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Linear Newbie Routine

Listen bob, did you even read the entire thread? I did go to my urologist and he told me that it was nothing to really worry about. He said that he would be concerned ONLY IF my penis swelled up or turned black and blue from squeezing down on it too hard. He said that most likely I just tweaked one of the ligaments. But the real questions that I have now are,

The area where I squeezed down on my dick too hard does not really hurt anymore, but the area right above my penis feels really tight and feels like there is a lot of pressure on it. However, it is only on my LEFT side because that’s the side where I squeezed too hard. I have been using gentle masturbation to try and feel it out. Anyway, I have been using st. John’s wort oil since 6/21/07 to try and help heal it. Now I know that it has not been for that long but wantsmore told me that it was like a miracle drug (and wantsmore, if you are reading this I really need some help man!). However, when I rub the st. John’s oil into my penis and the patch of skin right above my penis (but only on the LEFT side) there is a pain there! What does this mean! Is the st. John’s oil not working, or do I need to give it more time!? Because, there wasn’t this pain there before, but hopefully it’s just irritated skin from razor burn.

I am also using my warm rice sock to try and help heal it. But, how many times a day should I use my rice sock, and for how long? I have been using it for about 15-20 min. I put it in the microwave for about 65 sec. And after about 7-8 min. I re-warm it up for an additional 45 sec. My concerns are, am I letting it stay on my penis for too long, and am I warming it up for too long? Is it also ok that I put the rice sock on the part of skin that is right above my penis?

Read before you post kid.

What does pain mean?
Maybe that there is some injury? Possibly? :P
And no, St. John’s Wort is no analgesic last time I looked.. So pain will still be there, even with St. John’s Wort.
Leave your dick some more time to heal; if it hurts ONLY when you do something to it (and be it masturbation), then simply don’t do it.

The real problems start when your dick or the ligs hurt even when you haven’t been doing a thing for days ;)
So leave it some more time to heal and be reasonable for crying out loud.

Either you can muster the belief that it heals miraculously quickly.. which you apparently can’t.. or you can not muster sufficient belief in miracle healing.. => Wait for it to heal at the pace you believe it can.

Warmth is good for healing. Leaving it alone is good for healing. Visualizing or imagining your dick healing rapidly is good for healing. Sleep is good for healing. Sufficient water and nutrition is good for healing.
Go figure. :)
As long as your dick feels good and you still have feeling (AKA “you didn’t burn your skin or nerves”) it’s all good IMO.


Viva51, there is not much you can do other, than rest. Do some exercises like jogging and eat fish (and healthy in generally) to promote healthier veins and recovery of the damaged ones. Besides veins there might be some damaged nerves that can take long time to heal if they even heal.
Stay away from PE until you are totally healed and when/if you masturbate do it gently. It is better to not use rice socks or some wonder liquids, just let your penis to heal. Don’t do anything to your penis other than light masturbation, but try to avoid that too for a short period of time or do it very sparingly.
Be sure that you are totally healed before you start PE again.

If you are very worried and you feel need to see a specialist, see urologist again.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

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J123, I thought that warmth was good? That’s what everyone on the forum has been telling me. So what’s wrong with using my rice sock, warm washcloth, or warm shower? Because when I told my urologist that I was using a warm rice sock to try and help heal it he wasn’t apposed to me using it, he just asked if it was helping.

Viva51, the warmth itself isn’t bad thing in reasonable dosages and can help like you have been told. The problem is that when you use rice sock your penis cannot rest in peace and right now it needs all rest it can get. Warm shower is better than rice sock if you want to apply heat.

Anyway most important thing is that you let your penis to heal in peace, it is more beneficial than any “artificial” method.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Ok thanks J123, I’m starting today doing one on one off. I will post my results every 2 weeks.

Start 2th september 2007; BPEL:16,2cm/6.40 inch BPFL:10,6cm/4,18inch EG:14.2cm/5.6inch

Goal; BPEL:19cm/7.5inch BPFL:13.5cm/5.3inch EG:15.2cm/6inch

J123, ok so there is good news and bad news. The good news is that there is no signs of pressure or tightness on my penis! The bad news is that I think the pressure that I was feeling has ascended up to my pelvic region! Before I had every squeezed down on my penis and felt that shooting pain I never had this pressure in my pelvic region like I do now. Please help me! See for awhile now the pressure has NOT been anywhere on my penis AT ALL. All the pressure has been on that patch of skin directly above my penis and now the pressure has ascended up into my pelvic region! In the morning it ok but at night it gets a little more intense especially when I lay down to go to sleep. It doesn’t hurt but it feels like someone is constantly pushing on my pelvic (not my pelvic bone just in that area as well as the area below it), which is very annoying. It’s just scary as hell when you don’t know what’s going on, so please help! I know what people will say, to go see my urologist, and I am going to go see him in July. But he did not seemed to worried about the pressure (when I saw him the pressure was only in that patch of skin area right above my penis and right below my pelvic.)
He said he would be worried only if there was any swelling or if my penis turned black and blue. Do you think taking Ibuprofen or my rice sock would help it at all?

