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Linear Newbie Routine

Do you have any thoughts on my last post J123?

Hey all,
I was wondering how this “modified” Newbie Routine was going for all of you? I have skimmed through some of the posts but this thread has been going on for a while. I started the Newbie routine on Monday. I was thinking about switching to this method, depending how it was going for all of you. Some feedback would be nice. Thanks a lot!

I CAN’t F”IN WAIT TO SEE SOME GAINS!! WOHOOOOOOOO I am so happy I found this place and gave it a chance!


Viva51, it is far better to wait and let it heal completely before starting PE again. It would be very unpleasant surprise if the pain starts again, because of PE.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123! I know I should Let it rest and hopefully it will be better SOON! I mean it doesn’t even hurt at ALL! I just have this annoying pressure sensation that’s NOT even on my penis, but around my pelvic! I really think that the warm rice sock started to help heal it! Why I stopped I don’t know, but I going to start again! I really hope in another month it will be better!


Hey J123, I know that you told me not to mess around with stuff like st. John’s wort oil. However, I do know of a cream that is a really GREAT natural pain reliever! It is called Super Blue Stuff OTC, I know the name sounds dumb but it really works! It helps with Arthritis, Joint pain, backaches, MUSCLE PAIN, SPRAINS and STRAINS, Bruises. It also has 11 NATURAL HERBS, MSM, Emu Oil, Glucosamine and Active Menthol. I hurt my shoulder back in January and I tried a lot of stuff that just didn’t help or was just temporary, but I really think this stuff had a big contribution to helping my shoulder heal! Besides I am NOT even going to be putting it directly on my penis, but around my pelvic area and the patch of skin directly above my penis.
Here is the website:

Let me know what you think!

Viva51, at least it doesn’t look like dangerous. If it appears to be working, then use it, but not too much (herbs can be dangerous especially when overdosed). Also, it is better that you use it only to your pelvic area not to your penis, just like you said.

I think, that the menthol is the best ingredient in the product, but I don’t understand the Emu oil (from the bird?).

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Hey fellow citizen J123…

I have been PEing about two years on and off. And now I´ve had about one month off, so do you think that I should give a try to your routine? My bad habit is that I really maybe overdoing everything Pe related…and the amounts seems so small in routine. I´m going to measure my size tonight, so I´ll be 100% about gains, if some happens to come.
If you want to, you can also give some advice in finnish =)

I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

Hey J123 it’s been awhile! I am still trying to heal up but the pressure sensation continues to linger! I wonder if I just irritated a tendon or ligament and if so why hasn’t it healed yet!? Because my urologist said that there is nothing to worry about and that it’s ok to have sex, (but obviously not ok to PE) so what does all of this mean!? If I am ok to have sex then why has it not healed yet!? I masturbated the other day and just to see what it felt like I did a few jelqs. The feeling in my penis was a mixture of normal to slightly tender. However, stupid me because every time I masturbate now I do anywhere from 1-10 jelqs just to see how it feels, but tonight I guess I got a little too in to it and I don’t know if I was masturbating too hard or if I did one of the jelqs too hard but the crease between my leg and crotch (left side) ached afterwards! I know stupid me, but sometimes even when I just simply masturbate that crease throbs or feels a little over worked!

I used the Super Blue Stuff on that crease between my leg and crotch. Do you think that’s ok since it’s close to my penis and testicles? I also took some Ibuprofen to try and help it. In the morning it feels fine, but the pressure sensation always comes back, and the pressure never stays in one spot it always shifts from my pelvic to that fatty patch above my penis. The only time it feels over worked or there is a slight throbbing sensation is after I masturbate and it only happens around that crease, but that doesn’t happen all the time! I guess it only happens when I get to rough on my penis. I think the Super Blue Stuff is working but should I use it even when it doesn’t hurt? Please help!

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J123 , please let me know if you have any thoughts on my last post.



The Super Blue stuff can’t do any harm, I guess the worst that could happen is it could cause a burning sensation. I think you could even try it directly on the penis, but start with a tiny bit to see how bad it may burn or irritate the skin.

Sounds like the Emu oil may help healing, so I’d use it.

If you went to the doctor, and all the major structures are intact, then thats good. The rest is just giving it time to heal.

Try either a small dab on your dick and leave it until the next day to see if it causes a rash or if it burns, or you can try diluting the stuff with some olive oil or coco butter and again try it on a small area.

Overall you just have to be patient and give your body time to heal.

Good luck!

Thanks! One more thing, you have to remember as well that I did those 1-10 jelqs without a warm up and did them while I was masturbating. I also wanted to know if you guys think it would be ok to do some light stretching and of course do a warm up and warm down with it. I just thought that some light stretches might not be so abrasive as do jelqs right now.

Hi all,

A few months ago I posted a message saying that I started with this routine and that I was going to post my results every 2 weeks. But after that I couldn’t do any jelqing, because of a health problem. Now I’ve let that behind, I start today with this routine and I will let you guys know my results every 2 weeks. I do 5 minutes warm up in the douche and then stretching up, down, middle, right, left, 30 sec each. After that I do jelqing about 40 times, raise with 10 every 3 workouts. I do 2 off 1 on. PS J123, when do you think I have to raise the stretches? My priority is length.


Start 2th september 2007; BPEL:16,2cm/6.40 inch BPFL:10,6cm/4,18inch EG:14.2cm/5.6inch

Goal; BPEL:19cm/7.5inch BPFL:13.5cm/5.3inch EG:15.2cm/6inch

I mean 2 on 1 off, see my previous post.

Start 2th september 2007; BPEL:16,2cm/6.40 inch BPFL:10,6cm/4,18inch EG:14.2cm/5.6inch

Goal; BPEL:19cm/7.5inch BPFL:13.5cm/5.3inch EG:15.2cm/6inch


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