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A bit nervous.


Hi guys!

Well I have been at my ultrasound appointment today..

It was carried out by 1 nurse and 1 other woman, I suspect she’s the radiologist or something, because she was the one x-raying my penis.

The people are not urologists I suspect, which is really disappointing. The Ultrasound test was carried out in a flaccid state, which is ANOTHER disappointment. The lady who was ‘scanning’ my penis said there appears nothing to be wrong..

I asked her if she would carry it out in an erect state, and she says her instructions weren’t that specific. She said the results will be sent to my Urologist, and then he will contact me (by post).. I suspect he will say nothing is wrong, because he did this test for my ‘mental satisfaction’ in the first place.. And he said on day 1 that nothing is wrong, examining it in the flaccid state.. The lady said, if the urologist decides that the test should be carried out again in an erect state, then I would be sent back she said..

So my penis was scanned for about 5 mins.. And that it.. I was expecting it to be carried out while I’m next.. I’m waiting for the urologists feedback now..

I’m very disappointed that the test wasn’t carried out erect.. =( Because I feel they wouldn’t get accurate results from a flaccid penis..

Well the results will be sent to the urologist now..

What do you guys think? = (



I would be a bit unhappy with the testing as well. Sounds like the Urologist is not taking you seriously.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I’m very pleased you are doing a thorough public thread on this as it is very valuable to everyone, but personal opinions are ‘case specific’ (at least mine is). As we have had quite a bit of PM corresopndence on this I will give you more feed back by PM when I have not just come back form a Christmas meal out with friends. :)

But at first galnce I’m with ‘ru.

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I think we have had other members (no pun intended) go through this shit before. I guess its pretty rare to find someone that really specializes in fluid dynamics and dysfunction in the penis. I guess if its not just plain “broke” they don’t do anything about it.

I suspect you are right in that it was just going through the motions to get you off his back. I really don’t know what to tell you at this point other than to keep pressing him, and look into that “hardware” cockring. This may be something that might take a while to finally find someone that knows what he is doing.

I wonder if there might be any forums for this type of dysfunction that might have some advice of who treats it?

I would think a little Viagra (and I mean a little - small dose) would be a better solution than any sort of physical cock ring.

The idea being getting blood into the member.

In this way you could test to see if the erection gets as hard as you remember, Max18. If it doesn’t while you’re on Viagra, that might tell you something.

Wait until the urologist gets back to you. Discuss the merits of doing an ultrasound on your erection (there’s no “X-ray;” they use sound :leftie: ), see what he says. Ask about Viagra too.

Best to get all the information you can. Make a list of questions to bring with you so you don’t forget. If you really feel you aren’t getting satisfaction you may need to talk with another urologist. A second opinion could be informative.

I would suggest doing research on Urologists and see who is considered an expert or leader in the field and then try to see that person. Can’t hurt to try, right?

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Hey guys!:)

Thanks for your attention.

Mr. Happy I’m sure if I take viagra I will have very hard erections, the thing is that I don’t really need viagra I can even try to PE which will temporarily boost my erection quality as long as I keep on PEing.. PC flex etc..

But if I stop PE, it doesn’t stay as hard and as long, where as it used to before .. Without PE..

I’ll wait for my results in the mean time, see what they say..

I’ll write back on my progress..

Thanks guys!



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