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Linear Newbie Routine

No stretching, that is what the routine says.that you can start with no stretching and keep it like that if you grow anyway. After reading a lot, stretching doesn’t convince me.why? I think it is more dangerous and you really have to be careful. After reading a lot in the internet I am not sure it is 100%safe . I also read a couple of doctors not recommending it at all,.so.I am not in a hurry.if it doesn’t work for two months, then I can think in adding it to my routine.or.doing other things.. But lets try 2 months like this and give it a go. I am not fully satisfied with my size, but not sad neither, it is not big, but not small neither (14.5 NBP) , but I am happy with it’s nice functionality and performance I don’t want to get any risks.

Fair one, that’s the linear routine your talking about right.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

But stretching is the exercises which gives you the length gains in the end.And it is not that dangerous if done correctly.So stretching must be added to routine though after a few days of starting PE.

Started at :6.2"bpel; 5.0" mseg. Now at :6.8" sometimes 7.0"ish bpel; 5.0 mseg. Short term Goal: 7.5" bpel; 5.5" mseg. Ultimate Goal:8.0" Nbpel; 6.0"base and mid section EG

Kingpole is my motivation.

J123 great post mate, how long should I stay on your newbie routine to get my penis conditioned because later in the year I’m going to get a traction device and pump, but not until I feel I’m conditioned enough.

I’ve been doing the normal newbie routine that is on the manual for 3 weeks now (12 workouts - because I took some extra days off). Although I don’t really see any signs that it is too much I think I might switch for this lighter routine and see if I get any gains. Now I’ve got some questions.
I was increasing the routine every week so right now it was like this:

1. 5 minutes hot wrap
2. 8 minutes manual stretch (30-second stretches)
3. 14 minutes of jelq (3-second strokes)
4. 5 minutes hot water shower
5. 50 kegels of five second holds each

2 Days on / 1 Day off

Should I take a week off before I switch to this lighter routine? With how much jelqs and stretches should I start? I’m thinking off doing it day on day off, are there any advantages on doing 2 days on / 1 day off or is it the same? How long should I stick with this routine until I start with more advanced exercises (my main target is girth so advanced exercises that target girth will eventually be necessary I suppose).

That’s all for now. :p

Stats BPEL: 7.2" NBPEL: 6.6" EG: 5.2" (12/6/08)

Short-term Goal BPEL: 7.5" NBPEL: 7" EG: 5.5"

Long-term Goal BPEL: 8" NBPEL: 7.5" EG: 6"

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Forgot to ask.

How do I know if I should or not increase the amount? You say to increase weekly if we feel is necessary but what should I feel to know that it is necessary?

Stats BPEL: 7.2" NBPEL: 6.6" EG: 5.2" (12/6/08)

Short-term Goal BPEL: 7.5" NBPEL: 7" EG: 5.5"

Long-term Goal BPEL: 8" NBPEL: 7.5" EG: 6"

Your PI’s still being positive for a start.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Hy! I started with

5min warm-up in shower
1 stretch in each direction for 30 seconds
70 jelqs ~3 seconds/jelq
50 kegels
5 min cool-down in shower

After just a few days my EQ was the best I ever had, my flaccid hanged a lot better and it felt like a new, better dick in my hand. So, my advice, start with a small amount of exercises and follow your PI; nobody can tell you how much you should do, just start at a low amount and if you see gains stick with that amount even if it’s only a few stretches and jelqs. Do not increase the amount until your gains slow or stop. There is no ideal routine, just a starting point for newbies who should take it easy until they gain some PE experience.

01/06/2008 - BPEL 13cm; NBPEL 12cm; EG 12 cm; What will future bring?

03/07/2008 - BPEL 13,7cm; NBPEL 12,5cm; EG 12,1 cm; Does PE work? YESSSSSS IT DOESSSSS

How often did you do that routine? 1day on 1 day off?

Stats BPEL: 7.2" NBPEL: 6.6" EG: 5.2" (12/6/08)

Short-term Goal BPEL: 7.5" NBPEL: 7" EG: 5.5"

Long-term Goal BPEL: 8" NBPEL: 7.5" EG: 6"

Hey J123 and Anybody else

I am a newbie

I just started this whole PE workout and I will follow J123’s.

I watched the video for Jelping and don’t know if I am doing it right.

So when you Jelp, do you just squeeze your erected (70-80%) penis from the bottom (base) to the top(til the sponge) like squeezing out the last bit of these tube kids-yogurts?

Thanks in advance

Boy do I feel weird. I just want a bigger penis. I just keep adding time everytime. I don’t even think about it. I just do it. Maybe I need a decon break?

Just trying to gain. Just trying to learn.Last official measurement May 2008. NBPEL = 6.0 inches. BPEL = ?. MSEG = 5.8 inches.

July 2008 NBPEL = 5.9 inches. BPEL = 6.75inches. MSEG = 5.8 inches. I have a sizeable fatpad. I hope when I cut weight I can make the difference between BPEL and NBPEl around 0.3 inches.

Aha. That seems to be what I seek.
I have first started PE last year. Did a Newbie routine for a month, had some gains (about 3mm), then hot water was turned off for two weeks, so, without ability to heat up and clean, I didn’t train. After that, I started again, but I guess I pushed too much, and got a thrombosis (now I suspect it wasn’t thrombosis, but lymphocele actually), combined with non-regular workouts but to my gf dislike of me staying at home at night, was enough to stop.

