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A bit nervous.


A bit nervous.

Hey guys!

Been doing PE on and off since 28/sept/07. Longest I’ve done was around 3 1/2 months I think. Reason I can’t be doing it all the time is, because I am a full time student and have lots of studies. Well I’ve been doing PE until April/2008, then I had to stop for a while, because of my exams and I can’t really revise with a hard on 24/7, so I had to get my mind off PE, and sex, so I masturbated frequently in order to study in peace, lol.

Well exams have finished on 2nd of June, and I decided to resume my PE, first it was a bit uncomfortable for the penis after that long, which is understandable and I still had rock hard erections, I get my routine from, and I was before starting I just read through it once again, and one of the exercises I usually do “Horizontal movement”, where you tourniquet the base of the semi-erect penis and stroke with ‘ok’ sign.

Well I read in that exercise, the more pressure you apply in this particular exercise the better the effect, I was well unconvinced anyway with that policy “more pressure, better results”, but I did try to apply more pressure than I usually did on that exercise, not like I squeezed to death, but moderately higher..

Then I got weaker erections on the next day, and after some rest I regained it, but it wasn’t as hard as before I think, it’s been 4 days since I started resting (stopped on Wed), but now I get harder erections while sitting down (probably because the blood circulation is better while sitting), and my morning wood is weak.. I have to do some kegels or sit down, and stroke it longer to get that rock hard erection, sometimes the side of the penis (the spongy side is a bit soft).

I mean I can get the rock hard erection, but with more work than I to do before, before I could just stroke myself a bit and that’s it it’s rock hard! Now, I have to stroke it towards the head to supply it with blood and do some kegels in order to get that rock hard penis.

I’m a bit worried, may be I’m just being paranoid, because I didn’t masturbate for 19days and the penis is full of sperm. My lady is arriving this month, and I don’t want the penis to be weaker than before..

It just takes longer, and more stroking +kegels to get the erection, may be it’s just that I haven’t had sex or masturbated for a while, that it takes kegel exercises or stroking while sitting to get it harder or am I just paranoid? It usually took me 2-3days to be back and properly healed, why is it taking too long? Could I have damaged my penis a bit, because I’ve over trained a few times before in a similar way? Do weaker erections as a result of over training damage the penis in the future?

Please don’t laugh, I know it might sound silly..

I’m just nervous.


Don’t worry, Max, it’s common: too much pressure, fatigue. Take a week off, re-start PE with newbie routine, read this:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

heal, have faith, do your work, be happy :) .

Number one rule of PE is do not break your penis. Hope your exams went well. Rest your hampton up and be a bit more careful when you start back up with the PE.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hey Max, have you looked at the newbie routines here and/or the training videos. If not after your break check them out they may help.


Thx guys for the support :) , really appreciate it, since I have no one to discuss my PE issues with..

Was just nervous about the state of the penis.but this is my 4th rest day already that’s why I was getting nervous as to why is it taking longer this time to heal, may be because I have had a long break while I was doing exams..

Could you tell me if those over trained sessions damage the penis in the future in any way, because I do give a lot of rest time for it when that happens.

I have had a look at the newbie routine here, yes.. It’s similar to the one, I was doing their newbie routine, and started slow, except for that exercise which said something bout more pressure.

Thx again, cheers guys!

Hi guys!

It’s been 6 days of rest now, and tomorrow will be a week. I haven’t healed completely yet, I still get harder erections while sitting because of the blood flow and soft erections while standing. I think the morning wood has improved..

Could someone tell me what I could do to speed the healing up? May be eat some food with protein or hot wraps?

It never took me this long to heal from over training. Do you guys think it would get back to normal next week?


Don’t worry, Max, you’ve done nothing permanent, it will heal in the next week or so, I’d say.

Next time, don’t be so hard on your penis, start easily, and never apply more pressure, always apply the best pressure for you.

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.

It’s funny you should bring this up max, I’m in the exact same situation as you. Me and my girl have been having a long distance relationship for a year or so now and I decided it would be nice to give her a nice surprise on our first night together.

3 weeks ago I began my modified PE routine and to my surprise I’ve seen about a 1/4” in length already but I think I’ve pushed myself too much too soon.

I do a good warm up in the shower with a good stretching routine but I think I’m too gung with the pressure/intensity amount of jeqs I do and although I hang a lot more, my wood has decreased. I’m going to give it a good rest from P.E. Until I’m rock hard again, but don’t worry. I Think as soon as you see you girlfriend lying on your bed waiting for you to get it out, it won’t take you long to get a full erection.

I recommend a good rest from P.E. And staying off the porn and reducing masturbation (atleast for the next few days). That should maximise your wood potential next week. Oh, and do kegels.

2 months later .

Hi guys! It’s been 2 months now, since I over-trained that day.. I didn’t mention a few things on my 1st few posts, because I was afraid you guys would give me some very bad news:( .. After that day when I over-trained In June, my penis for some miraculous reason grew from 18cm to 18.5cm in that month, I haven’t measured since then though.I also had some weak-moderate pain, below my glands for the 1st 2weeks or so..

