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Firm flaccid penis


I have this vein on the left side too. The vein gets very big on one place and it does look like a varicocele vein. I have not masturbated for about 4 months now (I did have sex tho) but things do not seem to improve. I do not think our body is capable of solving this its self. I also saw several specialists, but none of them can actually do anything. I am wondering if anyone knows of any cases where this problem has been solved.

It is very annoying - so many people with the same problem are overlooked and said that there is nothing wrong with them.

Hey guys i had this firm flaccid penis thing happen to me about 6 days ago. I got home from a metal show pretty drunk and made a stupid decision to do PE. The next day it was obvious to me that i had damaged something. After the injury my penis would stay shriveled up and really cold all the time. I wasn’t able to get full erections and i didn’t get turned on by anything. Well on to the good news, today i woke up with a good morning boner and felt a night and day change in my penis. I cant tell you if i truly fixed my member because i don’t want to get it fully erect and damage it again, but i can tell you what i did to help it.

First i filled up my tub with hot water - like as if it were a jacuzzi (don’t make it too hot and burn yourself)
I got in and just sat there for about ten minutes
During the ten minutes i was eating a lot of watermelon (i heard it relaxes blood vessels)
I started to feel my penis relaxing again.
Next i massaged all around my penis for about 30 mins. i massaged everywhere but mostly i did this thing were i put my hand where my pubic hair is and i kinda flapped my penis back and forth (i wasn’t able to do this until the hot water relaxed my penis)
After 40-60 mins of sitting there i got out and felt my penis hang a little better.
i decided i wanted to keep this heat on my penis so i shoved a shirt into my underwear to keep my penis warm. i ended up stuffing about half a bed sheet in there to keep the whole thing as warm as possible. i fell asleep with all that on and woke up to a pleasant surprise. My penis looks like it used to but like i said i don’t want to mess with it. i just woke up and was so excited i had to try to help you guys out. I’m going to work in about 2 hours so i’ll let you guys know how it all comes out later today.

The same happened to me about a month ago..

I can’t believe that no urolgoists/specialists can tell us what is it and how to treat it.

Originally Posted by sad_dreamer
Erm hi I hope I’m not posting something stupid but here’s my two cents anyways..

I was wondering if you could be flexing your pelvic floor muscles (the ones you use in kegel exercises), involuntarily of course. Indeed I suffer CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) which according to some literature on the subject is caused by unconsciounsly contracting the pelvic muscles, resulting in loads of nasty symptoms. More to the subject : the flexing can be caused by various things such as high levels of stress, trauma and so on.. I have however noticed my penis - which tends to be quite hard even flaccid- softens up when I do relaxation exercises which I use to treat my symptoms. It also hardens up (and shrinks :( ) whenever I am nervous, stand up for a long period of time or after sex.

Well, you could try palpating you pelvic floor muscles to check how tense they are. If it happens your muscles are hard to some extent, maybe you could consider some sort of relaxation techniques.

If not, I hope you can get this problem solved.

Yours, dreamy-head.

I am currently seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist about my jelqing injury. I was referred to her by my Urologist. I noticed almost exactly the same symptoms that some of you have. Anyways my Therapist seems to think that the jelqing and strain on my penis has actually caused my pelvic muscles to tighten up and spasm. She says that this stress to the muslces has caused a lack of blood flow and sensation to my penis. She has me on some exercises and is quite confident that I will get better with time and relaxation.


Can you tell us what kind of exercises are those?

And for everyone:

I think we have to hold together (as ghost24 said) and maybe one day we will be able to find the treatment! I’ll be happy if everyone with these problem will make regular reports how things are going!

Best wishes for all of us!

Ok guys.. I don’t want to get to excited, but I think I may have the solution to my problem. I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist for the last 3 weeks. I told her straight up everything that I was experiencing and how it all started. She told me that she’s seen this injury a bunch of times from different causes. She figures it was caused from trauma and stress. The reason why it has been getting worse over the past year is because the muscles are deteriorating from lack of use. The muscles surrounding my pelvic floor are very tight and it’s causing everything to tense up and restrict the blood flow. Anyways after some active release in certain muslce areas and electro Magnetic Pulse sessions I have noticed a difference. There are a bunch of exercises she has. It’s a slow process, but I seriously think this could be the solution. I recommend seeing a pelvic floor specialist!


I’m glad to hear that you feel better, and hope your healing will continue!

In my country there are no pelvic floor specialists (as I know), so I don’t know what to do. This problem ruins my life..

Others! How are you? We’re looking for your reports!

Hyperlite specifics pls

Hyperlite10, please tell the forum members some of the specific exercises and techniques that have been helping you. Can you order the magnetic therapy online anywhere, or does it have to be a specialist? If you really have this condition, you know how mentally devastating it is! Please go into as much depth as possible, because many of us here have and will try anything that can help.

Try not masturbating guys , seriously , how do you expect your penis to fix itself with you constantly irritating it’s every layer of tissue?

Also look at this site -

And I’m currently at my 5-th week of “no-masturbation, no-sex” and there is an improvement. You also need to change your lifestyle .. be more healthy.

Try following my advice , it won’t kill you.

I think avoiding masturbation is not the right way. As the specialist said, the muscles are deteriorating from lack of use.