This summer I’ve decided to start again. I’ve started 3 times, and every time I got thrombosis just after one workout. I was clearly pushing my unconditioned penis too hard. The last try was a week ago. I went there, dug seriously, and discovered truth about my thrombosis, and finally found a way to beat it quickly, if not permanently. Beside that, I’ve discovered that my girth isn’t small - it’s not 11 cm, but 13 to 14 cm - from glans to bottom. That made me quite less anxious about PE, so I became more clear-minded. Still, I needed another routine. I’ve planned to start again yesterday, and just about a hour before I started the workout, I’ve found this thread, and tried it. Can’t say much in support from practical experience, but I have some guesses on theory.

I believe in TGC theory to some extent, and I suspect that guys here had somewhat under-conditioned cocks (Smooth muscle problem). The linear routine gradually conditions them, and does it’s best not to make penis too familiar with stressing, not allowing it to adapt. I myself have not the best EQ, and wish to improve it. Guess that linear routine will do good for me.

Besides, it’s a good thing that it is much more time efficient - I am not able to do PE before 2400, as mom goes to bed at that time, and I have to get up at about 0800, so long routine = less sleep for me. I also plan to do Dick Control exercises, and I’ll probably do them in morning - before anyone gets up, so time becomes even more important.

Yesterday I did 24 jelqs, and did quite a lot of Kegel before sleep - I do it during eye palming exercises before sleep. Think I’ll do 32 today, and keep it so till next week. Have to watch porn to get decent erection for PE, though, hope PE itself will cure it :) I plan to do 2on-1off-2on-2off routine, matched to days of week. I jelq with EVO and try to jelq at moderate speed, 2-3 seconds a move.

Then I’ll add stretching. After 2 months I plan to switch to Advanced linear, maybe add something like Uli, and add the advanced approach to stretching - heating the penis with a heat pad during stretch, and cooling with ice-pack after - as proposed by a couple of theories.
Hopefully, I’ll stand at it, and not discontinue, though there are less issues with my gf about such things now.
If I will, after NY I’ll probably try to add a light ADS - such as Shunga Roll. I keep in mind that I always have to focus on girth exercises more than on length, even though I plan to add only length first - a rubber band theory seems logical to me as well. When I hit a mark, I’ll focus on girth, but would still exercise length.
But all that is future.
Now I have to go and do Linear Routine workout of heating up, 32 jelqs, and heating down.
In 2 weeks I’ll measure again. I’m 16.2cm NBPEL and 13.5 EG mid-shaft now.

Originally Posted by J123
The following estimations are for total newbies.
I recommend trying this routine at least 2 weeks, but preferably one month. You should see at least positive signs in 2 weeks and real growth within a month.
I estimate, that in 2 months you can gain at least about 0,25 inch (0,5 cm), although I think, that average gain in 2 months will be little under 0,5 inch (1 cm).

Now I need volunteers to try this routine. Try this at least that 2 weeks or month and report to this thread whether you have gained or not and how much. I don’t want to
know your penis size, I just want to know how much you have gained. Good luck.

LINEAR ROUTINE for newbies

- Do 5 minutes warm up before and after workout and massage your penis little after you have warmed it.

- Stretching: I don’t recommend doing any stretching within the first week or two.
When you begin stretching do one 30 second pull to each direction (down, up, left, right, forward).
Within the first 2 months add max. 1 stretch (up, down..) per week, but if you feel, that it is not
necessary to add number of stretches, then don’t.

- Jelqing: Start from 10- 20 jelqs. At the beginning add for example 10 jelqs about every 3 workout, but there is no need to go over 50- 60 jelqs within the 2 or 3 weeks.
Beyond 50- 60 jelqs add 10- 20 jelqs in a week if necessary. If you seem to gain with a lower amount, then don’t increase the amount until you feel it is necessary.
At the beginning when your workouts are short it is a good idea to do workouts in a shower. It offers brilliant warmup and cleaning possibilities.

- I recommend doing this workout every other day or 2 on 1 off and giving a extra resting day whenever you feel it necessary.

- After workout don’t play with your dick within a couple hours if possible, just let it be.
When your workout enlarges your penis it should grow slowly, but surely. If you encounter troubles increase quality before amount.

- Use caution doing this routine as in any other PE. This should be quite safe routine, although some little red spots may appear, but they are pretty harmless.
Anyway use caution. It is your your penis, your responsibility.

- If you have tight penis skin, you can prevent hair climbing up the shaft by taking jelqing grip from the head and bottom of penis and stretching the skin between for a 30 seconds.

I think that if I’m going to seriously get involved with PE, I’m going to start with this routine. So I can be yet another subject to your testing. I have a major question that I find puzzling…

Why does yours say to start at 20 jelqs, but the newbie routine on the main part of the website says to try for 200?…

I did the newbie routine on the main part of the site for a while, but I don’t know if I want to go that hardcore in the beginning… Start gentle, you know? Except I don’t know what the major differences would be except for literally starting slow… With jelqs mostly? Anyone care to elaborate?

Another thing…

Are there any changes to the routine that I should be aware of? Or anything I should know about from this routine specifically that I should do?

Quick question, instead of a warm down after the linear work-out, would a cold-compress work better.would a cool down be more successful?

I know this is a debatable topic, I was reading some different opinions on whether this was a good idea or not.

Originally Posted by sweeeeet

I know this is a debatable topic, I was reading some different opinions on whether this was a good idea or not.

If you couldn’t find your answer in other “specialized” threads, then I’m afraid that you’ll not find it here.


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