The pain is long gone now.I also was checking on my penis now and then every other day during June. I couldn’t escape it, and had to have sex with my lady, because she came to visit me, long distance relationship basically at the moment. Also maybe it’s a psychological thing as well, but I didn’t have trouble getting an erection while my lady was with me, maybe that’s because it got physical and real lol.

Yes, my erections were not as hard during sex, while standing up? But they were hard-er while sitting or in some position with increased blood flow.Well haven’t had sex or masturbated, and my penis was in complete rest from about July 13- July 31 and also no exercises since June.

My morning wood became harder, in August, and my erections are harder now too(August).. I tried to do 1 short and easy session a 2 days ago (80jelqs, and a few stretches with warm-ups), and that went successful as well, my erections became rock hard and crazy as well as the morning wood.. I also did a little experiment to see how would my erections be 2 days later if I masturbated. Basically my healing is around 85%-90% done I think.

My erections are harder than June or July, what bothers me is I’m a bit scared of it taking too long but I just wanted you guys to judge fairly now:) . 1 thing hasn’t changed in my erection: the muscle that starts from the base until the glans of the penis from the bottom like a tunnel, I think it’s called ‘Corpora Spongiosum’, the spongy softer part of the penis, it used to get very hard before this injury I caused from over-pressure, now during an erection the bottom part of the penis is soft but the sides are fairly hard.

I think the reason of me not being able to get the full rock hard erection is because of the bottom long muscle ‘corpora spongiosum’, it might be healing still I don’t know.

Anyway even though I tried to get back to PE 2 days a go very lightly, and that went successful, I’m thinking of giving myself a break from now until the end of September until the bottom muscle gets hard during erections.

Any suggestions?
I’m very nervous, but I’m hoping for the best, because I don’t think I done any permanent damage, but why is it taking so long. All the pain is gone, the erections are harder than July or June, but the bottom muscle of the penis stays soft during erections and that might be the reason why I can’t reach my full erection potential, even though it fills with blood but stays soft if I press on it.

I think the muscles and tissues can heal, I’m just a bit worried guys.

I’m very sorry for the long post, but I can only get the real answers I seek from you guys. Thanks for all the help and to this forum!

I hope the replies will be positive:( .. Thanks anyway

Cheers - Max

I think you have nothing, friend, but speak with a Doc if this can make you more less anxious. Corpora Cavernosa are made of spongy tissue, they become hard when filled with blood.

Corpora Cavernosa

I think you are a bit nervous, that’s all. Anyway, take some week off if you think you need it. Be glad that you gained .5 cm, this is good, isn’t it?

You’ll be fine, just take it easy and gently, do a lot of warm ups, and slowly condition your penis again to exercises. You’re doing great :-)

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.

Taking time off is fun, just chill out. I miss PE like crazy though.

Thanks For All Your Help

Originally Posted by marinera
I think you have nothing, friend, but speak with a Doc if this can make you more less anxious. Corpora Cavernosa are made of spongy tissue, they become hard when filled with blood.

Corpora Cavernosa

I think you are a bit nervous, that’s all. Anyway, take some week off if you think you need it. Be glad that you gained .5 cm, this is good, isn’t it?

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________


I went on that link just to double check, and even on that link it says:

”” There is one smaller such region (the Corpus Spongiosum) along the bottom of the penis “”.

It was getting rock hard before during erection until I over-trained, it’s the bottom muscle of the penis not the side muscle ‘Corpora Cavernosa’.

Anyway it just bothers me a little bit, that the sides ’ corpora cavernosa’ and the top gets hard, but the bottom of the penis even though it gets pumped with blood stays soft since the day I over-trained.

Although my erections are harder than June or July, in June it was very limp and tired, but now it is harder than before but not at it’s full potential.

I really do miss P.E. I even tried 1 easy session like I said on the above post 3 days ago, just to check and it got even harder, but the bottom of the penis stayed the same (Corpus Spongiosum). It does get pumped with blood, but isn’t hard at the bottom.

I’d say my erection now from 1-10, 1 being flaccid and 10 being as hard as a rock: I would be at a 7.5 at the moment.

So should I rest the whole of September that is my plan.. And perhaps do something 2 speed it up, like kegels? The reason I’m not resuming my routine is, because of the soft bottom of the penis, even though it gets pumped with blood, if I press it lightly it’s soft.not like it was before during erections.

Thanks again

Kegel Stretches


You may have a muscle spasm that has not completely relaxed yet. IIRC, the CS connects to the glans head, so if the CC has less pressure, one would expect a less inflated head. Is this your case?

If you do this exercise, very gently, it might help. Before you do it, get the best erection you can, and look at it full frontal in a full length mirror, If you don’t have a cock that point’s straight up to the ceiling, then hold it to your belly with a finger. In particular, look at the thickness of the base. Then wait for your cock to go flaccid. Then do the exercise once. Then look in the mirror again the next day, same procedure. Only do the exercise 3 times a week. After one week, if you have no improvements, then stop the exercise. If your EQ suffers, then stop the exercise. Use only very moderate force, do only 25 pulls on the first day.

My quest for PE knowledge - with conclusion!

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Kegel stretches

Max18- Don’t forget, the above exercise is done almost completely flaccid. The erection in front of the mirror routine, is only to access results.

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