it but I am almost sure it won’t work for uncut guys like me. If anyone who is uncut has tried this successfully, please let us know!

I really want to build this thing. This is something even I can build.


Further ideas

Very nicely presented!

The clamp alone solves a major problem with an idea that’s been around for a while - the Foam pipe insulation hanger: http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…avy_weights.htm

You’ll notice a homemade bib hanger using foam pipe insulation that’s even simpler: 2002 Site - Tom Hubbard

Seems like foam insulation might be easier and more comfortable than the grippers. It’s certainly easily available.

I’m not sure you’d even need the Velcro for lighter weights.

Steel - Thanks for the post;) Keep us up on what happens.

Pops - What’s this? A jingle? I love it! You know, it works really comes together when sung to the melody of “You Light Up My Life” by Debbie Boone. Try it! Sing it to your girlfriends and wives, guys!

Wulfe- Arrr!

Ike- Thanks for the help here. Have you been using it? How’s it going?

Pirate - I’m with Ike on this. We could sell a special 7 5/8” x 6” BPEL hot-dog slathered in pineapple sauce. I smell franchise!



You are exactly the person who should be trying this. It’s cheap and easy - you have nothing to loose and everything to gain (pun police?). Uncut guys are of particular interest because I have no idea on how it will work for them as I am cut. Try it! I’d love the feedback good or bad.


Thanks for sharing that with us. “Further” ideas is what this is all about!

If you can find the time, go back and re-read the description of how the Wench creates a “bridge” over the dorsal nerves at the top of the shaft. Also, note that this bridge and its counterpart on the opposite side provide for circulation to the glans when hanging or stretching with any decent amount of weight.
I am genuinely concerned that anyone reading this will make the mistake of thinking the grippers-rectangles are unnecessary. The gripper-rectangles (whether the Waxman product or another) are an essential part of the design not only for the above stated reasons but also because they provide a powerful lateral hold on the internal penis that is ENHANCED by the cable clamp. I emphasise the word enhanced because it is the grippers that are holding the internal penis —- and this would not be the case, as you suggest, with ONLY a clamp.
I assure you and anyone else interested, the combination of the rectangles and the clamp create a very powerful and very NECESSARY hold on the penis.
Verticle, your interest in “comfort” is shared by everyone who has ever tried using a hanger. But the challenge has always been balancing comfort with effect. If you, Vertical, have been hanging for any amount of time you know this. Comfort and effect act like oil and water in the realm of hanging. A consistently comfortable and effective hanging device is the Holy Grail to a hanger.
If you have not tried the foam-pipe hanger that you brought to our attention I suggest you do. If you have, then I suggest you try the Wench. Then share your thoughts on any difference you notice.
I for one have tried both so let me share what I learned:
The foam hanger has as it’s weakest feature a slippage problem. A consistent slippage problem that despite my trying numerous wrap materials could not be remedied. This in and of itself would be enough to disqualify the foam hanger but to make matters worse I almost always received more “skin stretch” with this hanger than anything else. This was due to the fact that the hanger simply couldn’t get a firm enough grab on the internal penis. And when I did get a firm enough grip it only came with a strangulation of the glans because of the total circumferential hold of the penis that this design allows. Even using the more elliptical shape of a CableClamp brand clamp you will be impacting these nerves and cutting off all blood flow to the glans. It is not advisable. A strangulation of the penis and any amount of weight is a recipe for injury.

None of these issues exist with the Wench.

Admittedly, the foam hanger was easy to make. Tom Hubbard, the man responsible for it (that for all who haven’t done their homework), makes as his mission simplicity. His site is brilliant and loaded with simple ideas we can use in PE. That was one of the main inspirations for this idea. I followed that very line of thinking: This should be easy. The foam hanger is easy to make and it’s relatively easy to use.

The Wench is even easier to make. And it’s easier to use.

It is also, I believe, the most affordable way to marry those two elusive necessities of successful hanging (and in the Wenchs’ case manual stretching): Comfort and Effectiveness.
But this - all of this - is merely academic unless you try it. Try them all and let us know.
Thanks ….Vertical

Cap ,

Seems like you really hit on something with this wench idea.I am going to pick up the materials and try it this weekend. You mentioned thus far that you have put in 100 hrs or so with it and made decent gains. Approximately how much did you gain and which exercise IE hanging or manual stretching do you attribute the gains to?

jman-I personaly have gained a very solid 1/2” EL in 6 weeks of using the Wench. Mostly BTC but I have done a lot of experimenting with manual stretches using the Wench. I’m considering sharing some of these ideas in the future.
For now, I hang for my gains. I hang a lot because I can —- many sets during the day at my office with one Wench and sometimes at night at home with a second Wench. If my ligs are feeling too stressed I play with the manual stuff at higher angles.
I hang pretty light weight (10 lbs max) because I haven’t felt the need to go higher yet. I have this Wench on my skipper a whole ‘lotta time.
I think I’m begining to have feelings for her ;)

Thanks J. I hope it works for you. Remember to let her break in - that’s when the fun really begins.

Thank you Cap for your prompt reply

That was a great presentation!!!

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

I’m going to make one of these over the weekend.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?


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