Here is a drawing to help you get an idea of where the pressure is at.

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J123: I’d like to thank you very much for donating your time and efforts to this thread. I’ve read the entire thread and of course would like your opinion on my situation. I’ve tried PE on and off for the last 3 yrs frustrated with no measurable gains. I’ve re-dedicated myself for now, and have worked up to a routine similar to your advanced linear routine. I’ve slowly worked up to 260 2-second wet jelqs with the appropriate warm up and occasional stretches. I try to perform this routine 3 on 1 off, but sometimes life forces me to go 2 on 1 off or 3 on 2 off. I’ve encounted no unusual pain, no spots, etc. However, have not made one mm in gains! PE has been very frustrating for me like many others. I’m 35, very healthy 218 lbs, 9% bodyfat, low cholesterol, normal blood pressure and exercise 4+ times per week and utilize a large variety of supplements. Should I keep continuing to increase the number of jelqs and stretches? I must say that I don not find PE enjoyable at all and have difficulty maintaining the correct erection level for jelqs, but have NO problem with erection in regards to sex. Funny that I’ve worked out with weights for 22 yrs but I’m pretty weak when it comes to this PE stuff! Thanks again.

Viva51, I am not a doctor so these are only my best guesses.
The nerves are very complex system so it is possible, that the pain has just “moved” to different part as a reflection. Other possibility is that you have infection in your sperm/urine channels or some other men’s problem. Or maybe the problem isn’t related at all to your sex “parts”.

If it is the nerves you can’t do much more than wait and let it heal as far as I know.
If it is the infection, then frequent ejaculation will help to some point to clean the channels. Anyway if you think that this is the case then I suggest that you take a test in doctor to figure that do you have infection in your body or not.
If you feel, that it might be some other problem, than you have thought so far, go definitely to a doctor.
If the problem doesn’t seem to be penis related anymore then it might be good to see some other doctor than urologist.
Ibuprofen may help if it is only a minor infection, but don’t rely on it if it is the case. I don’t think, that rice sock will do much in that part of body.

My advice is that if you have any doubts that it is a infection take a test to figure it out.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Rads, before adding more jelqs or stretches I suggest, that next time you get a couple erections during your workout and one at the end of the workout if you haven’t already done so. Your penis should at least look like a little bit larger than usually and you should be able to get a strong erection. If it isn’t larger then it is time to think the workouts efficiency and the number of jelqs, but especially the efficiency. If it looks larger then there is probably some problem with the recovery, most likely not enough of it. Hopefully this helps.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thank J123! However, wouldn’t applying heat help to promote blood flow to the area and bring nutrients to heal the injury.

One other question, I am a personal trainer and obviously love to workout. I just want to know if I should not do movements like squats, leg press, etc.. Since I have that pressure in my pelvic region, but the pressure is not always there. It comes and goes which is why I thought it would be ok to do leg exercises. If you think otherwise, do you think it would be okay if I just worked out my leg with light to moderate weight?

Viva51, you can of course try to apply heat if it doesn’t stress the area.

If you want to be totally sure don’t do any exercising until you know what the problem is.
Probably light exercising wont hurt if you are cautious, unless it is hernia/rupture (from dictionary), but you have to estimate the situation yourself.
Just don’t stress your body too much or the healing can take even longer.

Did they test your inflammation readings at the last time when you saw the urologist?

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123! They did not test my inflammation readings last time. All he did was poke around and checked my prostate (which is always weird). So do you think that is something I should have my urologist test for when I see him next?

Viva51, if the problem continues I think, that it would be wise to check the inflammation readings. It is not a big deal (all you can loose is some extra dollars), but ask the doctors opinion also.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

J123, I went to my urologist and once again he told me that the pressure is nothing to worry about. He also said that it’s ok to have sex. He also checked me for hernia and did not find any signs of it so that’s good! He still advised me to take ibuprofen for inflammation when needed.

Today and the other night I had some slight pressure, but other than that the pressure has been far and few between. Which is why I hope to start back up my PE routine beginning or early August. What do you think about that? Should I not attempt anything in August even if the pressure only comes every now and then and even if it’s the slightest amount of pressure? And ONLY start back up PEing when there is absolutely no sign of pressure? Because you know that we are not talking about a painful pressure but a dull pressure sensation.



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