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Linear Newbie Routine

Viva51, it is tricky to estimate the need to cement (light routine=maybe, hard routine=must), but usually some cementing is preferable just to be sure. In your case cementing was clearly needed if you lost some gains.
Anyway, if you lost some gains I am sure, that you will quickly gain them back.

OK, that what I wrote about the location of thumb. Well lets say, that I didn’t think it through. When I personally jelq, I often jelq side grips (thumb on the side) with just my right hand. Of course there is no need to do that what I wrote if you do it with both hands. I noticed this error too late to correct it.
Still, changing the position of OK grip towards or outwards produces pressure a little differently and so it is good to variate it a little bit.

Thumb on the side(s) concentrates pressure to the two main chambers (corpus cavernosum) and that is why it seems to be best whether it is about girth or length gains. Anyway without knowing exactly how jelqing moves blood in penis (jelqing haven’t been modelled as far as I know) it is good to jelq with a mix of side and up grips
to ensure the right result.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123! When I jelq with my thumb on the side I usually alternate my hands when I jelq. For instance, I’ll jelq with my right hand, then when it reaches the gland I’ll put my left hand at the base of my penis and release my right hand and continue to jelq with my left hand then repeat. But you say that you ONLY use your RIGHT hand to do it? Why is that?

When I jelq with my thumb and first finger on the sides of my penis I feel that my penis goes limp faster or that it does not create enough pressure? What am I doing wrong? Also do you connect your thumb and first finger when you jelq with your thumb and first finger on the side?

How often do you mix up your grip? Do you mix it up during each session, or do you do one grip for one session and another grip for another session?

How do I cement my gains?

One more thing, I know that you said to wait about 2 hours after my PE session to masturbate or have sex, but if I masturbate or have sex BEFORE I PE and still wait 2 hours before I do my session will I still get good results or still have a good PE session?

Lastly, do you feel that it is better to PE morning, afternoon or night?

Thank you!

Viva51, to me jelqing thumb on the side just feels much easier to do with just right hand. There is no other explanation, well I am right handed of course.

Jelqing thumb on the side needs just a little more practice, than thumb up. I close the fingers as much as I can without extra attention and I mainly focus to how the thumb and forefinger puts pressure on the sides.

I mix grips during session. Right now I mix by the feeling, but I have also switched grip for example after every 20 jelqs.

If you need to cement gains you just rest as much as possible doing as little PE as possible to maintain the current size. At first it is good to decrease the number of jelqs and stretches and then to increase the duration of rest days. Finally your tissues are at new normal state and healed.

If you can get a good erection after that 2 hours from sex then the workout is surely worth to do. Maybe it is only 90% of normal efficiency, but that is not much less and life is full of compromises. In that situation it is better to think, that you just had sex.

If you can it is always best to do PE when you are most active and fresh, what ever the daytime is.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Hey J123 it been awhile, and I just had a few questions I would like to ask you. I just wanted to know when I am jelqing and I see those little blood spot on my penis should I stop jelqing or is it ok to continue with my routine?

Secondly, when I decide to raise either the number of jelqs or stretches, which one would you, recommend always raising first? Personally I would say to always raise the number of jelqs first because I want to work on gaining more girth than length right now. I also heard that it’s harder to gain girth once you have gained length. Do you think I should go on a purely jelq routine?


Viva51, if there is any significant amount of little blood spots (more than couple) it is better to stop the session and loosen up so, that you don’t get them. Do you get them constantly?

I think, that the jelqing is the main method in PE, so increasing jelqs first should be most effective.

If you do some exercise, that enlarges blood chambers (like jelqing) then I wouldn’t be worried about girth vs. length issue. Most probably it is personal, that to what direction your blood chambers first expand (if you jelq normally).

For example: you get some girth first. Then you notice, that it is not easy to get more length and then you might think, that it is because of the extra girth that makes length gaining so hard.
After all it have been just at the first place easier to gain girth than length, because of your personal characteristics.

This is just about what you gain first and easier, not what you can gain totally at the end. That is why it is better to do PE normally and not to worry about girth vs. length issue. They shouldn’t hinder each other at any significant way.

By the way, how are you progressing?

