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Linear Newbie Routine

Thanks J123! So, then how many jelqs is a good idea to do in a row? 20-25? Part of the reason why I ask this is because I know you told me that you want to get your penis fully erect and let it subside a little before you start to jelq. But how flaccid do you let it get before you stop jelqing to get it fully erect again? Because, I read on the jelqing instructions that “In general, the greater the erection, the more effect on girth. Likewise, the lower the erection, the more effect on length.” I guess that’s why I only get 10-15 jelqs in before I stop to get it fully erect again so that my jelqs will focus primarily on girth. However, I do not jelq when my penis is fully erect I let is subside for about 12-15 seconds.

Another thing, when you said, “The tricky part is that you have to lighten your grip to “normal” tightness or the head of the penis gets considerably more blood and the problem gets even worse.” So then should I lighten the grip immediately after I pass the part of my penis (the middle/lower part) when I’m jelqing?

You also said, “If you want to play safe with the prostatitis and do PE I suggest, that you ejaculate after each workout to clean the sperm channels. I don’t actually know, that is there greater risk of infection with the prostatitis, but it is better to play safe.” So should I ejaculate right after I finish jelqing, or should I do a warm down first and wait 2 hours before I ejaculate. Because, I remember that you told me not to play with my penis right after PEing.


One other thing I wanted to add was that the other night when I was doing my routine I clamped down on the base of my penis a little to hard and I felt a shooting pain right around the big vein that runs along the top of my penis but the pain in my vein was only at the base of my penis nowhere else. It feels a little tender irritated, so of course I will take some extra rest days but how many should I take 1-2 maybe? Anyway has this ever happened to you, and do you think I will be ok?

Here is a rough sketch to show you what exactly the tender irritated part is.
P.S. It does not feel as bad as it sounds.

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Since it’s “around your vein” it’s probably your vein.. or the supposed nerve endings running atop the CC.
If not, you are lucky.

Try again in a week.. If it still hurts, wait a month.. If it still hurts, wait a year.. etc.


Wait a minute ys, it doesn’t hurt I just said it’s a little tender. And when I say a little I mean a little. That shooting pain just shook me up. When I touch the area at the base or push on it or put some pressure on it, it doesn’t hurt. So I will probably rest for a week at the very most. Give me your thoughts.

Hey, do you think my rice sock will help heal it at all?

J123, ys, or whoever, I am resting for a week since I clamped down on the vein in my penis. Now like I said before, it does not hurt it just shook me up when I did it, and when I touch the area at the base or push on it or put some pressure on it, it doesn’t hurt. However, when I masturbate I feel some pressure around that area, but not pain. What does this mean!? Should I probably stay away from masturbation for the time being?

I am going to do a PE routine this Sunday 6/10/07 because that will be a full week of rest, but if I do feel pain I will rest more. However, if I ONLY feel pressure in that area, but NO PAIN what should I do!?

Please someone answer this thread! I realize everyone is busy, but please help!


Hey J123, Drilla told me to “Leave it a week as you suggested and feel your way with gentle masturbation for now. If you notice the pressure subsiding towards the end of the week then you can build on the PE again gradually, if not, leave him a bother 2-3 days. Whatever you do, don’t squeeze him as hard as you did in the first place! At least you know your boundaries a little better.”

However, I masturbated today and I felt a little bit of pressure and tightness, and the feeling lingered even after. Do you think I should still wait a little bit before I jump back into PEing, or do think I should try a session once to see if it hurts at all? If you think I should wait how much longer then!? I know I should probably wait and rest more but it’s nice to just hear someone else say it. So please let me know how much longer you think I should rest.

Thanks Viva!

Hi J123, I want to start with your routine, but how long you think I have to wait before I start. I’m asking that because I’m know resting since a week and before that week I jelqed very much, about 500 jelqs with totally no routine.(I mean sometimes I didn’t do it for a week and the next week 2 days on 1 off) I am a newbie, I just didn’t know of this place and I read something about Jelqing on the internet and just started how I thought was good.(Now I know it isn’t)

Thank you!

I think this thread is not very active anymore.. :(

Originally Posted by skeile
I think this thread is not very active anymore.. :(

The thread is active, but you asked J123 a question and he hasn’t been around to answer it, that’s all.

Well, you know I’m not hurry. Maybe he will answer it later, I just wait. :)

Start 2th september 2007; BPEL:16,2cm/6.40 inch BPFL:10,6cm/4,18inch EG:14.2cm/5.6inch

Goal; BPEL:19cm/7.5inch BPFL:13.5cm/5.3inch EG:15.2cm/6inch

Viva51, sorry for late answer, but I have been quite busy lately and then on a holiday trip.
Well, anyway here is some answers, hopefully they help.
Try to do as many jelqs as possible in a row. I personally try to do 50 jelqs in a row and then I get erection for a short period of time before continuing. Sometimes I can do that, but sometimes not, but that is my goal.
The other question about lightening the grip. When you past the lower/middle part of the penis then you immediately lighten the grip to normal in a one smooth movement.

It is better to ejaculate after the workout with no waiting to play safe with the prostatitis. It overrides the 2 hours waiting “rule”. It is also more convenient that how.
Wait with that vein issue until it is healed. The pressure feeling indicates that it isn’t totally healed.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Skeile, it is fine to start the routine, since it is more than two weeks break now. Just check that are there any signs of stress in your penis and if there isn’t it is OK to start the routine. Good luck.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

J123, Hey man I really need some advice. Here is the thread that I started,

Clamped down on my dong a little to hard.

Please read it! Especially the last couple post that I wrote.



Go see a urologist kid.

PE should, in my opinion, be a health thing, like brushing our teeth and working out.

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