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This Works (Dynamic Stretching)

I don’t possess a pump

I can see how dynamic stretching might apply to kicking. Repetitiously kicking and kicking higher each time.. Can be translated to pumping, then releasing but increasing pressure with each pump.

BPEL Start: 5 15/16". BPEL Current: 7 1/4". Short Term BPEL Goal: 7 1/2". Long Term BPEL 8"

BEELIT Start: 6", BPELIT Current: 6.1/4"

EG Start: 5". EG Current: 5 1/8". Short Term EG Goal: 5.25". Long Term EG: 6

Has anyone applied this method to full package pumping? I’m guessing the higher pressure even for a few seconds would not be good for the balls.


As far as I remember, the pressure the OP was using wasn’t that absurdely high as he was believing at first. Broken gauge.

Do you need to use a pump with dynamic stretching?

Originally Posted by BPTony
Do you need to use a pump with dynamic stretching?

Yes. Read the thread started by HomerJS. He defined the term. I suppose you use a similar technique with extending if you could design an extender with quickly varying tension. I know Mr Fantastic tried to make one using a stepper motor.

This Works (Dynamic Stretching)


Originally Posted by austfred
Yes. Read the thread started by HomerJS. This Works (Dynamic Stretching)

My apologies. I forgot we were on this thread. I stand by the rest of what I wrote

Originally Posted by tinytim
I’ve been doing this with pumping for several years. Its hard to say how much if any length gains I have made, but I am pumping longer in the tube with less effort.
I try to reach max length then back off and let it sit at a comfortable safe vacuum.
If I did not do the cycling I know I would never reach that length in the tube just by holding at a low hg like 3-5. Pumping to 3-5 hg leaves me about 1.5” away from my max stretch length.
My BP flaccid stretch length is 8” and thats how far I can pump.

I think it is a useful technique but it requires proper conditioning.
You did not say if you were packing the tube or not. I always pack in order to get max stretch.
Its hard on the glans though, so I have to be careful and not get carried away.

Posted way early in this thread and makes some very good points. I forgot to mention that I also hold it at low hg for a short period at the end as well.

Originally Posted by austfred
Alas no further girth gains. I am still 5 1/4” EG. Took a week off because of a minor virus and then measured. Still plateauing on length as well.

I have further modified my routine. Am now pumping at 3 - 14” Hg and have taken a slightly more gentle approach to the extending with the slider by not pushing the tension up so much when I start. I can now more easily last 60 mins and now get a greater relaxation stretch gain during the session. Hopefully it will be a case of less is more.

Originally Posted by HomerJS
It always seemed to me that gain was somehow governed by the size of the tube. Has this been addressed before?

What I mean is this: I have noticed that actual length gains were about 1/8-1/4 inch less than the stretched length. Also - I am not sure of actual measurement here - it seemed to apply to girth. So in the same way that say the size of a turtle for example is governed by the size of it’s habitat - it will only grow so large based upon the tank size - I wondered and it seemed the penis in regard to pumping is similar. Are gains in pumping governed by penis size % in the tube?

I know that the theory with static pumping is to pack the tube and this will result in stretching it. But, it seemed to me regarding this type of pumping that the tube needed to be slightly larger in both length and width. Never hitting the end or the sides.

On my second try that I mentioned as an old guy I started with a 7 1/2” tube. As I started to get close to the end it seemed that my gains slowed a bit. I then bought an 8” tube and things picked up again. After I got to a size where my spouse was making comments about it getting a bit too big I stopped so I don’t really know if what I am getting at is true but it has SEEMED this way to me from observation.

So, I am wondering if this has been discussed before. Does it have to do with the dynamics of a tube and loss of properties as one gets close to touching the parameters, is it related to the penis size in relation to tube - like a turtle, or something completely different? I don’t know but I am interested in anyone’s ideas.

I hope I have explained myself…

This is from page 5 of this post. I always meant to start another thread regarding this so I guess today is the day. Maybe it will help.

How about doing dynamic streching pump up-down cycles with 12-15 hg (5 minutes) and 10-7 hg (10 minutes) about one/two hours.

nov.2010: BPEL 5,7" (14,5) MSEG 4,9" (12,5); nov.2013: BPEL 6,8" (17,5) MSEG 6,1" (15,5) FL 5" (12,7) FG 5,1" (13,0); aprill 2016: BPEL 7,3" (18,5) MSEG 6,2" (15,8) FL 5,2" (13,2) FG 5,1" (13,0)

Goal: BPEL 8" (20,5) MSEG 6,3" (16,0) FL 5,9" (15,0)

Originally Posted by HomerJS
Just a quick note: It has been really interesting where this thread has gone since I last visited. Been somewhat busy lately. I got to 7 5/8” and took a break again. I was cycling high/low, 1 on/2 off and made some fast gains again. I also don’t have the science that others here have to even try and explain what is happening. For now I am satisfied where I am and taking a break.

How is everyone else doing?

Thinking of buying me Mr. Pump.
Wishing to have a thicker penis.
Wonder how much larger tube that you use compared to the thickness of the penis?

Originally Posted by joxra

Thinking of buying me Mr. Pump.

Wishing to have a thicker penis.

Wonder how much larger tube that you use compared to the thickness of the penis?

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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