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123! I have not been able to do a constant PE routine because of time constraints. I am in college in the U.S. And it’s so hard to find time to PE between college and work. I would really like to get back into it!

What did you mean by “Stop the session and Loosen up”? Because in the past I would just continue with my routine even if I did see any blood spots. If I saw a lot of blood spots I would usually stop but if it was just a few I would probably continue on.

The reason that I think the blood spots have come up is because I have not done a session in awhile or because I haven’t done them consistently. However, when I do start back up again (which I hope to be very soon!) and I do start PEing consistently and if the blood spots continue what should I do? They are not huge blood spots either they are just little tiny dots on my shaft as well as the head of my penis. I notice that they pop up from stretching as well as jelqing (But again I think it comes from not doing PE consistently).

Another thing that probably contributes to it is that when I have taken off for awhile I try to come back I jump back into the exact same amount of stretches and jelqs that I left off with.

Do you think warming up longer would help with the blood spots?

I did notice that when I was on top of my PE routine that the length increased more rapidly than my girth did. Should I change anything about my routine then?


J123, general for jelqing ,where is important to put pressure on ,by side,up and down,or both?
I do it with two hand pressure it with fingers from up and below ,any comment ?

I started PE with stretching and jelqing,is this bad because you wrote that is best to start stretching after week or two ?

Viva51, if you get more, than couple blood spots it is good to stop the current session and loosen up so, that you don’t get them at the first place. This isn’t of course a very big problem if it is just related to coming back from a longer break. The spots just mean, that the workout is too efficient (hard) for your current condition. Good thing is, that it means, that you have chances to “newbie gains” after a break.
That is why it is good to decrease your workout/routine after a break instead of continuing with the old one.

Warming up will help to prevent blood spots from appearing, but making routine more suitable is the key element.
As long as you want more length too it is better to do your routine as it is. There will be time for girth too.

Hopefully you will have time to PE too, but of course it is better to keep the college as a priority, like you have done.

Zlig, pressure to sides of the penis is most efficient in generally, but it is good to mix fingers up and below with these, maybe for example with ratio 1/3 or 1/4 where the bigger number is pressure to sides. When you jelq fingers up and below it is good to put more pressure to top, than below to protect urethra getting too much pressure (easier said, than done).

If you started doing stretching and jelqing at the same time it isn’t the end of the world, but it is better to start more gently. Anyway this shouldn’t affect to your gains or health if you have used some common sense and rested enough. If you feel so, you can keep a rest day whenever you want. One rest day won’t affect to your gains negatively and if it does, something is already very badly wrong.

Well, anyway I hope, that you will have success with PE.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

OK ,Thanks for advice ,

For now how things goes ,my hands will grew up more than penis :)

After 5-10 min of jelq I can’t pressure enough ,because I can’t feel my hands

And about the blood spots:
From my experience, once those occur it takes a LONG time (I’m speaking 2-3 months minimum) for them to disappear. I don’t know if they are bad for your penile health, but I reckon they aren’t too good either. I rather try to avoid them ;)

On a sidenote: It is funny when you watch porn and not only see “stretch marks” on those dicks, but also these dark spots, most often at the head ;)


Thanks J123! Since I am coming back from a long break should I start back at the beginning of the “LINEAR ROUTINE for newbies”? Or can I at least start out with a moderate amount or jelqs and stretches?

One more thing, if I’m going to eliminate the amount of blood spots that occur, should I warm up for a longer period of time say instead of 5 min. With my rice sock maybe push to 8min.?


Viva51, maybe it is not necessary or more efficient to start from the very beginning, but much less than before anyway. Just begin very carefully and you will have some picture about your current situation. It is better to start with too little, than with too much.

Longer warm up is better to avoid the blood spots, but don’t forget to lighten your routine, especially if the longer warm up doesn’t help enough.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123! I have been off my routine since the middle of January, but I am ready to get back into it! So I don’t think I will start back at the beginning but I thought that I might start out with about 40-50 jelqs with no stretching for the first week or two. I miss the progress that I was making and I am determined to get back to it!

What do you think?

Viva51, starting from 40-50 jelqs sounds fine in your situation. Just be careful and aware of signs of any kinds.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks 4 d advise I will try newbie+advance routine


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