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This Works (Dynamic Stretching)

This Works (Dynamic Stretching)

Hello everyone, I have been wanting to post this information for quite a long while but just get too damn bored trying to get 30 posts to do it. So, I am just going to pass this along and leave the information contained to the mods and everyone else to move, debate, try, test, etc, etc, etc.

So now I’m like 55 years old and have been doing PE since I was 20 or so. At that age I got off to a really good start gaining a good solid inch going from 6” to 7” pumping (with quite an archaic pump in 1978 let me tell you) and was content with it. But time went on and I wanted to see if I could gain a little more.. It was a dead end. No matter what I tried I could never achieve any permanent gains over 7”. Until last year..

Let me say right here that I have tried tons of shit to achieve that extra bit but always went back to pumping. I could make it absolute HUGE pumping but it was only temporary. Well thinking back to the time I gained the first inch I tried to remember if anything was different (except that I was younger). There was. I now realize that I discovered something way back then and was just too dumb I guess to know it.

As I said I have tried tons of things and most hardly worked. Why? Because they’re all based on Static Stretching and what I was doing back then was Dynamic Stretching.

You see the doughnut on the pump wore through quickly because in those days the tubes didn’t have the rounded edges like today and it cut right through. So I had to pump like mad and it wouldn’t hold the vacuum for very long. I would pump to max vac and it would start to leak immediately. Pump - leak away, etc, etc.. Now if you’re thinking you will realize I was doing Dynamic Stretching without even realizing it. Let me tell you I had real fast gains! It took probably 6 months or less to gain that inch.

Well I got thinking that I should experiment and see if that was the difference. YES it was! Amazingly I added another 1/2” in about 2-3 months and I was 54 at the time.

So here’s what I did:

I don’t have a fancy pump and I didn’t way back in the day either. It just had a bulb to evacuate the air. As I am pretty used to pumping I just went for it. But back when I was 20 I just went for it too. The amount vacuum is high but since it’s only for an instant it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

So I pumped then released, pumped then released. About 100 times to start. It’s a lot of work and it can get boring.

Then I started experimenting with reps. I found that I needed to do at least 100 reps before it even started to get longer. Kind of like a warmup. Then I noticed it would start to gain some length from the stretching. If I did 200 reps it started to get a doughnut. So 150-175 seemed ideal. It gets fatter and longer with no abnormalities unless you over do it. It seemed that every other day also worked best when I did alot. Right now I am experimenting with lower reps like 120-150 and every day.

Note: I am pretty happy with my size right now. I have noticed that when it gets too large it’s only for OUR entertainment purposes. IMO ideally a woman should be able to be on top and hit her cervix if she WANTS to yet still be able to rub her clit against her mates pubic bone for an orgasm. If it’s too long she is unable to do that. So when it comes to size we need to ask ourselves who are we really doing it for.

Well that’s basically it. Good luck.

Interesting. We are about the same age, I wish I knew PE was possible when I was 20, but I didn’t find out until last year and I’ve seen gains. Thanks for the information.

Interesting. Just the other day I was reading about dynamic vs static stretches in body building. The study’s conclusion was that dynamic stretching before a workout will increase flexibility and strength while static stretching after will decrease chances of injury. Body building is definitely not the same as PE but there are often parallels between the two. I think I will incorporate dynamic stretching into my routine (but still do static as well). Thanks for the info!


How long is each rep in your set? Or, maybe easier to answer, how long does a 150 rep set take to accomplish?

I recall reading about guys who were setting up some sort of electric pump to do cycling of different vacuum amounts. If this were to prove out, that would be a lot more interesting, having a pump that would do the cycles for in you with controlled frequency and vacuum.

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Good info, going to give that a try and see how it goes.

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I’ve been doing this with pumping for several years. Its hard to say how much if any length gains I have made, but I am pumping longer in the tube with less effort.
I try to reach max length then back off and let it sit at a comfortable safe vacuum.
If I did not do the cycling I know I would never reach that length in the tube just by holding at a low hg like 3-5. Pumping to 3-5 hg leaves me about 1.5” away from my max stretch length.
My BP flaccid stretch length is 8” and thats how far I can pump.

I think it is a useful technique but it requires proper conditioning.
You did not say if you were packing the tube or not. I always pack in order to get max stretch.
Its hard on the glans though, so I have to be careful and not get carried away.

Hi, are you going in completely flaccid at the start ?

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Going for length first!

I like this idea it’s just too bad I have a water pump. It would be such a pain to do 150 reps

Originally Posted by johnrl
Hi, are you going in completely flaccid at the start ?

No full erection

So let me get this right. This is not doable without some sort of pump? If that’s the case, where can I get such thing that will fulfill my needs in order to try this?

Did you achieve any girth gains?

Did you only do this dynamic stretching? Nothing else, no jelq for example?

I’m sorry maybe I’m stupid but.. That wiki link Dynamic Stretching is for the full-body warm-up for doing the bodybuilding exercises, and not for penis..

And you said you doing 120-150 stretching reps everyday, but how long you hold each stretch?

Tried this for the first time yesterday instead of just keeping my penis at a consistent pressure during my pumping routine and it was pretty impressive. I noticed it slowly getting longer and longer in the tube, even during the first set (I do 3 sets of 5 minutes). I can definitely see this being a bonus to a pumping routine and length gains overall.

A hollistic approach to length gains such as doing static stretching AND cycling the pump pressure for ‘dynamic’ stretching is a good way to go for length gains, I’d say.

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I’ve been giving this technique a try and I like the results so far. One thing is for sure. Even if my unit doesn’t get any bigger, my forearms sure will. After 150 cycles with a hand pump, my forearms were burning! Nothing permanent so far (I don’t expect it this early in the game) but after about 100 cycles I’m getting about and extra 1/4 inch in the tube at max vacuum that I didn’t see before with static pumping. Thanks for the tip Homer J.


I wonder instead of a pump there is a vacuumcleaner extension or something. Anyone know of a custom built how to for a vacuum cleaner extension? I mean it should work the principle is the same and you can regulate pressure even easier with the adjustment dial on your vacuum cleaner.

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