I’m telling you the way for you to fix your unit , take it or don’t.

Of course chrono_ no offense:) Thank you for your advice (and the link) I’m just trying to figure out the treatment from different informations! How long have you had the injury? And what kind of improvements can you see?

I’ve had it since 2006 , two years straight. You can see my past posted information in this forum for more info.
I would say I’ve had the full scale of problems. It was fine and whoop for 1-2 weeks of forceful masturbation I got something that just didn’t work.

It was firm when flaccid , especially If I was standing. I was unable to
acheive erection and keep it at 100% for more than 15 seconds without physical stimulation. My penis became numb and sex didn’t feel that good and I’ve
had more and more difficult time sleeping with girls - I got a paranoiac and well all this ruined my life to a big degree. The penis was not that elastic anymore
and it was 100% something physically wrong with it. I’ve tried 100 things to fix it but nothing seemed to work.

Then I sat on my ass and started full investigation on the problem , I’ve met a lot of guys in forums from around the world with all having similar symptoms
and similar stories about how they injured it. No one having the solution yet.

One thing was clear - it was a soft tissue damage. Yes - in fact the penis was damaged. The problem was that it was stuck in some middle situation -
having a scar tissue where the damage occured and unable to turn it into a healthy well working tissue once again. Then I read for probably weeks
how the healing mechanism works in your body and it turned out quite fascinating. It is way too complicated to go into details but one thing was clear - the healing begins when the inflammation stops(the inflammation is the process when the body sends it’s troops to get the place killing all the foreign substances that lurk there) It has a very precise collagen network that is almost indestructible - so the body knows where and what should be fixed and what’s wrong.We want healing by regeneration to occur , not by repair.

The problem was that the penis is very,very complicated in it’s structure - it has lairs and lairs of tissue (and even one lair has mini lairs inside) that are somewhat difficult for the lymphatic system to access with such a success than other parts of the body. So voila - you have a tissue damage that needs months and months to heal but you do not stop inflammating your penis(by masturbating) again and again killing all it’s attempts to start the healing. And you are permanently fucked by yourself and by what caused the damage in first place - sex, masturbation and mistreating your penis.
The immune system is very straightly related to you psychic health , so the healing will be quicker if you meditate or feel relaxed , eat healthy and yada yada.

Now as for my success , well guys - it’s unbelievable. The first month there was no or little improvement leading some dark thoughts to my mind. But the 5-th week was something entirely different. I do not joke dudes , my penis started to ache around the 3-rd week , yes it was a little painful and I felt like there is a wound on the inside it. Now it gradually became more and more elastic turning the old patches of hardness into a new tissue. I’m not healed yet guys but I tell you - you can tell the difference very easy. Yesterday I got an erection while standing up and without touching it , this was just impossible to do in the old days , it was just not possible. The erection was with a smaller downward bent and firm , yes it was a firm erection and the penis felt like in the old days. There is a significant improvement and I will go all the way even if it means I will have to do 10-15-20 weeks with not sexual activities. Masturbation is harmful anyway - it makes you age faster. The real thing is between man and a woman.
If someone is considering to follow my advice , of which he would not regret I can tell you additional advices what supplements to take and how to enhance the healing capabilities of your body. You must believe that your own body has this! The body is the most incredible machine that has capabilities beyond imagination if you just set your mind to it.

Be well guys.

I have been dealing with the problem for almost 2 years now. I have left my penis alone for months at a time waiting for it to heal and it hasn’t helped me at all. I realize that everyones issue is probably a little different. The specialist I talked to told me that most urologists or doctors can’t figure out whats wrong with me because they are only looking at the penis it self. I have been through alot of different test with urologists and they seem to think that my penis functions normal.. I was transfered to a Pelvic Floor specialist and she seems to know exactly whats going on. Here are the exercises she has me doing right now. Some of these are strange I know..

-10 kegels 3 times a day. (Hold for 5 seconds and release for 10 seconds.) The idea is to help relax my muscles. If you try squeezing your PC muscles you might notice that it takes a few seconds for it to release once you’ve stopped squeezing. When you do these make sure you let your PC muscles totally relax before you do another kegel. REMEMBER WERE NOT TRYING TO STRENGTHEN RIGHT NOW SO DON’t PUSH IT.

- I use a tennis ball to massage and release tight muscles around my hip flexors and down through my pelvic bone.

- If you feel through your scrotum down inbetween your testicles you can feel the base of your penis. I massage that area once a day for 5-10 minutes.

- I use a machine called Dr. Ho’s. It’s one of those muscle therapy electro pulsers. This part is kind of tricky as to wear you place the pads. You don’t want any muscle contraction right now because we are not trying to strengthen or stress these muscles. So I do a few sessions in different spots. Lower back, hip flexors, near the base of the penis.

- I was given a small vibrator that I’m supposed to use in order to trigger some tight spots inside. I use the vibrator pushing on tender spots and holding for a few seconds while it releases.

- Masterbating is good, Lifting heavy weights right now isnt good. Anything that puts alot of stress on your lower back or lower abs is bad for now while we heal.

Bottom line is you really need to go see one of these doctors to fully benefit. It’s a long process but I 100% believe that she can fix me. I hope this helped guys, I know how you all feel.


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